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So, I have this close friend who found an old school friend on Instagram and they started talking. She likes him but she’s not sure about his feelings. 

She wants him to chase her and she overthinks every text message she sends to this guy. 

The hardest part is she’s usually not sure if he gets that she’s flirting with him, and when he doesn’t flirt back, it totally bumps her out.

With text messaging, there’s also an issue of coming on too strong or too soon. It’s easy to get things mixed up, especially because the other person cannot see you or hear your voice. They can’t necessarily tell your tone.

If you want to send a text that will get a guy chasing you, it has to be like a drug, administered at the right time, in the right doses.

Now, I’m not an expert, but there are some texts that a guy cannot mistake for friendliness.

1. I’m still thinking about your smile. I hope you save me more of those.

Research shows that people like you more if you make them laugh. This text will definitely get him smiling and appreciating you more. He won’t know what hit him.

2. Hey, I just went by where we first met a week ago. I feel like I’ve known you forever.

You’re bringing back memories of your first time meeting him, but you’re also letting him know that he has taken a special place in your heart within this short time.

We all love to feel special. And you have just made this happen for him with just one text.

3. Morning, handsome, another morning without you by my side. We need to change that.

Not only are you going to get him thinking about sleeping and waking up next to you, but he’s also going to be wondering about all the amazing things he could do with you in bed.

Start his day this way, and he’s going to be thinking about how to solve the “problem” of you sleeping alone.

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4. I hope you’re having a more productive day at work than I am. I’m distracted by thoughts of you.

Guys will be grinning from ear to ear when they receive such a message at work. If they were working before your text, that’s the end of the day for them.

You’re inviting him to spend time with you instead of both of you working. Even if he goes back to work, you’re the first person he will call when he closes.

5. Do you miss me as much as I miss you, or am I alone in this?

He’s going to want to prove that he misses you, too, and he may suggest coming over to spend time with you. Exactly what you want.

6. I love road tripping with a partner. The only thing missing is the partner.

An invitation for a road trip with a pretty lady? Heck yeah! 

This will be his response, hopefully.

7. I live alone, just in case you were wondering.

You’ve given him all the information he needs to make his decision on coming over to your place easier.

No worries about siblings or roommates interrupting when you are all snuggled up together.

8.  I know I’m supposed to wait until you ask me out, but I’m asking you to ask me out since I can’t wait.

Studies show that 93% of women prefer to be asked out, but you can be in the 7 percent who do not need to wait to be asked out.

Send him a text and nudge him in the direction or just directly ask him out yourself. If you get him chasing you, you’ve won in the end. Statistics be damned.  

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9. It’s so cold, yet blankets are the last thing on my mind.

We all crave the warmth of a partner when the weather is cold. In this case, you’re letting him know you crave his warmth without actually saying the words. 

10. Guess what, I spilled my coffee because I was lost in thoughts about you. Now you owe me coffee.

This is a sweet way of saying you want him to take you out on a date. Plus, he will feel flattered that you’re thinking about him.

11. It should be a crime for anyone to be this handsome.

Okay, you have noticed his charming looks, and you’re making it known. Guys also like to be complimented on their looks, so don’t hold back.

12. I’m planning to unintentionally run into you again. Where will you be tonight?

Letting him know you want to see him is sexy. He will feel wanted, who doesn’t like that?

13. I look so sexy right now. It’s a shame you can’t see me.

Of course, he will find a way to come and see you. How else can he confirm that, indeed, you look sexy?

14. In case you could not read my body language when we met, read this “I like you”.

It’s straightforward. You like the guy, and now he knows. He will do the rest of the work.

15. The weather forecast predicts a sunny day; what do you say I fish out my bikini and we hit the beach?

You in a bikini, with your luscious body next to his? You couldn’t stop his imagination from running wild if you tried. He will go with you to the beach and anywhere else you want him to.

Because you have got him chasing you with just a few texts.

Final words
Flirting via text message can be daunting, but it is a necessary skill to have in this age of online dating. Yes, I said skill; exaggerating. You have to learn it to be successful. That’s why we have compiled a list of 15 texts to get a guy chasing you. You might think it will come naturally to you once you like someone, but we all know people who are horrible at flirting.

Now go on. Text that guy.

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