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9. She invites you over to her place 

Now, this doesn’t mean that any girl who invites you over to her place wants to have sex with you. Don’t make the mistake of trying to get laid just within two minutes of getting in because you think that’s what she wants. 

That said, most girls will only invite you over to their place if you’ve built trust and emotional safety with them. And for women, this usually comes before sexual attraction. 

Hence, being invited is a chance for you to get closer to her and build more emotional intimacy. And it could also be a sign that she wants to have sex with you. Just watch out for her body language. 

Is she touchy? Or does she just appear chilled, like she just wants to have you over, talk, and have good company? Her body language after she invites you over will be the major indicator as to whether or not she wants to get sexual with you. 

10. She plays with her lips

Biting or licking of the lips are often subconscious actions. For instance, we tend to lick our lips when we see a delicious meal, or when we see someone we find sexually attractive. 

And over time, we’ve learned to use licking of the lips as a sexual language, especially when we are flirting with someone. 

If a girl bites or licks her lips when she’s talking with you, there’s a huge chance she deliberately wants you to know that you turned her on. A shy girl might do this subconsciously. 

But in most cases, it’s usually outgoing girls who freely express their sexuality that will deliberately bite their lips to show a guy that they find him attractive.  


If you’re with a girl and you see most of these signs, there’s a huge sign she’s sexually attracted to you. This, however, doesn’t mean you should go straight to luring her into sex. 

Attraction should just be the beginning. Enjoy the process. If you rush into things, you might just end up spoiling the magic that was pulling her towards you in the first place. 

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