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Have you ever gotten a really boring text message? It happens to everyone. 

Sometimes, people send messages that are short or not very interesting. But guess what? 

You can make things fun by answering back in a funny way! 

This article is going to show you how to do just that. Instead of being bored by a dull text, you can make the conversation exciting again with a clever and funny reply.

We get these kinds of boring texts from friends who aren’t great at texting, family members who don’t text much, or even from people at work. 

When you get a message like this, you don’t have to answer in the same boring way. You can say something funny! This makes talking more fun and keeps everyone happy.

Here, you’ll find 40 really funny ways to answer boring texts. These are great for making your conversations more interesting and fun. 

You can use these funny answers to make your friends or family laugh.

Funny Responses To Dry Texts

a smiling woman texting

1. “Reading that text was like a journey through the Sahara. Got any water?”

2. “Your text is so rich in detail, I nearly mistook it for a blank page.”

3. “Is this a text or a sleep aid? Because I’m yawning.”

4. “Are you an undercover librarian?”

5. “Even a weather report sounds more thrilling.”

6. “I’m considering therapy to recover from that text.”

7. “Was that a message or a sedative?”

8. “Your text is like a rice cake – light on flavor.”

9. “Did you send that text from the moon? Because it’s lacking atmosphere.”

10. “I need a map to find the point of that text.”

11. “I almost mistook your text for a blank page.”

12. “I think my phone just fell asleep reading that.”

13. “Congrats! Your text just set a world record for ‘Most Meh’.”

14. “Was that a text or a digital tumbleweed rolling by?”

15. “I’ve seen more life in a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.”

16. “Did I accidentally text a robot? Because that reply had zero personality.”

17. “Alert: Your message was so dry, it’s now a fire hazard.”

18. “I need more than that. Did you pay for your texts by the word?”

19. “Was that a text or a placeholder for something more interesting?”

20. “Congrats on the world record for the most unexciting text ever.”

Funny Comebacks For Dry Texts

happy man texting

21. “I think my phone just yawned.”

22. “Next time, just send me a blank text. It’s more engaging.”

23. “I’ve had more engaging conversations with my toaster.”

24. You know, it’s legal to use emojis and exclamation marks.”

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25. “I think my phone’s crying out for something more exciting.”

26. “Your text was so dry, it makes the desert look like an ocean.”

27. “Did you mean to send that to someone who enjoys watching paint dry?”

28. “I need a magnifying glass to find the enthusiasm in that text.”

29. “Did your personality take the day off when you texted this?”

30. “I’ve had deeper conversations with a paper bag.”

31. “Your text just gave my excitement a flat tire.”

32. “I’m starting a fundraiser to buy you some fun.”

33. “Was that a text or an automated out-of-personality reply?”

34. “I didn’t know ‘bland’ was a texting style.”

35. “You’ve got the charisma of an expired coupon.”

36. “If your text was a movie, it would be over before the opening credits!”

37. “I’ve had longer conversations with my goldfish!”

38. “That text was so brief, it makes a tweet look like a novel.”

39. “Did you send that text in invisible ink? Because I almost didn’t see it.”

40. “I blinked and almost missed your text. It’s like a ninja message!”

41. “I need to spice up my phone after that bland message.”

42. “You could be a writer for elevator music lyrics.”

43. “That text was so dry, it needs a glass of milk.”

44. “You’re the master of the ‘plain bagel’ text.”

45. “Wow, that text was a journey to nowhere.”

46. “With responses like that, I’m starting to think you’re actually a highly advanced chatbot.”

47. “You give new meaning to ‘less is more’, especially in texting.”

48. “Should I send a search party for the rest of your sentence?”

49. “I’m getting the feeling you’re trying to set a world record for the shortest texts.”

50. “If I had a dollar for every word you didn’t text, I’d be a millionaire by now.”

6 Tips For Responding To Dry Texts

woman with a phone

1. Add a Dash of Humor

Brightening up a dry conversation can be as simple as infusing a bit of humor. 

When you receive a one-word answer or a very plain message, reply with a light joke or a playful comment. 

This approach not only shows your cheerful personality but also encourages the other person to loosen up. 

Remember, a little laughter can go a long way in transforming a bland chat into an enjoyable one.

2. Ask Open-Ended Questions

If you’re faced with short, non-descriptive replies, try asking open-ended questions. These are questions that can’t be answered with just ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ 

By doing this, you invite the other person to share more. It’s a great way to get more information and keep the conversation flowing. 

Plus, it shows that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say.

3. Share Something About Your Day

When the conversation feels a bit stale, why not share a little story or an interesting fact about your day? 

It could be something funny that happened to you, or even a discovery you made. This not only adds some flavor to the conversation but also might encourage them to share something from their day. 

Sharing personal tidbits can make the conversation feel more lively and connected.

4. Change the Topic

Sometimes, the topic itself might be the reason for the dry responses. If you sense that the current subject isn’t sparking much interest, don’t hesitate to switch gears. 

Bring up a new topic that might be more engaging for both of you. This could be anything from a recent movie to an upcoming event. 

A fresh topic can reignite the enthusiasm in your conversation.

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5. Use Emojis or GIFs

Never underestimate the power of an emoji or a GIF. These can be great tools for adding emotion or humor to your messages, especially when words fall flat. 

They can convey feelings and reactions that might be hard to express through text alone. 

A well-placed emoji or a funny GIF can turn a dry conversation into a more dynamic and enjoyable one.

6. Be Encouraging

Lastly, a bit of positivity goes a long way. If you notice the other person is not very chatty, encourage them with kind words or a positive statement. 

Sometimes people might be having a tough day, and your understanding and encouragement can make a big difference. 

Showing empathy and patience can help create a more open and heartfelt conversation.

7. End The Conversation

There’s also the option to gracefully end the conversation when it’s not going anywhere. 

If the texts remain dry and unengaging despite your efforts, it might be time to wrap things up. 

You can do this kindly by saying something like, “It was good catching up! Let’s chat more another time.” 

This way, you’re closing the conversation on a positive note without forcing it to continue. 

Remember, it’s completely okay to end a chat that isn’t flowing naturally. Sometimes, a simple and respectful conclusion is the best response to a dry text.

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What is a Dry Text?

A dry text is a message that is really simple and not very interesting. 

It’s like when someone sends you a text that is just a few words and doesn’t have much feeling or fun in it. 

For example, if you ask someone how their day was and they just reply “Fine,” that’s a dry text. These texts don’t give you much to talk about and can make chatting a bit boring.

How Do You Spice Up a Dry Text Conversation?

To make a dry text conversation more exciting, try asking questions that need more than a yes or no answer. 

You can also share fun things about your day or tell a joke. It’s all about adding things to the chat that are interesting or funny, which makes the other person want to talk more. 

It’s like turning a boring black-and-white picture into a colorful one by adding interesting details.

How Do You Flirt with a Dry Texter?

Flirting with someone who sends dry texts can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. 

You can start by sending them funny or playful messages. Compliments also work well. Just keep it light and fun. Try to find out what they like and talk about that. 

Remember, some people might just be shy or not great at texting, so a little patience can go a long way.

What if They Don’t Respond to My Efforts?

If you try to make the conversation more fun but they still send dry texts, it might mean they’re not interested in chatting much. 

That’s okay! 

Not everyone is into texting. 

Sometimes it’s best to give them space and not push too hard. You can always try talking to them another time or in a different way, like in person or on a call.

How Long Should I Keep Trying to Make a Conversation Interesting?

There’s no set time for how long you should try to make a conversation interesting. If you feel like you’re the only one trying, it might be time to stop and talk about something else. 

Remember, conversations should be fun and easy for both people. If it’s always hard to talk, maybe this person just isn’t the right match for your texting style. 

It’s important to find friends who like talking in a way that makes you both happy.

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