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You can tell when a girl has you in her mind. 

When she’s thinking of you, she’ll do certain things that you’ll likely assume to be random. But the signs can be pretty obvious if you know them. 

The most important thing is to pay attention and not take the “seemingly random” things she does for you at face value. Because when a girl is interested in you, there’s rarely anything random about her actions toward you. 

Hence, if a few of these signs overlap, there’s a huge chance a girl has you in mind–for good reasons. 

1. Random Contact

Have you ever been in a situation where a girl randomly reaches out to you either through a call or text to ask you a random question? Well, maybe it wasn’t that random. 

Here’s the thing: 

When a girl frequently thinks of you, she’ll try to find a way to make contact at some point. And she can do this in person by coming to you with a random problem at work or asking you to help her out with a class assignment. 

This point is even more true if what she’s asking you for is easy and you know there’s a high chance she or any other person around could have easily done it for her, but she always comes to you. 

She might also try to make contact by commenting on or liking your social media posts. When a girl is thinking of you, she’ll look for creative ways to make contact. 

2. She’s Does Thoughtful Things For You

A woman who has you in her mind will often go out of her way to do nice things for you. 

This could be something as simple as just making sure she checks on you when you’re going through a tough time or offering to help you out with a task at work–even when she doesn’t have to. 

Here’s the thing: Women are natural caregivers. When she likes you, she wants to make sure you’re okay. She’ll think of the best ways to be helpful and ease your stress. 

Hence, when a woman is frequently doing thoughtful nice things for you, there’s a huge chance she has you in her mind most of the time. 

3. She Never Forgets Important Stuff About You

When a girl always seems to remember everything important about you, like your birthday, the day both of you first saw each other, your first date (if you’re dating already), the release date of a movie you told her you like, etc., there’s a huge chance she thinks about you a lot. 

Think about that time you fell head over heels in love with a girl. Not only did you remember important things about her, you also made her aware that you did because you needed her to know how much you cared. 

Remembering important dates in your life is a way for a lady to show how much she cares about you. 

4. The Look That Signals Interest 

Another major sign that a girl thinks of you is that she frequently looks your way. 

For instance, when you’re with a group of people, her eyes are on you. And when your eyes meet, she either quickly looks away or holds your gaze and smiles at you. 

This is a strong indication that she wants you. Every other thing happening in that room is secondary. You have her attention and she’s probably thinking of ways to make contact with you. 

5. She Tells Her Friends About You 

A girl who frequently thinks about will often bring you up in conversations with her friends. 

Here’s the thing: 

Girls like to tell each other everything, especially if it’s about a cute guy they are crushing on. Even when they are playing hard to get towards you, there’s a huge chance all her friends already know how much she wants you. 

Hence, if you see one of her friends – who you’ve never introduced yourself to – call you by your name and smile at you as if she knew you before, there’s a huge chance she frequently talks about you to them. 

6. She Blushes When Talking to You

Let’s face it. If a girl thinks of you frequently, chances are that she has a lot of fantasies about you. 

She has probably imagined you two together, traveling the world and doing amazing things together. And she talking to you means those thoughts are coming closer to being a reality. 

Hence, whenever you talk to her, she’ll likely get lust in your eyes, smiling uncontrollably. This is especially true if this isn’t something that ever happens to her when she talks to others. 

7. Talks to Your Friends About You

If a girl likes but doesn’t want to come directly to you, she might get close to your friends to learn more about you. 

For instance, she might ask them for your name or your relationship status–if she’s still new to your environment. 

When a girl avoids you but asks those who are close to you about you, she fancies and thinks about you. 

8. Her Body Language Changes Around You

When a girl thinks of you, there’s going to be some tension whenever you walk up to her—especially if she wasn’t expecting it. 

Here’s an instance: 

When you walk up to her, maybe while you guys are at work or in class, and she suddenly becomes unsettled, trying to get herself together, adjusting her hair, or trying to make a good impression, there’s a huge chance she thinks of you a lot. 

9. Personalized Gifts

Just like men who think about a woman will go out of their way to randomly get them flowers, women do the same. 

She might go out of her way to give you a cake she baked herself for your birthday, or get you a sweater with your name knitted on it. 

Personalized gifts are often well thought out and require more sacrifices to pull off. If a girl goes out of her way to make them for you, she thinks about you. 

Furthermore, giving you personalized gifts isn’t just a sign that she thinks of you, it also means she wants you to think of her. The more you see or use them, the more you’ll remember her. 

Final Thoughts 

When a girl has you in her mind, you can easily notice by the little extra she puts in whenever you’re in the picture. 

This might manifest by her overt self-consciousness whenever she’s around you, or by how much effort she puts into coming closer to you or doing thoughtful things for you. When you see these signs, the ball is now in your court to decide what to do next. 

Remember, she isn’t going to show interest forever. And the longer you take to respond, the less interested she might become. 

Attraction Diary Team

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