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The drooling emoji 中 is quite a visual one. It might look funny or strange to some, but like all emojis, it has its own unique set of interpretations. 

It’s not always about actual drool or feeling hungry sometimes it’s used to express admiration or desire for something or someone.

Before we dive deeper into the many ways guys use this emoji, it’s essential to understand that emojis can mean different things to different people. 

Context is what matters the most. And the drooling emoji 中, when sent by a guy, can range from a lighthearted jest to a more profound expression of interest.

So with that said, here are five things it means when a guy sends you a drooling emoji: 

1. Hes Really Impressed

He could be genuinely impressed by something you’ve shared or done. Maybe you posted a picture of a delicious meal you’ve cooked, or you’ve shared a photo of yourself in a new outfit. 

  • You: “Just finished painting this piece for my art class. What do you think?” shares a picture of the artwork 
  • Him: “中 That’s incredible! You’re so talented!”
  • You: “I managed to scale that 5.10 climbing route today!” 
  • Him: “中 Wow! That’s a tough one. Super impressed!”

The drooling emoji is his way of saying “Wow, that’s amazing!” without using words. 

The digital world has provided us with emojis, a modern hieroglyphic language, and the drooling face is a universally recognized sign of admiration and awe.

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2. Hes Attracted to You

Drooling face emoji from a guy meaning

The drooling emoji often pops up in flirty conversations. So yes, he could be signaling that he finds you attractive. 

When you share a selfie or talk about a recent accomplishment, he’s possibly letting you know he’s attracted not just to your looks, but also to your confidence, talents, or achievements.

  • You: “Decided to dress up a little for tonight’s dinner. Feeling good.” shares a selfie in a dress 
  • Him: “You look stunning 中.”
  • You: “Had a spontaneous beach day!” shares a sun-kissed photo 
  • Him: “中 You’re absolutely glowing. Wish I was there!”

Attractiveness can be multi-faceted. While the immediate thought might be physical allure, he could also be attracted to your intelligence, sense of humor, or even your zest for life. 

Emojis can be ambiguous, and sometimes that’s their charm. They can convey a lot without being overly direct, giving the other person room to interpret.

3. Hes Hungry

We can’t overlook the literal meaning of the drooling emoji. He might be genuinely hungry! 

If you’ve shared a picture of a mouth-watering dish or described a delicious meal, he’s likely expressing his food envy. 

Talking about a favorite restaurant or a dish you love can evoke strong reactions, especially if he’s a food lover. 

The drooling emoji then becomes a way of saying, “I wish I could have that right now!” or “That sounds delectable!”

  • You: “Made homemade pizza for dinner. Turned out perfect!” shares a picture of a delicious-looking pizza 
  • Him: “中 I need a slice of that right now!”
  • You: “Guess what? I just learned how to make gourmet chocolate truffles.” 
  • Him: “Chocolate truffles? 中 Please save some for me!”

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4. He Might be Sleepy

  • “Just finished a 12-hour shift and I’m heading to bed 中. Talk tomorrow?”
  • “Watched three movies back to back. My bed’s calling me 中. Night!”

The drooling emoji 中 can sometimes signify sleepiness. You know those moments where you’re so exhausted that you could just collapse into bed? 

He might be using the drooling emoji to capture that feeling. It’s a fun, cheeky way to say, “I’m absolutely beat” without actually spelling it out.

Now, you might wonder why not just use the sleeping emoji? Well, the drooling face adds a touch of drama and exaggeration. 

It’s not just about being sleepy; it’s about being so tired that he’s on the verge of zoning out entirely. A bit of humor, a hint of exaggeration, and voila, you get the essence of what he’s feeling.

5. He’s Expressing a Desire for Something

When that drooling emoji pops up, he might be expressing a deep-seated desire for something. 

It doesn’t have to be food; it could be anything – a dream vacation, a cool gadget, or even a life experience. The emoji serves as a visual representation of that “I want it so bad” feeling.

Take a moment to think about what you were discussing before the emoji made its appearance. Were you talking about future plans, hobbies, or maybe bucket list items? 

The drooling emoji then becomes a window into his desires. It’s a way of saying, “That sounds absolutely amazing” or “I wish I could have that.” It’s all about longing, and sometimes, a little drool says it best.

  • “Just saw the new gaming console in the store today 中. Need to start saving up!”
  • “That beach vacation you mentioned? Count me in 中. Always wanted to go there!”

How to Respond to Drooling Face Emoji From A Guy

How to Respond to Drooling Face Emoji From A Guy

1. Appreciate the Compliment

Thank him for his admiration. Recognizing his emoji as a compliment is a way to keep the conversation light and positive. Its often a simple yet effective approach.

  • Him: “中” 
  • You: “Haha, thanks! Glad you liked it.”
  • Him: “Your new profile pic is 中” 
  • You: “Aw, thank you! Was feeling photogenic today.”

2. Playfully Tease

Engage in some playful teasing. Emojis are meant to be fun, and a playful response can enhance the casual tone of your conversation.

  • Him: “That homemade pasta you made looks 中” 
  • You: “Jealous much? Maybe I’ll save you some.”
  • Him: “Your vacation photos are 中” 
  • You: “A bit of travel envy, huh? ”

3. Ask for Clarification

In case you’re unsure about his intentions, there’s no harm in seeking clarity. This can help steer the conversation and understand his feelings better.

  • Him: “中” 
  • You: “Haha, what’s that for?”
  • Him: “You in that outfit is 中” 
  • You: “Thanks! But what do you mean exactly?”

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4. Return the Gesture

Responding in kind can be an affirming gesture, especially if you share similar feelings or sentiments about the topic.

  • Him: “This new burger place is 中” 
  • You: “Right?! I’ve been there. It’s to die for! 中”
  • Him: “Today’s sunset was 中” 
  • You: “Absolutely! Nature’s beauty at its best. 中”

5. Acknowledge and Move On

Sometimes, a simple acknowledgment can suffice, especially if you don’t want to delve deep into the topic but still want to show that you saw his message.

  • Him: “The book you recommended is 中” 
  • You: “Glad you enjoyed it! It’s one of my favorites.”
  • Him: “The view from your office is 中” 
  • You: “Yeah, it’s quite something! Keeps the workday interesting.”

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