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When you have a crush on someone, saying the right thing to them becomes more difficult. Why? 

Well, we all want to impress people we find attractive. And we do this because we want to get in their good book and hopefully get them to like us back. 

Hence, we have compiled a list of 15 cute things you can say to your crush. However, bear in mind that these are not just pick-up lines. They are also meant to inspire your creativity, so that the next time you see your crush, you can have an idea of what to say (or text) to start a conversation. 

1. “Stay here with me. I love it when you’re around”

This line passes a strong message. If you’re just friends with someone but you’re crushing on them, telling them to stay with you a bit longer because you love their company is a great way to let them know you want more than friendship. 

It’s a great compliment too. 

Most people can be insecure about their sociability. And telling someone that you like their company is a great way to put them at ease around you. 

Furthermore, besides the fact that it makes your crush see you differently, it also helps you spend more time with them, and this is great if you want to take your friendship to the next level. 

2. “I don’t think I can handle not being with you anymore.”

If you’re just friends with someone and you’re crushing on them, this is a great way to let them know that you see them as more than just friends. 

It’s a statement that makes you vulnerable in a cute way. It’s also flattering to your crush. It means you find them highly desirable. And seeing them every day just makes you want them more. 

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3. “Seeing you every day just makes me want you more.”

It’s one thing to have feelings for someone for some time, it’s another thing if what you feel for someone just keeps growing stronger over time. If you’re friends with someone you’re crushing on, this line could melt their hearts. 

And it is especially more effective if you’ve been giving them signals of affection. 

Saying these words means you’ve been trying to control your affection to protect your friendship, but it’s not working. If your crush is already developing feelings for you as well, this could melt their hearts for you.

4. “So which food would you like to eat on our first date?”

This line will especially be cool over text. But you can also say it in person. 

The idea here is pretty straightforward. It’s an indirect but cute way of asking someone if they’ll like to go out with you on a date. If they pick a food, it’s a yes. If they don’t want it, they’ll probably change the topic. 

5. “If I could be anywhere with anyone, I would choose to be with you. All I need to be happy is to be by your side.”

This is a very romantic thing to say. Telling someone that being around them makes you happy is flattering. If the person already loves you too, they will be happier about the fact that they can bring happiness to you, their loved one. 

6. “Seeing you makes me both nervous and excited, like my body can’t decide how to feel when it’s around you.”

These words speak of desire. You’re, in essence, telling your crush just how desirable you find them. 

Sometimes you lose control when they are around, and all you want to do is hold them close to you and feel their body against yours. It’s a great way to compliment the physical appeal of your crush. 

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7. “My days have been amazing since I met you, and there’s no day that passes without me thinking about how awesome you make me feel.”

We love to know that those we care about are thinking about us. This is a line you can randomly drop on someone you like to let them know that you’re thinking of them. 

Letting someone know that they are happy they met you and that you like to think of them says a lot about their desirability. It’s always great to know that our loved one still craves us as they did in the beginning. 

8. “If you were ever in a situation where you couldn’t remember anything or anyone, I’ll be by your side every single day, making sure you fall in love with me all over again.” 

Saying this shows just how much someone is special to you. 

It means you’re not willing to let them go for anyone, even if things become inconvenient for you. You love the feeling of loving them so much you’d rather build it again with them, rather than move to someone else. 

Letting the person you love know this brings a sense of assurance. It makes them know that you’re willing to be with them through thick and thin. 

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9. “If there’s another life after this, I’d like to be with you again.”

The message here is that you can’t get enough of the person you love. You desire them so much that a lifetime isn’t enough to get enough of them. 

You love being with them, and you’ll want to experience the feeling over and over again, even beyond a lifetime. 

10. “Your face is so fine it makes me forget my pick-up lines.”

The first reason this is so cute is that it’s funny and humbling. You’re admitting your vulnerability. You’re human, you find her (or him) attractive, and you don’t mind letting her know about it. 

The second reason it’s a great line is that you’re complimenting your crush. You’re saying her beauty is hypnotizing. So hypnotizing that it makes you forget what you wanted to say to her. 

If you’re cute and she likes you, you’ll both probably laugh about it and move on to something more serious to talk about. Or, you can just ask for her name and get her number from there. 

11. “I may not be a photographer, but I can picture us looking good together.”

This line isn’t just cool, it’s also funny. It shows your creativity and tells your crush that you think about them, and you’ll like you both to be together. 

The best time to say something like this will be when you’re already having fun in a conversation. Once you both start connecting and laughing at jokes together, you can just jokingly say it. 

12. “I don’t find you attractive because you’re perfect. I Like you precisely because of your imperfections.” 

Making someone aware that you don’t find their imperfections repulsive is one of the best compliments ever. 

We are all very mindful of how people, especially those we love, see us. Hence, whenever someone makes us aware, either through words or action, that they don’t mind our flaws, it doesn’t just put us at ease, it makes us feel safe. 

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13. “Before I saw you, I didn’t believe in love at first sight.”

 In other words, you’re loving her already. And to add to that, you’re not afraid to let her (or him) know exactly how you feel. From the very first time you saw her, she caught your attention. 

14. “You’re beautiful in and out.”

Even if a girl is already used to getting compliments about her beauty, telling her she’s beautiful in and out is still something special. 

You’re telling her that you don’t just like her outward appearance and her body dimensions. She has character and you see something good and virtuous in her. You see a light that most people often don’t see because they pay too much attention to her outward beauty. 

15. “Even if I tried not to, how can I stop myself from falling in love with you?”

We all love knowing that someone finds us attractive. And knowing that we are so desirable that someone cannot control their feelings for us is very flattering. 

Telling someone you can’t help falling in love with them says just how desirable that person is. You’re in essence saying that you love them, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

Final words

These are all great lines to try out. They are not prescriptions of what to say to someone you find attractive. But they are good enough to inspire something cute or funny out of you. The most important thing is for you to understand the occasion you’re in and use your creativity. 

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