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Everyone loves to be complimented and appreciated. And flirty jokes, if done well, are a good way to lighten the mood and make someone laugh. 

This is why pick up lines are so popular. They are used to create a spark and make the person feel special.

Pick up and flirty jokes lines can be used in different ways, for different purposes. Some of them are meant to be funny, some of them are meant to be romantic, while others can be used as a joke or just as an icebreaker.

The best way to use these lines is by being creative and using your imagination. Think about what you want from the person you’re talking to and come up with a line that will get them interested in you. 

When you’re trying to get someone’s attention, you want to be creative and unique. These 70+ flirty jokes and pick up lines are a great way to impress someone and make them laugh.

1) I’m not like other guys. I’ll let you finish your drink before I take you home 😉. 

2) My love for you is like the wind: ever-changing, ever-blowing, always there, and never leaves me. 

3) You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all night long! 

4) My love for you is like a car with no brakes: It’s going too fast and there’s nothing I can do! 😩

5) You make me feel like I’m on top of the world. 

6) Your eyes are so beautiful that if it was a song it would be called “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.” 

7) If your heart were a prison, then mine would be doing life without  😁.

8) Your beauty transcends the stars and your smile makes my heart sing.

9) You’re so gorgeous that I’m finding it impossible to breathe.

10) It would be nice if you were a little more like other girls because I can’t compete with your beauty!

11) My love for you is like the earth: it’s steady, deep, and always makes sure that we’ll have each other through the good times and bad.

12) You make me feel like the luckiest man alive. 😊

13) If you were a type of pie, you’d be Cherry Pie!🥧

14) If I could choose one thing in this world, it would be you.

15) Your face is like a lighthouse guiding me home.

16) You got that something that I need and I need nothing in return.

17) You’re so beautiful it hurts my eyes to look at you.😍

18) Let’s not even talk about the stars because they pale in comparison to the beautiful woman standing before me now!

19 ) I’m so in love with you that I’d do anything to make you happy.

20) Let’s chill because the sky is blue, no matter how much we argue it’ll still be blue.😅

21) When you’re looking at your phone and something happens, I’m suddenly an interesting prospect.

22) There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make you smile.😘

23) Your smile says it all.

24) You brighten my world and make everything seem so much more interesting than before.

25) You’re the sunshine of my life and the moonlight of my dreams.

26) I like you because we get along with each other, not because you’re perfect, but because we’re perfect for each other.

27) If my love for you was a city, it would be a pretty big one! 

28) I hope you know that when you smile, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

29) I’m so sorry if my actions have made it difficult for us to communicate with each other lately.

30) You’re one of the most special people I’ve ever met, and the sky isn’t even blue without you!

Boy flirting with a girl
Boy flirting with a girl. Photo by Cottonbro from pexels

31) You are always someone I can rely on because no matter what’s going on with me, we’ll still work things out.

32) You’re like a butterfly. You’re beautiful, I’m in love with you, and I want you to fly.

33) Tell me that you are mine!

34) If you were a flower, then maybe I would be the sweet pea? 

35) If I were a flower, I would be your rose.🌹

36) Your beauty makes me speechless and dazed.

37) You are perfect and flawless because you’re you!

38) You are the one that completes me but let’s not get into that.

39) You make my day brighter than the sun!

40) There is no way of describing how much you mean to me!

41) You are my every dream come true!

42) You are truly the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!

43) Life is not worth living without you by my side.

44) You are to die for!

45) Life is not worth living if you’re not in it with me.

46) You’re like a fire, burning through my soul.

47) I would walk across the earth just to be near you.

48) If life was a journey, then love would be the destination and you’d be the final stop!

49 ) I wish I would have met you before, so I could have given you my heart 

50) I would never let go if I had known you were the one.

51) It’s always been you, even before we met, I just didn’t know it.

52) You have captured my heart and now it’s your turn to capture my dreams.

53) What would life be without you?

54) You’re my happiness, and nothing can take that away from me.

55) You are like a breath of pure air on a warm summer day!

56) If you were a flower I would pick you up every morning!

57) I just can’t get enough of your love!

58) You are the sun to my day, the light to my night.

59) If life was a dance then you and I would be the perfect tango.😍

60) You have stolen my heart with your sweetest smile and I will love you until it’s gone.

61) My heart is full of joy because you’re in it!

62) You are everything that I’ve ever needed. 

63) You’re prettier than a ray of sunshine. 

64) Your smile is brighter than a thousand diamonds. 

65) Your eyes are kinder than the morning sun. 

66) The way you say my name sends shivers down my spine. 

67) You’re in my head, under my skin, on my mind. 

68) You’re like the air, I need you. 

69) You are such a beautiful angel!

70) You came into my world a stranger and turned out to be my friend.

71) The more time we spend together the more I love you. 

72) You have stolen my heart with your sweetest smile and I will love you until it’s gone.

73) My heart is full of joy because you’re in it!

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