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When a girl starts developing feelings for you, she cannot hide it, and you’ll be able to tell easily if you know the signs.

Here’s the thing: A girl will rarely tell you in words that she likes you. Hence, she will do whatever she can through her body language and her attitude to get you to notice her. 

That said, if you see these signs overlapping, know that a girl is already developing feelings for you.  

1. The extra attention 

Generally, we tend to look at the things we find attractive and squint our eyes or look away when we see something we don’t like. 

When a girl pays extra attention to you, trying to make it seem like she sees something special about you that no one else sees, she’s trying to get you to notice her. 

For instance, you’re together with a group of friends as everyone takes turns to speak. But as soon as it gets to your turn, she raises her head and looks at your face, trying to make eye contact with you. 

Or, you’ll hear her tell you (or other people) things like, “He’s different from all these other guys.” “He behaves so maturely and puts it together.” When she says things like this, it means she pays extra attention to you, and she might be developing feelings for you already. 

2. Compliments that show she sees you

One of the best ways girls get you to notice them when they like you is through compliments. 

Now, just one compliment about how good your tie matches your dress doesn’t mean she’s developing feelings. However, when a girl notices and compliments you at every chance she gets, especially when it’s about how good you look, she’s trying to get your attention. 

Here’s the thing: Girls are very careful about giving a guy the wrong idea. She doesn’t want you to think she likes you, she wouldn’t put so much effort into giving you the idea. 

Hence, whenever a girl takes pleasure in complimenting your hairstyle, your dress, how mature and put together you are, and she does it frequently, there’s a huge chance she already feels something for you.  

She gives you these compliments because she cannot outrightly tell you she likes you (though some girls would). It’s her way of letting you know she likes what she sees. 

3. Overt self-consciousness around you 

We pay extra attention to how people we like see us. Why? 

Well, when you like someone, you want to do everything you can to make them see you in the best light. This means that she’ll make sure she looks her best when she goes out with you. And for some shy girls, she may still be overly self-conscious even after looking good for you. 

One way to know that a girl is overly self-conscious around you is to watch how she behaves when you’re talking to her. Does she occasionally touch her hair? 

Sometimes, you’ll notice how she will quickly take advantage of any reflective surface to check herself out when she thinks you’re not looking. 

You might be on a date with her and she’ll go into the bathroom. But coming out she’ll smell better and her lipstick will look better (and maybe brighter). She’s gone to check herself out in the bathroom mirror.

If you see these signs that indicate she’s overly self-conscious around you, it’s because she’s developing feelings for you. 

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4. She wants to see more of you 

A girl that likes you wants to see more of you. This is called the proximity principle of likability. 

This means that she will not play mind games with you, constantly canceling dates plans or taking days to reply to your text. When a girl has feelings for you, it isn’t that complicated. 

If you offer the same courses in school (or you’re in the same class), she’ll sometimes find an excuse to hang out with you. For instance, she might tell you she wants you to help her out with an assignment (or anything she or any of her female friends would have easily helped her with). 

And she does all this because she likes your company and wants to know more about you. And maybe get you to ask her out on a date – if you haven’t already. 

5. The body language signs

A girl’s body language around a guy she likes is way different from her body language with everyone else. 

For instance, As Vanessa Van Edwards explained about the body language signs of female attraction, when a girl likes you, she’ll tend to expose her neck area when she’s talking to you, like she’s tilting her neck a bit. 

The other body language sign is her proximity towards you when she’s talking with you. The proximity principle of likability states that we like to get close to people we find attractive when we talk to them. 

For instance, if you’re talking to a girl and she keeps leaning towards you, making strong eye contact, even casually brushing her arm against yours, or encouraging you to touch her, you’re special to her. You can be assured she doesn’t do this to every guy she meets. 

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6. You fascinate her 

Now, you might be a really funny guy who cracks every girl up. If you’re that guy, this sign isn’t for you. 

But if you’re just a guy who doesn’t do hilarious things by default, but there’s this girl that you always manage to crack up every time, there’s a huge chance she likes you. 

Here’s why: A girl that laughs a lot when she’s talking to you is very happy to be around you. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice you don’t even have to say anything funny sometimes to make her laugh. 

In fact, most of the time her laughter will not be about what you said. It’s going to be about your mannerisms, the way you talk, the face you keep when you talk about certain things, your weird interest in some topics, etc. 

In essence, she laughs because you fascinate her. She pays attention to everything about you, from the way you talk to your facial expressions. Being with you just makes her happy. 

7. She wants your eyes on her 

When someone likes you, they’ll value your opinion about them. Hence, when a girl has feelings for you, she’ll dress up well to impress you.

Here’s one test you can use: 

When you’re in a gathering, and she knows you’re going to be around, she’ll dress up really well. But more importantly, watch what she does when she shows up to the occasion. She’ll most likely ignore you and go talk to other people. 

She’s enjoying the moment, hoping that you’re seeing her and appreciating how she looks. This is if you’re not dating her yet. 

But if you’re already together, watch how she acts whenever she looks really good. She’ll most likely come in front of you and pause, waiting for you to say something about her dressing. 

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8. She stylishly asks about your relationship status

If you’re on a date or having a conversation and a girl asks you if you have a girlfriend, that’s as green as the greenlight can get. 

Now, there are a lot of variations to this question. For instance, if you never said anything about having a girlfriend and she asks you something like….  “What would your girlfriend do if she finds out you’re…” 

She’s indirectly asking you if you have one. Basically, if she asks you any question that leads you to talk about your girlfriend – when you haven’t told her you have any – she’s interested in you. 

9. A blend of admiration and respect

Genuine respect comes from admiration. And if a girl is developing feelings for you, there must be a lot of things she admires about you already. 

For instance, it might be how you handle yourself under pressure, it might be your calm and quiet strength, or how well you lead, etc., But whatever it might be, these same things make her respect you. 

10. She’s curious about you 

There are several ways to know that a girl is curious about you. 

First of all, you can tell by the kind of questions she asks you when you’re together. If she’s developing feelings for you, your life will interest her. 

For instance, if she likes your personality, she’ll want to know where you grew up, your family, how your childhood was, your hobbies, the kind of books you read, etc. And she’ll enjoy finding out.

Another way she can express her curiosity is by talking to her friends about you. For instance, she might talk about how cute you are to them and ask them what they think about you. 

If by any chance, any of her close friends call you by name, smile at you, and act like she knows you, you can be sure she’s discussing you with them. 

The third way she might express her curiosity is by asking your friends about you. If she’s close to them, she might want to know from them if you have a girlfriend already or what you think of her. 

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Final words 

Knowing whether or not a girl already has feelings for you helps reduce the anxiety of rejection if you want to make a move on her. 

Furthermore, if you’re trying to make a girl pay attention to you before you make a move on her, these signs will be proof that your strategies are working. In a nutshell, it’s always great to know where you stand with her before making any move… Makes everything much easier. 

Attraction Diary Team

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