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Not everyone who admires you is going to be direct about it. In some cases, someone who likes you may even deny and try to repress the feeling in themselves. 

This is why the best way to spot secret admiration is through body language. When we’re around someone we like, no matter how much we deny it to ourselves, our subconscious will give us off in their presence. 

But sometimes we miss the signs because we pay too much attention to the words people say. That said, if you frequently see these five signs with people around you — or one particular person — there’s a high chance they secretly find you attractive. 

1. They love to come into your intimacy zone 

When you’re on a first date with someone, even a hug can feel awkward. But give yourself three to five dates later, after you’ve come to like their personality and trust them, you’ll easily hug, cuddle, and even kiss them. 

When we like someone, we want to get into their intimacy zone. And according to Vanessa Van Edwards, a human behavior expert, the intimacy zone is 8 inches away from you. 

Though some people may deliberately come close to you to flirt with you and show you they like you, the majority of people will do it unconsciously. 

They’ll just find themselves gravitating towards you. And it may be because they just like to see you, they love the smell of your perfume, they like your personality, or they want you to notice them. 

Learn to observe how frequently people like to come close to you when they interact with you. It could be a sign that they secretly admire you. If they combine that close-range interaction with subtle flirtation, that’s a huge sign. 

2. How often do they want to touch you?

Oxytocin makes us feel good. And one of the ways it’s released into the bloodstream is by us touching someone we like. This is why a hug and a cuddle from a loved one make us feel so good, so much that it can reduce stress, according to studies. 

This is why touching someone we like is a reflex action. We just do it because it makes us feel good. 

Think about it. Would you like to frequently come close to and touch someone you don’t like? Of course not. 

In the same way you’ll instinctively move away from someone you don’t like, you also instinctively want to be closer to and touch someone you like. This is one of the best ways people tell us with their body language that they find us attractive. 

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3. The want to share your experience with you

Human beings like to come into people’s lives to share their experiences with them. This is why those who are on their purpose and living their best lives will naturally be more attractive than needy people. 

Being needy sends the wrong message. It tells people that you don’t have any interesting experience going on for you that people can come and share with you. 

But take someone who’s living a full life, who tells funny jokes and often has people happy around him or her. That’s the person we’ll want for ourselves. 

This is what Robert Greene explained in The Art of Seduction when he said, “Desire is both imitative and competitive.” We like to take what people find precious away from them. This is why the guy who often has beautiful women around him will appear more attractive to other women. 

When you’re someone that others are always happy around, you create an impression in the mind of others about the kind of person you are. You tell them you give people joy. They’ll be interested in knowing you and sharing your happy experience with you. 

4. Their eyes give them away 

If you know how to make good eye contact, people’s eyes will often tell you a lot about how they feel towards you. 

In general, people who don’t like you will not enjoy making eye contact with you. You’ll sense the discomfort, the shifty eyes, and sometimes the microexpression of dislike. 

On the other hand, people who like you will tend to enjoy looking at you. And you can tell this by how often they sustain eye contact with you and even accompany it with a smile. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to tell that they like to look through their eyes. And we only enjoy looking at things we find attractive. 

According to studies, when we look at someone — or something — we like, our brain releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. And this good feeling makes us want to look at them more frequently. This is also why it’s difficult to take your eyes off a dress you like. 

5. Your energy is captivating 

When you walk up to a lady to say “hello” as a guy, what you’re saying isn’t as important to her as your energy. Two guys can say the same words to a lady and one will come off as charming and the other awkward. 

This is because your energy is what adds meaning to your words. Most people don’t understand this about social interactions. 

Being quiet or introverted doesn’t make you socially awkward. I’ve come across many quiet people whose personalities only added some charm and mystery to their character. What matters is the energy you bring in. 

When you appear like you trust yourself, or that you’re anxious, afraid, or ashamed of who you are, people see it. Your vibe is always giving you away whether you realize it or not. 

And even if you didn’t win the genetic lottery, if you have a captivating energy in how you approach life, people will want to be a part of it. 

Final words

Just one of these signs may not mean much. But if you see a cluster of them with people around you, maybe they like to come close to you, make eye contact with you, playfully touch you, and always appear to be happy to be around you, there’s a high chance that person already finds you desirable. 

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