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If you’ve never heard of baecation, then you might be missing an important ingredient to spice up your relationship. 

The relationship therapist, Esther Perel, explained in her book Mating in Captivity that love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure. 

For most people, the aspect of security comes naturally. It has to do what you do everyday that makes your partner feel loved and assured of their place in your life. 

But the other part, adventure, has to be more deliberate. It means you are actively stepping out of your normal routine and finding ways to enjoy your time together, often in a different setting. This is where Baecation comes in. 

What is Baecation? 

As you can tell from the word, it’s a combination of “bae” meaning your romantic partner, and vacation, meaning taking some time off work or your normal routine for rest or pleasure. 

So a baecation means a romantic vacation where you take some time off, often somewhere far from home, to have a good time with your romantic or sexual partner. 

Surveys, studies, and experts have always hit on the fact that couples who go on adventures together tend to stay happier in their relationships. And it’s no wonder why. Nobody wants to be stuck in a routine in the name of love. 

Humans are always craving something new, and a baecation is one of the best ways to get it with your partner. 

The mere experience of a new place and sometimes a new culture — if you went somewhere really far away can be a great way to have fun and exciting experiences. 

From tasting new foods to meeting new people and seeing new things, baecation is sure to create fun memories and bond you more with your partner. 

And those exciting experiences will create what psychologists call a dopamine-reward loop where your partner will come to remember those fun moments when you think of each other. 

Why you need a baecation

Why Do You Need a Baecation? 

Besides the mere general idea that a baecation is supposed to be a way for just you and your partner to have fun. There are several other advantages of going on a baecation you may not be aware of. 

Here are seven reasons why you need a baecation

1. It creates fun memories 

One of the most important parts of a baecation is the fun memories you get to create with your partner. 

When you go out to a new place, the central thing you want to do is have fun. In those few days or weeks, you’re not thinking about work or other personal or family-related stuff. 

You just want to get away and have fun. This means that your creative muscles will be at their peak, seeking great ways to spice up your moments together. 

And even long after the experience, you’re going to remember those moments fondly. You’ll look at the pictures with smiles and think fondly of your partner. 

2. It brings you out of your routine 

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship understands how quickly things can set into a routine. 

At the beginning of the relationship, it was easy to feel a sense of adventure. And this is because there are still new places to visit and new things to learn about your partner. Once in a while, your bae shows you a new fun side of themselves. 

However, when you’ve been with someone for a while, there’s the problem of boredom. Every long-term relationship gets to this point. And the way you handle it will determine if your relationship will be called “long-term” or just another fling. 

Couples who last beyond this challenging phase where things get boring to do one thing differently: 

They deliberately seek out ways to spice up their relationship. For instance, they may randomly buy gifts for their partners, find new ways to have fun, go on a baecation, etc. 

These things help them step out of their routine.

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3. You learn new things about each other

Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are different sides to everyone that comes to light under different circumstances. 

When you go on a romantic vacation with your partner, especially if in a foreign location, you’re going to come across situations that you’ve never experienced with your partner. And this is going to make you see a different side of them. 

For instance, you may realize that your boyfriend is good with strangers. Or that your girlfriend is a highly likable person. 

And the major reason for revelations like these is that those who are close to you are often so familiar that they can’t notice anything unique about you. This is especially true if you still live in the town you grew up in. 

Going out means having new eyes on you. And these new eyes will quickly appreciate the unique things about you. 

On the other hand, if your partner is an a**hole, you’ll also get to find out. 

4. It spices up your romantic/sex life 

You’ve probably heard the saying that foreplay doesn’t start five minutes before sex. It starts the moment after having sex. 

In other words, what determines great sex or romantic life for a couple isn’t much about what they do in bed or during their intimate moments. It’s about what goes on between the two of them daily. 

When you go on vacation, you have fun moments. And when you’re happy, your brain releases oxytocin. You feel great and ecstatic. And if you have moments like this frequently enough, you won’t have a problem with your romantic life. 

The fun and joyous moments you have outside the bedroom are what lead to great sex life, not what you do when you’re already in bed. 

5. A baecation broadens your perspective

Besides being great for your relationship, traveling with your partner also has personal benefits. You get to see new places, experience a new culture, and learn new things about life and yourself. 

All these experiences broaden your perspective. This is why most people consider traveling as a form of education. 

You start to realize that there are more than one ways to do certain things. You get exposed to new ideologies that may shake up your core beliefs — if you’re open to learning. 

6. It brings you closer together

One of the best things about a baecation is the quality time you get to spend with your bae or boo. 

Making plans together and having all those great experiences make you feel special in the eyes of each other. You’re both deliberately working to spice up your relationship, and both of you can see it because you’ve agreed to do this special thing together. 

7. Uninterrupted time with your partner 

The idea of having long stretches of uninterrupted time with our partners is something some of us can only fantasize about. 

Most people are busy. And unless you’re a multimillionaire who has a business that can run without you, you’ll hardly have the luxury to spend long uninterrupted time with your partner. 

This is why going on a baecation can be a very special thing for your relationship. Having a lot of free time together means you can get to appreciate each other more and also discuss crucial things about your relationship. 

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Couples planning a baecation

How to Plan For a Baecation 

A romantic vacation is only fun when planned correctly. If you don’t plan well, you might end up having disagreements over the most trivial issues. And there’s also the problem of overspending. 

Hence, proper planning is necessary to have a wonderful romantic getaway. 

1. Discuss budget 

As much as baecations are fun, they do cost a lot of money. From booking the traveling to hotel and food expenses, you have to make deliberate plans about how much you’re going to spend. 

Your budget plan is going to determine how much you’re using on different things. And depending on your financial capabilities, you’ll decide the kind of hotel or house you’ll be staying in and also the places you’ll be visiting. 

2. Make a plan about the things you’ll be doing 

From the date of departure to the duration you’d like the baecation to last, sit with your partner and share your thoughts on the things you’d like to do. 

If you’re going to a place where you know, you might as well write down the exact places you’d like to visit and the budget. 

Of course, you don’t want to restrict all the fun of your baecation within the confines of a plan. However, having a plan to guide you through the things you’ll be doing helps keep you anticipating and also staying organized. 

3. Prepare for one special romantic activity 

This could mean picking a special place that the two of you have been wanting to visit, going to the spa, or having a good massage, preparing a special meal together. 

You could have an entertainer over and have a fun time. You could decide to go to a comedy club to have a great time. Whatever feels special to you, pick a day or some days out of your romantic vacation to do it. 

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What do you need for a baecation? 

There are some essentials you need when you’re going on a baecation. These are some of the basic things you need: 

1. The basic self-care stuff

Basic stuff like your lotions, body sprays, oils, medications, etc. These should probably be the first set of things to pack. And it’s difficult for anyone to forget them. 

2. Sunglasses

You’ll need them for sunny days and evenings on the beach. But even if you don’t take them with you on your journey, you could easily get these wherever you are. 

3. Work out dress and shoes

If you’re big on staying fit and you plan to spend a while on your baecation, then you want to hold on to your fitness outfit. 

4. Makeup kit (for ladies)

You’re going to be having several outings on your baecation, and you’ll want to look your best. You’re probably already used to your makeup kits, and it might be difficult to easily get something exactly like it outside. 

5. A few dresses for different occasions

Depending on how long you want to stay, you want to only pick a few dresses for different occasions. For instance, you could pick a few for corporate settings and a few for the beach, depending on your plans for the baecation. 

That’s it guys. We hope this provided a helpful guide to the meaning, some ideas, and how to plan a baecation. If you have more ideas, feel free to let us know. Have a fun time. 

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