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I first met Kate in a virtual class, and when I heard her speak, I was utterly mesmerized. 

From the screen, I could see her neat nail polish, beautiful skin tone, and confident demeanor. Her confidence came across in the way she spoke. 

I met her in person-days later and was even more drawn to her personality. As I became friends with her, I found some of her habits that I believe contribute to her highly attractive personality.

First of all, she cultivates emotional and mental self-care. I found out that Kate sees a therapist and that healing through the challenges she’s been through in life gives her the tools to deal with all the problems life throws at her. 

She lives with a healthy attitude to relationships in her life. 

Kate also takes care of herself physically. She eats healthy on most days, hydrates, exercises, and does not compromise on getting up to 8 hours of sleep. 

I remember I was over at her flat at around 10 pm. She told me she needed to practice her bedtime ritual. It helps her recenter herself after a long day, and she wakes up rejuvenated. That’s a habit I learned from her right there and then.

1. They are spiritual

It is proven that spirituality helps people deal with stress. Here’s why.

Spirituality empowers you to believe and connect to a higher power, something bigger than yourself. 

Life is mysterious; there are many things we will never completely understand. Sometimes not knowing puts us in fear, anxiety, and doubt, and if you listen to all that is happening on the news, depression might set in. 

Spirituality exposes you to a realm where you need to have faith, support the good of others, believe that you are part of a grand design, and even if the world is a mess, you can still be at peace.

Highly attractive people release fear, doubt, anxiety, the need to know and control everything and take on faith instead. Faith in humanity and a higher power, believing that good things will happen to them.

Highly attractive people have the habit of living purposefully one day at a time. They may not have all the answers, but their spirituality gives them inner peace, hope, and purpose.

2. They live authentically

Sometimes life beats you so hard that you end up living a life that is not true to who you are. Nothing is more tragic than not being able to live life the way you know is true to you.

Because many people are afraid to live their truth, we are attracted to people who live authentically.

Often you can tell when someone is not afraid to be themselves. They are not trying to please anyone and do not feel intimidated about standing out in the crowd. They will be themselves even if it means standing alone. 

In a world where everyone is trying to fit in, that is admirable. 

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3. They learn from mistakes and move on

“We live, and we learn”. That’s what Kate always says. 

If you live long enough, you’ll soon realize that mistakes are part of life. Everyone makes mistakes; it doesn’t matter if they are huge or minor mistakes. It can have devastating consequences.

It is usually hard to move on from our mistakes but hanging onto the past is itself a mistake. A person who learns from their mistakes forgives themselves, and moves on is one to imitate.

Such people travel light in life. They leave the burdens of their mistakes in the past and carry on into the future with hope. They also easily forgive others because they understand that everyone makes mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be fun to laugh at yourself, let the stress of mistakes go, and move on in life? 

4. They shine a light on others

Here’s the difference between attractive and charming people: Attractive people are good-looking, but charming people make you look good. 

One thing I noticed about Kate, she compliments people, and everyone who comes into her presence feels seen. 

The compliments are not generic like ” you look nice today”, but specific ones such as “You have a stunning complexion”. Instantly, I see how people light up in her presence. 

Attractive people are confident and secure in themselves, so they do not hold back on complimenting others, supporting others, and creating room for others to shine. 

There is enough space in the world for all of us to exist and excel. When people recognize this and act accordingly, it is a desirable trait. 

Bringing it all together 

So how do you take up habits like these to make yourself highly attractive, too?

Well, first, you need to understand how habits are formed. Studies show that repeating the same activity consistently in the same context becomes a habit. 

However, habits are driven by motivation, a context that will be the cue for the action to occur. 

For example, if you want to start emotional self-care, you can choose a context of journaling when you’re having your morning coffee. The morning coffee becomes your cue for forming this habit. 

Aim for small, manageable, specific changes. This helps you manage your expectations; ultimately, when the habit sticks, you’ll see the difference in yourself.

Highly attractive people are intentional about the things they do. They learn and improve themselves, focusing on both inner and outer well-being. 

It’s not rocket science. You can do it, too, one habit at a time.

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Yvonne Peters-Adzimah

Yvonne is passionate about ensuring that people live purposeful lives. She writes on topics of love, spirituality, healing from trauma, and personal growth. Yvonne holds a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Gender and Development. She loves to travel and spend time with her family.

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