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When a guy really likes you and wants you to be his girlfriend, he starts acting differently around you. 

He does certain things that are signs he’s interested in more than just being friends. 

These signs can be clear like planning special dates or more subtle like how he talks about the future. 

Understanding these signs can help you figure out how he feels about you.

A guy who wants a serious relationship will make an effort to show you that you’re important to him. 

He’ll find ways to spend more time with you, get to know you better, and make sure you know he cares. 

From the way he talks to you to the little things he remembers that make you smile, every action has a purpose.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 things a guy does that are signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. 

These actions can tell you a lot about his feelings and whether he sees a future with you. 

Knowing these can help you understand where you stand with him and what your next steps might be in your relationship.

1. He’ll Ask You Out on a Date

This is the clearest sign, so let’s just get it out of the way. A guy interested in making you his girlfriend will take the initiative to ask you out on a date. 

He wants to spend quality time with you in settings that aren’t just casual hangouts. 

These dates are opportunities for him to get to know you better and show you that he cares about building a relationship. 

Whether it’s dinner, a movie, or a walk in the park, these outings are his way of expressing interest in you beyond just being friends.

These aren’t last-minute plans either; he makes an effort to plan them in advance, showing he respects your time. 

By creating thoughtful, enjoyable experiences for the two of you, he’s demonstrating that he values the time you spend together and is serious about finding ways to deepen the connection.

2. He’ll Get Romantic with You

romantic couple

When a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he starts to introduce romance into your interactions. 

You might notice him complimenting you more, or he might bring you flowers or small gifts that show he’s thinking about you. 

These gestures add a romantic tone to your relationship, indicating that he sees you in a special light.

Beyond gifts, his body language also becomes more affectionate. He might hold your hand, touch your back gently as you walk, or look into your eyes more when you talk. 

These are all signs that he’s not just interested in a friendship; he wants to build an emotional and physical connection with you.

3. He’ll Steer Conversations Towards Relationship Talk

A guy ready for a relationship will steer your conversations towards more serious topics about the future and where he sees the two of you heading. 

He might ask about your views on relationships or discuss his own expectations and desires. 

This isn’t just casual chatter; it’s his way of figuring out if you both are on the same page and if a deeper commitment could work between you.

During these talks, he listens carefully to your responses and shares his feelings openly. 

He wants to ensure that both of you have similar values and goals when it comes to a relationship. 

By initiating these discussions, he’s showing that he’s considering a future with you and wants to ensure that you’re both heading in the same direction.

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4. He Makes You a Priority

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When a man is serious about having you as his girlfriend, he starts making you a priority in his life. 

This means he considers your needs and wants when making decisions, both big and small. 

You’ll notice that he checks in with you before planning activities or makes sure you’re included in his weekend plans.

Additionally, he makes an effort to be there for you when you need support. Whether you had a bad day or need help with a problem, he’s there to listen and assist however he can. 

Making you a priority shows he cares deeply about you and is ready to put effort into a relationship that could make both of you happy.

5. He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

When a guy starts introducing you to his close friends and family, it’s a big sign he sees you as more than just a friend. 

He’s proud to have you in his life and wants the important people to know you. This step often means he’s thinking about a future with you and is ready to have you involved more deeply in his personal life.

Bringing you into his inner circle is a way of showing that he trusts you and values your presence. 

It also shows he’s considering making the relationship official. When you meet his loved ones, it’s his way of letting them know you’re special to him, which is a big step towards a more serious relationship.

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6. He Makes Plans for the Future with You

A guy who talks about future plans and includes you in them likely wants you to be his girlfriend. 

He might mention upcoming concerts, trips, or even simple plans like attending a party together next month. 

This shows he’s thinking about you in his future activities and expects you to be around.

He also might talk about bigger things, like plans for the next holiday season or a summer vacation. 

When he’s making these kinds of plans, it indicates he’s serious about your relationship. 

He sees you as part of his life long term and is comfortable making commitments that involve you.

7. He Takes Interest in Your Interests

couple looking at each other

When a man is serious about making you his girlfriend, he shows genuine interest in your hobbies and passions. 

You might find him asking about your activities or even suggesting that you do them together. 

This isn’t just him making conversation—it’s him trying to be a part of your world and understand what makes you happy.

He might even go a step further and join you in some of your interests. For example, if you love painting, he might sit down and paint with you, or if you enjoy a particular type of music, he might get tickets for a concert. 

These actions show that he not only listens to what you enjoy but also wants to share those experiences with you.

This enthusiasm for your interests isn’t about pretending to like the same things; it’s about him showing appreciation for what you love. 

It helps strengthen the bond between you two, making the relationship more fun and meaningful.

8. He Prioritizes Your Needs and Wants

If he often puts your needs and happiness first, it shows he deeply cares for you and wants to make you happy. 

For example, he might choose a movie he knows you’ll love or suggest eating at your favorite restaurant even if it’s not his top choice. 

These actions demonstrate that your happiness is important to him.

Moreover, he pays attention to little details about your likes and dislikes and uses that knowledge to enhance your time together. 

Whether it’s picking up your favorite snack on his way to see you or remembering how you take your coffee, these thoughtful gestures are his way of showing you mean a lot to him. 

Such attentiveness is a clear indicator he’s ready to take things to the next level.

9. He Communicates Regularly and Consistently

You won’t just hear from him now and then or only late at night; instead, he’ll send you messages throughout the day and call you to hear about how your day is going. 

Consistent communication like this shows that you’re on his mind and he values staying connected with you.

This man doesn’t let much time pass without checking in or sharing something about his day. It’s not just about small talk. 

His conversations with you often have depth, showing he’s comfortable opening up to you. This open line of communication is crucial for building a strong relationship foundation.

Moreover, if something is bothering him or there’s a misunderstanding, he doesn’t just brush it off. 

He addresses it directly by talking to you about it, which helps prevent minor issues from turning into bigger problems.

10. He Makes You Part of His Daily Life

A guy who wants you as his girlfriend will start integrating you into his daily life, not just on special occasions. 

You might start to see more of his routine, from grocery shopping to relaxing after work. 

He’s not just inviting you into his life for the big moments; he’s opening up his everyday life to you.

He might ask for your opinion on small decisions, like what color he should paint his apartment or what movie he should watch. 

These may seem like small details, but by including you, he’s showing that your thoughts and preferences matter to him in his daily life.

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