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Most women complain there are no good men out there because they don’t understand one simple truth: 

Different things attract high-value and low-value men. 

For most men, all you have to do is look good for them to make a move on you. But if you want to keep a mature, intelligent, high-value man, it’s a different ball game entirely. Just merely looking good never does it.

I’ve seen guys pass on gorgeous-looking ladies because she struck them as superficial, immature, egotistical, entitled, childish, insecure, etc. 

What I’ve noticed is that these women think just looking good is enough to keep a good guy. 

Subconsciously, they’ve assumed that all the attention they frequently get from a lot of guys qualifies them as high value, and as such, they don’t need to put in any effort to get men. 

This doesn’t work for a high-value man. 

Mature men don’t follow conventional beauty standards. They’re not looking for trophy wives or quick hookups. This is why their standards are different. Here are the major things they look out for. 

1. The right assets 

A woman who thinks sex is the only thing she needs to offer in a relationship cannot attract intelligent, high-value men. She’ll only get the attention of f*ck boys who will use her and dump her when they get tired of her body. 

A high-value man has a different set of priorities because his goal with you is long-term. 

He wants someone who has something valuable to bring to the table, someone who will be able to offer good advice on important stuff when the need comes. Not someone who only knows how to slay on Instagram and watch Netflix all day. 

Intelligent men want a woman who is passionate about something. He doesn’t want someone who’s laid back and waiting for him to ‘perform’ the duty of a ‘provider’ for her.

A smart woman isn’t just about getting money from different guys. She isn’t entitled to anybody’s wealth. She has an independent mindset, and that’s what mature, intelligent guys want. 

2. She doesn’t play games 

She doesn’t wait around her phone for five hours before replying to your text, nor does she give confusing signs about her interest in him. 

Mature men don’t have time for games. They won’t stress themselves trying to figure you out when you keep giving them a cluster of red and green flags just to confuse them intentionally. He’ll simply see you as immature or untrustworthy. 

A high-value man has a life to live, and he has purposeful things to attend to. Unnecessary mind games will only bore him and make him lose interest quickly. 

Only men who don’t know themselves fall for manipulative mind games. They’re the ones that will chase harder when a woman ignores them. Their ego is tied to the chase, and some women don’t mind using these kinds of men to feel good about themselves. 

Mature women, on the other hand, know what they want. They won’t stress the right man by deliberately ignoring him or playing hard to get. And mature men understand this. 

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3. A bold and mature mindset 

Many insecure ladies hide under the pretense of indifference when they meet a man. 

They won’t make eye contact, and they won’t even attempt to hold a conversation when the man initiates it. Some men take this type of negligence from ladies as a huge blow to their egos. They torture themselves for not having the social skill to get a woman’s attention. They take all the blame. 

But here’s what most men don’t realize: 

A decent man with good intentions will never be ignored or disrespected by a mature woman. She knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid of holding a simple conversation with you. 

She won’t hide insecurities under the disguise of disrespecting or ignoring the man in front of her. 

I’ve come across beautiful ladies who make a move on a man they find attractive. And contrary to popular belief, they often end up having a great relationship with these guys. 

And the major reason for this is that every high-value man appreciates a bold woman. It’s only immature men that will quickly take you for granted because you made a move on them. 

4. She’s chilled about being vulnerable 

Most high-value men aren’t always on the lookout trying to hook up with every other lady they come across. 

Most of the time, you’ll see them going about their business not giving a f*ck about the pretty lady beside them. This is why most women often complain about never being approached by the good guys. 

High-value men will rarely approach random girls in public. That’s just how it is. They understand that guys always making the move, paying for lunch, and impressing the girl are just old garbage. 

And intelligent, mature women don’t mind turning the tables. They’ll strike up a conversation, and even ask the guy to hang out. 

Some girls think this makes them come off as cheap. But it really depends on the type of guy you do it with. Personally, my respect for you instantly increases if you’re mature and bold enough to strike up a conversation with me as a lady.  

And I’m sure any high-value man thinks the same. 

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5. She’s an engaging conversationalist 

Only insecure guys think it’s their duty to keep a conversation interesting, funny, and worthwhile. 

Real men know that everyone has to contribute. 

I’ve come across immature girls who will project their boring personalities onto the poor man in front of them, making him feel like he’s boring when in fact, it’s her that hasn’t contributed anything to the conversation. Intelligent men can’t stand girls like this. 

Every high-value man appreciates a witty woman. He wants someone who can give a good response to the things he says. 

He wants a woman who can animatedly tell good stories, who doesn’t go blank on him because she thinks boring conversations are always the fault of guys. 

You’ll never have a boring date with an intelligent woman. 

6. She reads more than she gossips 

Smart women read because they want to improve themselves. And intelligent men love them because a woman who reads has her priorities straight. She doesn’t waste her time on mundane stuff. 

She has a broad perspective on different things. When she argues, it isn’t emotional. Conversations with her are fun and often filled with wisdom. She draws lessons from all around her. 

She doesn’t just want to talk about fashion and get on TikTok trends. She sincerely understands the importance of investing in herself.

A high-value woman doesn’t avoid responsibility. She doesn’t just want to have it all easy. She isn’t entitled. She wants to do something challenging and meaningful too. 

7. She has standards 

Some women will throw themselves at a random rich guy who can spend money on her but treat her like trash. They think they have high standards. But in reality, their standards are down to zero. 

A high-value woman won’t lose herself simply because a guy came out of a flashy car. She understands what truly matters in a man. She looks at the character. 

She knows how she deserves to be treated, and she won’t settle for less. Money doesn’t blind her because she’s also high-value. She won’t jump into a relationship with anyone just for the sake of being in a relationship. 

A high-value woman isn’t desperate for a relationship. She looks for important stuff like shared values, mutual love, trust, etc., because she’s looking for something serious. 

Mature people won’t stress you

These are qualities high-value men and women look for in each other, and it’s no wonder why. 

When you’re mature, you get sick of the whole drama insecure men and women carry around with them. 

Some people will use their insecurities and immaturity to frustrate you. If you don’t have time for drama, then you should also upgrade your standards from the common ephemeral qualities most people out there get carried away with. You’ll be happy you did. 

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