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Ever wondered if you’re falling too hard for someone? Here are sixteen signs that could tell you if you’ve been dickmatized. 

Dickmatization happens when a guy you’re into has such a strong hold on your thoughts and feelings that it’s hard to think about anything else. 

It’s like being under a spell where you can’t help but obsess over him. This article will break down the signs so you can figure out if you’re in that zone. 

1. You Ignore All the Relationship Red Flags

Even when there are clear signs that things aren’t going well, you tend to overlook them.

Maybe he doesn’t treat you with respect all the time, or you two have some really big arguments that don’t resolve peacefully. 

These issues should be red flags, but you keep dismissing them because you’re caught up in the physical aspect of your relationship.

Ignoring these warnings can make you feel stuck later on. You know deep down that some things just aren’t right, but you push those thoughts away. 

You’re more focused on the good times, especially the ones in the bedroom, which makes it harder to see the overall picture of your relationship.

2. You Want to Leave, But You Can’t

There are moments when you think about breaking up with him because things aren’t working out. 

But, making that decision feels incredibly hard. You feel tied to him, mostly because of how intense and enjoyable your physical connection is. 

That part of your relationship keeps pulling you back, even when other parts aren’t fulfilling.

Leaving seems like something you should do, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. 

You’re stuck between knowing what’s logically right and what feels irresistibly good, which keeps you from making a clear-cut decision.

3. You’re Always Thinking About the Times You’ve Done It

Your mind often drifts back to the intimate moments you’ve shared. These memories pop up randomly throughout the day, and sometimes that’s all you can think about. 

It’s like your brain has a highlight reel that keeps playing those scenes over and over again.

These thoughts can be distracting. You might find it hard to focus on work or conversations because you’re replaying those moments. 

It shows just how much those experiences are dominating your thoughts.

4. You’re Not Really in Love with Him, He’s Just Good in Bed

Honestly, if you sat down and thought about it, your feelings for him might not be as deep as you think. 

What really keeps you hooked is how good he is in bed. That physical connection might be great, but it’s not the same as being in love.

You might confuse these intense physical experiences with deeper emotional feelings. It can be easy to mix up lust with love, especially when the physical side of things is off the charts.

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5. You Compromise Your Values

Sometimes you find yourself doing things that go against your values or comfort zone because he wants to. 

Whether it’s trying something new in bed or bending your own rules to keep him happy, you compromise more than you should. 

You might start questioning why you’re making these concessions, especially if they make you uncomfortable.

Over time, these compromises can add up, making you feel like you’re losing a bit of yourself in the process.

6. You’re Always Excited to See Him

Every time your phone buzzes, you hope it’s him texting you. Even a simple “hey” from him can make your whole day better. 

You find yourself constantly checking your phone, eagerly waiting for any little message. It’s like your mood takes a huge jump the second you know he’s reached out.

On top of that, whenever plans come up to hang out, you feel a rush of excitement. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or how tired you might be; you’re always ready to drop everything just to spend time with him. 

Seeing him becomes the highlight of your day, every day.

7. He’s On Your Mind Nonstop

You think about him all the time. Whether you’re eating breakfast or walking your dog, he’s on your mind. 

Sometimes, you catch yourself smiling just thinking about something funny he said, or a good time you shared. It’s like he’s become a permanent resident in your thoughts.

Even when you’re busy with other things—like school or hanging out with friends—you find ways to bring him up in conversation. 

It’s not just that you like talking about him; he just seems to pop up in your thoughts no matter what you’re doing.


8. You Overlook His Flaws

Everyone has flaws, but suddenly, his seem insignificant. 

You might notice things that would usually bother you in others, like being messy or always running late, but somehow you don’t mind these traits in him. 

You find yourself making excuses for his behavior, even if the same things would be dealbreakers in someone else.

Moreover, when friends or family point out concerns, you’re quick to defend him. It feels like your instinct is to protect your image of him, ensuring nothing taints the perfect picture you have in your head. 

You’re wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to his imperfections.

9. Your Priorities Shift

Suddenly, spending time with him feels more important than anything else. 

You might start ditching plans with friends or skipping out on hobbies that used to be a big part of your life. It’s like your usual activities take a back seat to any opportunity to be with him.

Financial decisions might also start to revolve around him. Maybe you’re buying gifts more often, or choosing fancier places to eat just to impress him. 

Without even realizing it, your budget starts to reflect your desire to make him happy, often at your own expense.

10. Friends and Family Express Concern

Your friends and family start noticing changes in you or how much you’ve prioritized him over everything else. 

They might express concerns about how the relationship is affecting you. Hearing them worry about you feels like a wake-up call, but it’s tough to take their advice.

Even with these concerns coming from people who care about you, breaking away from the situation is hard. 

You value their opinions, but the physical attachment to him has a strong hold, making it difficult to heed their warnings.

11. You Forget About Your Own Needs

Sometimes you’re so focused on making him happy that you forget to take care of yourself. 

You might skip meals, lose sleep, or even miss out on your own needs just to be with him. Your health and well-being start to take a backseat because you’re trying so hard to be there for him.

Also, you might stop doing things that you love. Maybe you used to paint or play soccer, but now, those activities don’t seem as appealing because they take time away from him. 

You’re so wrapped up in making sure he’s okay that you forget to check in with yourself.

12. You Feel Anxious Without Him

Being apart from him feels really tough. You might feel nervous or worried when he’s not around, and you can’t relax until you’re together again. 

This anxiety can pop up even during short separations, like if he’s just at work or out with friends.

And during times when you can’t be together, you might find yourself constantly wanting to call or text him. 

The need to stay connected feels really strong, and you struggle to enjoy anything until you know you’ll see him soon.

13. Everyone Else Notices

Friends and family start to point out how much you talk about him or how you’ve changed since you started seeing him. 

They might say you seem different or that you don’t spend as much time with them anymore. It’s like everyone can see the impact he has on you.

Sometimes, these comments can feel annoying or unwelcome, but they’re just noticing the big shift in your priorities. 

It seems like all roads lead back to him, no matter the conversation or occasion.

14. Jealousy Creeps In

You might start feeling jealous about anyone who spends time with him. These feelings can come up even if it’s just friends or coworkers hanging out with him. 

You want to be his main focus, and it bothers you when others get his attention.

This jealousy isn’t just about people, either. You might feel envious if he spends time on hobbies or activities that don’t include you. 

The idea of sharing his time starts to feel harder and harder.

15. You Make Big Plans Quickly

All of a sudden, you’re talking about the future a lot. Plans for moving in together, trips, or even talking about future pets or kids start cropping up in your conversations. 

These discussions might feel natural to you because you’re so caught up in the excitement of being with him.

Making these big plans might happen even if you haven’t been together very long. Your future seems intertwined with his, and you’re planning it with confidence and a lot of hope.

16. You Feel Like You Can’t Say No

You find yourself agreeing to things you normally wouldn’t, just because he suggests them. 

Maybe it’s going to a movie you have no interest in or trying a food you don’t like. Saying no starts to feel hard because you don’t want to upset him or risk a disagreement.

This eagerness to keep him happy can lead you to compromise on things that are important to you. 

You might not even realize how often you’re saying yes until someone else points it out or you feel drained from not standing up for your own preferences.

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