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First, what does the number 0 represent?

Zero represents potential, all, oneness, nothingness, wholeness, eternity, continuity, choice, and it signifies freedom from limitations in this physical world. 

The number zero represents a spiritual journey, developing your spiritual aspects and listening to your intuition. Remember, 0 is infinite. It just keeps going. 

When you see the number 0, it represents god force energy and universal energies. It’s powerful, and the number magnifies the influences of any number that it appears with. For instance, in angel number 808, 0 is magnifying the number 8 and it’s influences. 

Now let’s put them together. 

Why You Keep Seeing the Number 808

One of the reasons why you are seeing the number 808 is because you are at a place in your life that is no longer serving you any purpose right now, and for you to manifest your goals, your dreams, your creative ideas, and resources, you need to leave some things behind.

Angel number 808 is reminding you to be sure of the path you’re taking

It’s telling you that you need to align with your true self on every level. You can’t do things that somebody else wants you to do, knowing that you know it’s not right for yourself, or knowing that it’s not aligning you with who you truly are. 

Don’t fall off your path because of what someone else wants you to do. Only you can do the things your heart is destined to do, not somebody else. Only you can do that creative, intuitive idea and bring it to fruition, not somebody else. This is what this number is reminding you of. 

Don’t fall off your path. Your life is for you to live, and it should be made up of your choices and your actions. So make sure it’s the right choice you make because this is your life you’re talking about. 

If you’re coming across angel number 808, ask yourself what is important to you, then have the courage to go and create it in your life. That is what angel number 808 is trying to tell you. 

Do not be scared or worried or have any fears of changing paths or paving a new one if you’re feeling guided to do so. Because when you live your life from a place that reflects who you truly are, the energies from the universe come together and make that happen for you. 

When you’re in alignment with your purpose, the universe has no choice but to help you make your purpose come into your reality. 

Angel Number 808 encourages you to keep your finances in check

 To ensure you have a solid foundation for yourself, your loved ones, and your family, and also achieve your purpose in life, you need to have your finances in check. You are responsible for your income, finance, and well-being.

This will ensure your future prosperity and help you live your life. And you need to prepare for it now, rather than later, because that’s why you’re probably seeing angel number 808.  

Are your finances in check? Are you spending more than you should and then you happen to see 808? 

Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of the numbers and synchronicities you see, because it’s a wake-up call. It’s a reminder. 

So ensure that you have your finances in check, as this will allow you to live your full potential on every level. Make sure your finances are in check, make sure you’re saving more than your spending. 

Whenever you fall out of spending, put some money aside and save.

Angel number 808 is the number of manifesting abundance

Everything that you are currently working on right now is opening doors for you to manifest the life that you want to live. Remember, you create your reality. 

And you create every intuitive force you’ve been thinking of. You’re creating that existence in your imagination to happen in your reality. So make sure whatever it is that you are creating is aligning with your true self. 

Make sure whatever it is that you are creating is what you want and not what you don’t want. Angel number 808 is here to remind you that you are more than capable of whatever it is that you think is impossible. 

And this is where the zero comes in. 0 represents everything: You have access to the impossible, there are no limits. 0 is a continuing cycle and beginning. This is where your angels come in and they let you know that you can achieve anything. Anything you think you can’t get, you can. The power is within you all along. 

You just don’t know it because you’re so used to people telling you what you can and can’t do when you can do anything you put your mind to it. So this is where agent number 808 comes in. It’s telling you that you have access to the impossible. You can do whatever is that you want to do as long as you put your mind to it.
It’s up to you. 

Angel number 808 is a reminder to do what’s best for you 

You’re gonna get people that say you’re crazy. They’ll laugh at you. They tell you what you’re doing doesn’t make any sense. You’re never going to make money that way. You’re going to get people like this. 

They’re going to think your ideas are silly and stupid. But the hard truth is, the major reason why they’re going to think that is because they didn’t come up with the idea first, you did. And it’s stupid to them because they don’t know which way to go. 

They don’t know which part they’re on. But yet your idea is stupid because you know which path you are on, you know where you’re going, you know what road to take. 

And it’s funny because as you get older, you see a lot of people bury their dreams for any amount of money per hour. And when you have that one creative dream that can set you apart, it’s the most rewarding thing ever. 

So it’s okay, let them say what they want. Let them go their way. But you stay on the right path. Not everyone can come with you to the top. There are some people you’re going to have to leave behind and it’s okay. And that is what this number is letting you know. 

So any fears or worries you have about these upcoming changes, you were aligned with the hindsight that the changes are necessary and ultimately very beneficial and positive for you.  

Yes, it may hurt to leave whoever you had to leave behind. But it will be worth it in the long run.  

So if you are coming across angel number 808, do what’s best for you. Start creating those dreams you have been dreaming about. Start creating those intuitive ideas, and don’t be afraid to manifest them. Have the courage to listen to the message your angel is passing across to you. 

Attraction Diary Team

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