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Finding a partner who truly values you is crucial for a happy and healthy relationship. 

But sometimes, over time, things change, and your partner may stop treating you with the love and respect you deserve. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 15 signs that could reveal he isn’t treating you well anymore.

These signs may not always be obvious at first. Maybe he’s no longer as thoughtful or supportive, or perhaps he criticizes or dismisses your feelings. 

Paying attention to these behaviors can help you recognize if he’s no longer showing the care and attention you need.

By understanding these signs, you can make informed decisions about your relationship. 

It’s essential to recognize your own worth and take steps toward being with someone who appreciates and cherishes you fully. 

If you’re seeing these red flags, it’s a good time to reflect and decide what’s best for you.

1. He Ignores Your Emotional Needs

Everyone has emotional needs, whether it’s seeking comfort, understanding, or reassurance. 

A supportive partner recognizes these needs and makes an effort to meet them. 

By brushing off your feelings or making you feel like you’re overreacting, he might be ignoring what’s important to you.

Partners should help each other feel secure and supported. 

Whether you’re going through a tough time or simply need a listening ear, feeling emotionally safe is crucial in any relationship. 

Without this understanding, it can feel like your emotions are unwelcome.

Take note of his reaction when you express your feelings. Does he respond with compassion, or does he seem indifferent? 

A partner who values you will strive to understand and provide the emotional support that helps build a stronger connection.

2. He Often Makes You Feel Guilty

man making woman feel guilty

Guilt can be a powerful tool, and it shouldn’t have a place in a loving relationship. 

A partner who frequently makes you feel guilty may use phrases like, “You never do enough for me,” or, “Look at what I do for you.” 

Over time, this can make you feel like you’re always in the wrong, even when you’re not.

Healthy relationships involve give-and-take, where both people do things out of love and care, not to hold it over the other person’s head. 

Guilt-tripping can lead to resentment and frustration, creating a toxic environment.

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3. He Avoids Spending Quality Time Together

Quality time is essential for building and maintaining a strong bond. 

A partner who doesn’t prioritize spending time with you may always have excuses, like work or other commitments, or simply seem uninterested in activities you both once enjoyed.

Being together isn’t just about sitting in the same room; it’s about sharing experiences and connecting on a deeper level. 

Whether it’s watching a favorite show or going out for a meal, those moments strengthen the relationship. Without them, the partnership can feel empty.

4. He Makes You Feel Uncomfortable About Being Yourself

Everyone deserves to feel safe being their authentic selves in a relationship. 

Feeling like you need to change who you are to please him, whether it’s how you dress, talk, or act, can lead to losing touch with your identity and feeling less confident.

Being loved means being accepted for who you truly are, quirks and all. 

When he criticizes your interests, appearance, or lifestyle choices, it can make you feel like you’re not good enough. 

This creates a dynamic where you feel like you need to conform to his expectations.

Reflect on how much you adjust yourself around him. Does it feel like walking on eggshells or being someone you’re not? 

A partner who makes you uncomfortable being yourself may not appreciate your unique qualities or understand your value.

5. He Doesn’t Listen to You

man not listening to woman

When you talk, it feels like he’s not really there. 

Maybe he’s scrolling through his phone, watching TV, or just looking somewhere else. 

It’s like he hears you, but he isn’t actually listening. This can make you feel like you’re not important to him, which isn’t how a relationship should make you feel.

Relationships thrive on good communication. When he doesn’t listen, your thoughts and feelings seem to fall on deaf ears. 

Over time, this lack of communication can create a big gap between you two. It’s essential for both partners to feel heard and valued, and without that, it’s tough to maintain a strong connection.

Notice how he reacts when you bring up something that matters to you. 

A partner who deserves you will give you their full attention, showing that what you say is valuable to them. 

If he often dismisses your words or interrupts you, it’s a sign that he may not value your input as much as he should.

6. He Disrespects Your Boundaries

Respect is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship. 

When you express your limits and preferences, he should acknowledge and honor them, not ignore or challenge them repeatedly. 

Someone who continually crosses your boundaries shows a lack of respect for your personal space and feelings.

Imagine you’ve told him you need some time alone or that you don’t like certain jokes. If he keeps pushing despite knowing your wishes, it shows a disregard for your feelings. 

Healthy relationships require mutual respect, where both people understand and respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

A partner who repeatedly oversteps boundaries might not fully appreciate or understand the importance of your comfort and autonomy. 

Pay attention to how he responds when you assert your needs. 

A partner who truly cares for you will make an effort to respect your boundaries and adjust their behavior accordingly.

7. He Makes Plans Without Considering You

In a partnership, decisions often affect both people, not just one. 

When he makes plans—big or small—without thinking about how they might impact you, it can make you feel left out or unimportant. 

Whether it’s a weekend trip, a big purchase, or even social plans, including you in these decisions is crucial.

Consider how often he plans things on his own. Does he book a dinner or a trip with friends without checking in with you first? 

While independence in a relationship is healthy, consistently excluding you from plans can make it feel like he’s living a separate life.

Feeling like a spectator in his life rather than a partner can be quite disheartening. Couples need to share their lives, which includes making plans together. 

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8. He Rarely Supports Your Goals and Dreams

partner not in support of your goals

Everyone has dreams and goals, and in a good relationship, your partner should support them, not ignore them. 

Let’s say you share something exciting about your job or a personal project, and he barely shows interest or changes the subject quickly. 

This can make you feel unsupported and alone in your pursuits.

Support from a partner can look like encouragement, showing up at events you’re involved in, or just listening enthusiastically when you talk about your plans and ideas. 

It’s about feeling like he’s genuinely interested in what you’re doing. 

Without this support, your relationship might feel more like you’re just acquaintances rather than partners.

Notice how he reacts to your successes and achievements. A partner who is right for you will celebrate with you and be proud of your accomplishments. 

9. He Criticizes More Than He Compliments

Imagine always hearing about what you do wrong and rarely hearing about what you do right. 

That can wear you down.

 Constant criticism, especially about small things, can make you feel unappreciated and lower your self-esteem. 

A healthy relationship should make you feel good about yourself, not the opposite.

Criticism, when not constructive or delivered kindly, can hurt and create distance between you. 

A good partner should focus more on your strengths and the positive aspects of your personality and actions. 

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but those shouldn’t be the focus of all conversations.

Pay attention to how he speaks to you on a daily basis. Are his words usually kind or critical? 

Remember, someone who loves and respects you will want to lift you up, not pull you down. 

If you find that criticisms are more frequent than compliments, it’s a sign he may not be valuing you as he should.

10. He Avoids Talking About the Future

A partner who sees a long-term future with you will often bring up plans or discuss what lies ahead for the two of you. 

On the other hand, avoiding such discussions or being vague when the topic comes up can indicate he’s not as committed to the relationship as you are.

Not talking about the future can also mean he’s unsure about his own plans or how you fit into them. 

While it’s normal to be uncertain sometimes, ongoing avoidance is a concern. It keeps the relationship in a constant state of uncertainty, which can be really stressful.

11. He Often Breaks Promises

partner always breaking promises

Trust is built on actions, not just words. When he makes promises and doesn’t keep them, it chips away at your trust. 

This could be as simple as saying he’ll do something around the house, or as significant as promising to be there for an important event and then not showing up.

Frequent broken promises can leave you feeling like you can’t rely on him, which is a key part of any strong relationship. 

Dependability is something that should be a given between partners. You should feel confident that he will do what he says he will.

Reflect on how often he keeps his word. Does he follow through on what he promises, or are you often left disappointed? 

Regular disappointment from unkept promises is a strong indicator that he might not deserve your trust or your commitment.

12. He Doesn’t Apologize or Admit When He’s Wrong

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes we all make mistakes. But what really matters is how someone handles their mistakes. 

Does he say sorry when he messes up, or does he just brush it off and act like nothing happened? 

Not apologizing can make it feel like he doesn’t care about the impact of his actions.

In a healthy relationship, both people should be able to admit when they’re wrong and work to make things right. 

This shows a commitment to the relationship and respect for each other. 

When missing apologies can create resentment and hurt feelings that don’t go away.

Consider how conflicts end between you two. 

Does he acknowledge his part in the issue and try to fix things, or does he avoid taking responsibility? 

A partner who can’t say sorry may also struggle to grow and make positive changes in the relationship.

13. He Doesn’t Make You Feel Appreciated

Feeling valued is a key part of feeling loved. 

Does he thank you when you do nice things for him, or does he take your actions for granted? 

Not feeling appreciated can make you feel like you’re being taken advantage of or that your efforts are invisible.

Appreciation can be shown in many ways: a simple “thank you,” a kind gesture, or words of affirmation. 

These small acts of recognition can make a big difference in how valued you feel in your relationship. 

When these are absent, it’s easy to feel less connected and unhappy.

14. He Frequently Compares You to Others

Being compared to other people, whether it’s friends, exes, or even strangers, can make you feel like you’re not good enough. 

Does he point out how other people are better at certain things than you? This can be really damaging to your self-esteem and your feelings for him.

Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and acceptance, where each person values the other for who they are, not for how they stack up against someone else. 

Constant comparison can lead to jealousy and insecurity, which are poison to any relationship.

Listen to how he talks about people in his life. Does he frequently make comparisons, or does he appreciate and celebrate your unique qualities? 

A partner who often compares you unfavorably to others may not fully appreciate or love you for who you are.

15. He Shows Little Interest in Your Life

Does he ask about your day or how you’re feeling? 

Showing interest in your life’s small and big moments is how someone shows they care. 

When he doesn’t ask or seem interested in what’s happening with you, it can make you feel lonely or like you’re not important to him.

A caring partner wants to know what’s happening with you because it matters to them. This includes the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

A lack of interest can feel like a lack of love and can make the relationship feel very one-sided.

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