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If you’re like me, your idea of romance comes from the Harlequin romance novels or Danielle Steel. You expect a perfect partner, and hugely impressive gestures and you never give up on creating only the perfect romantic scenarios in your head.

We hardly think about the little things when trying to impress someone we like. We think about romantic dates, getaways, and expensive gifts, but you’ll be surprised how far little gestures will take you.

Sometimes it is the less perfect things like getting your hands dirty that women find extremely romantic. You may be doing some of these things unconsciously already.

1. Surprising them with breakfast (in bed)

Everyone loves food, especially when you wake up hungry and your favorite coffee or cereal with some eggs waiting for you. 

The thoughtfulness that goes into this simple act of getting your woman breakfast is simply impressive. Breakfast in bed is also a signal that you’re setting them up for a good day. You score some points without even trying so hard.

2. Fixing things

A handyman is a sexy man. Women find it romantic when men fix broken things around their house.

When men are fixing things, they often flex their muscles here and there, and they have a serious look on their faces. 

In a survey, two-thirds of women admit to being attracted to a handyman; 34 percent agree that they love a man who knows his way around a toolbox.

When something breaks in the house, it feels good to know that you have someone who can fix it.  Women see such men as dependable. It is one of the reasons why women love firefighters. They appear so dependable and unfazed in their uniform.

I’m not saying you should get into a uniform. But it is romantic when a man is not afraid to get his hands dirty for a woman. It makes her feel safe around you. 

3. Affection

If your love language is not physical touch, you may have to put some effort into this one. 

Women find it incredibly romantic when men show a lot of affection, with simple things like holding hands, kissing the back of the hand, and a random hug from behind.

This type of display of affection has nothing to do with sex. It says, “I’m thinking of you, I love how you feel in my arms and I love being with you.”

That’s cute.

4. Paying attention to her

This is probably underrated, but it’s so important. When you pay attention to something, you say, “this is important to me”. 

There are often so many distractions when we’re with loved ones. Sometimes we are distracted by our desire to be heard and we forget to listen to the woman in front of us.

Do you know how she knows you’re paying attention to her? When you ask follow-up questions, and sometime later after the conversation, you still check in on what she said. It shows you care about the things she cares about.

A caring man wins lots of points.

5. Taking care of kids

By all means, taking care of kids should not be a one-time thing men do. Child care is as much a man’s thing as a woman’s thing.

Do you know the sexiest part? When the man’s big body towers over the tiny human, probably running after them and playing catch; that is such an attractive sight.

In a woman’s mind when men are taking care of kids, they are probably picturing The Rock and his daughters. 

Also, let’s talk about the show of tenderness for a minute? Women never expect to see men being tender and soft, and when they do, damn! 

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6. Minding your manners

We tend to throw manners out the door when we become comfortable with people we love, but those gestures tell more about our personality than we know.

Far from chivalry, a man remembering to say thank you, please, goodnight, and good morning is attractive. These gestures send a message to women that you think about them and appreciate them.

You’ll never know how many romantic relationships started with a good morning or a thank you.

7. Minding random things about them

I love to color, not just because I’m an artist. I find coloring therapeutic. 

One time, my partner saw me coloring in my journal, and the next day, he got me an adult coloring book. I did not ask; I didn’t even know he had seen me coloring in my journal.

Yes, that’s one small gesture I will never forget, and it makes me love him more. Not necessarily because of the coloring book, but because he notices and cares about random things like this.

Women find it incredibly attractive when men show such kindness even without being asked. You could simply leave a poem on her desk or pick flowers for her. 

8. Removing “little problems” from their way

Imagine this for a moment:  

A woman forgot where she left her keys, her washing machine is giving her trouble when she has set out to complete her to-do list, she slept in and forgot to walk the dog, and now he’s pooped inside the house. 

How do you think she will feel? Annoyed, of course.

But if there was a man who somehow made these problems disappear, oh, she could kiss him. 

Women find it attractive when men try to ensure that they have a great day. Having a good day positively affects the mood. When they’re looking for someone to thank, you’ll be right there to take your reward.

 Before you leave… 

If you’re still not convinced, consider how something like sweat could be a turn-on for women.

Apparently, male sweat contains a compound that boosts women’s mood and causes sexual arousal. Imagine that! And here you think that you need to douse yourself in cologne every time to impress a woman.

It’s okay to plan grand gestures. But maybe the things you do without planning are the keys to your woman’s heart. Sometimes it’s just about the little things. 

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