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You’ve probably noticed that on many dating sites, one of the most common questions you’ll encounter is, “What are you looking for?”

It might seem simple, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. Why? Well, how you answer can shape the kind of interactions you have and the matches you get.

Another thing to remember is to be clear and genuine in your answers.

There’s nothing worse than pretending to be someone you’re not or giving a vague answer that leads to misunderstandings. Keep it real! 

Being upfront not only sets the stage for potential connections but also lets others know where you stand.

Understand Your Intentions on The Dating Site

It’s important to initially think about what you truly want before starting off with any dating site. 

Are you in it for the long haul, looking for a life partner? Or maybe just trying to have some fun and meet new people? 

Trust me; it’s okay not to have all the answers right away. But giving it a thought can save you (and others) a lot of time and potential heartbreak.

Now, if you’re on the hunt for a serious relationship, that’s great! It means you’re ready to commit and build something meaningful. 

But if you’re into casual dating, you’re probably looking for good company and fun times, without the strings attached. Some folks are on these platforms just for friendship. 

Yep, not everyone is looking for love. Some just want to expand their social circles. And then there are those who are on a journey of self-exploration. 

Maybe you’re figuring things out or are open to whatever comes your way. And that’s okay too! Whatever boat you’re in, just be honest about it.

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How to Answer ‘What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site’ For Guys

How to Answer ‘What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site' For Guys

Here are some great answer examples for guys:

You know, I’m really here to find genuine friends. Sounds cliché? Maybe, but it’s the truth. I believe that the best relationships often start from solid friendships. 

So, I’m diving into this platform hoping to meet some cool folks. And if the stars align, and it turns into something more profound, then that’s a sweet bonus.

To be frank, my answer might change depending on the day. There are moments I feel super ready for commitment, and at other times, I just want to meet new people and have a good time. But always, it’s about the genuine connection.

There’s this feeling, right? When you meet someone, and they just kind of fit into your life, as if they’ve always been there. That’s what I’m after. 

If there’s someone out there who can slide right into my world, making everything brighter, then I’m all in. But if the vibe isn’t right, I’m not one to force the puzzle pieces together.

Marriage and kids? Yep, that’s the dream. It might sound old school in this fast-paced world of swipes and likes, but that’s where my heart is set. 

Now, I’m not in a rush. I get that finding “the one” is a journey. 

It might start with coffee dates, movie nights, and late-night chats. But eventually, I hope it leads to shared last names and little footsteps around the house.

Right out of the gate, I’ll admit: I’m a bit old-fashioned. I’m on the hunt for a love like my grandparents had. 

The kind where you still dance in the kitchen even when you’re 80. So, if you’re someone who believes in enduring love, maybe we’re onto something.

Ever been on a midnight drive just for the heck of it? That’s the spontaneity I crave. I’m looking for someone who’s up for life’s little adventures. 

From last-minute beach trips to a weekend camping trek. If you’re down for impromptu plans and a bit of wanderlust, let’s roll.

Casual and fun—that’s the mantra right now. I’ve had my fair share of serious relationships, and at this moment, I want to enjoy the lighter side of dating. 

Meet people, share some laughs, make memories, and just enjoy the ride. If fate has other plans, we’ll see where the road takes me.

Confession: I’m a sucker for deep, philosophical conversations. If you’re someone who enjoys discussing the universe, life’s mysteries, or just sharing dreams over a cup of coffee, I think we’ll get along just fine.

Building something real – that’s what I’m here for. Not looking for perfection, just someone genuine. Someone I can have lazy Sundays with, someone to share my favorite movies with, and someone to introduce to my dog (that last one’s a biggie).

You know those rom-coms where they say, “When you know, you know?” I’m waiting for that ‘aha’ moment.

I believe in instant connections and the magic of chemistry. So, while I’m not rushing anything, I’m here in hopes that lightning might just strike.

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Here’s the thing: I’ve always been a sucker for a good story. Everyone has their own narrative, and I’m on here to perhaps become a part of someone else’s while intertwining them into mine. So, let’s swap stories, share a few laughs, and see if our plots align.

I’ve got this mental picture of mornings with coffee, newspapers, and someone to share the silence with. 

Looking for that person who appreciates the beauty in simple, everyday moments and wants to create a bunch of those together.

Honestly, I’m all about the journey. I want to meet someone who’s up for spontaneous road trips, late-night ice cream runs, and maybe even a random dance in the rain.

Life’s an adventure, and I’m in search of a co-adventurer.

I’m here to find my duet partner. Not necessarily in singing – though that’d be fun – but in life. The one who complements my rhythm, matches my tune, and isn’t afraid to improvise when needed.

Looking for that spark. You know the one? Where conversations never feel forced, the laughter is genuine, and there’s an undeniable connection. Here’s to hoping that spark can turn into a lasting flame.

Ever been to a place that feels strangely familiar, even if it’s your first time there? That’s what I’m after – a connection so deep and instant, it feels like we’ve known each other for ages.

I’m in it for the long game. Searching for someone to share life’s big moments with, but also those quiet, intimate ones. From celebrating milestones to simply chilling on the couch, I want a partner through it all.

Let’s make some memories. Whether it’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen, getting lost in a new city, or just binge-watching a series on a rainy day. I’m here to find someone to share these moments with.

I believe there’s so much to learn from every person we meet. I’m on this platform looking for enlightening conversations, shared experiences, and maybe a few life lessons along the way.

Ready to turn the page and start a fresh chapter. Life’s handed me some intriguing storylines, and now I’m keen on finding someone to join in the narrative, to add depth, excitement, and a touch of romance.

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Ways to Answer ‘What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site’ For Girls

Ways to Answer ‘What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site' For Girls

If you’re a girl and you’re looking for some ways to answer what you’re looking for on a dating site, here are some great samples for you:

Honestly? I’m all about that fairy-tale ending. I’ve always been a romantic at heart, and I genuinely believe that there’s a Prince Charming out there for me. 

But it’s not just about finding someone to sweep me off my feet. I’m after that deep, soul-stirring connection, where we can talk for hours and still feel like it’s not enough.

I’m on a journey of self-discovery. So right now, I’m here to meet different people, hear their stories, and maybe learn a thing or two from them. 

Who knows? Maybe one of these tales will intertwine with mine, and we’ll create an epic saga together.

Listen, I’m not here for the flings. I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Now? It’s about finding someone with whom I can share life’s highs and lows. 

Someone who can be both my lover and best friend.

For me, it’s about the laughs. I want someone who can make me belly laugh even on the gloomiest days. 

If you have a wicked sense of humor and can handle my random bursts of song and dance, then we might just be a match.

I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve here. I want the real deal. A partner, a confidante, someone to plan trips with or just binge-watch shows on lazy Sundays. 

It’s all about finding that person whose weird matches my weird.

At this point? A genuine conversation would be a great start. With so many people putting on a façade, finding someone genuine feels like a breath of fresh air. 

I crave those deep midnight conversations that touch the soul and make you question the universe.

I’m in this for the adventure. I want someone willing to pack a bag last minute and discover a new city, or even just explore local wonders we’ve never noticed. 

If you’re the kind who gets excited about road trips with no destination in mind, you’re my kind of person.

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Love. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. I’m searching for a love that feels like my favorite song, gives me butterflies, and fills my world with color. 

But also, a love that grows stronger with every challenge we face together.

Right now, I’m just testing the waters. Not in a rush, not setting expectations. I believe in organic connections, and if I vibe with someone, that’s great. If not, it’s another experience, another lesson.

I want to be surprised. Whether it’s someone introducing me to a new hobby, a new way of thinking, or just some great food joint I’ve never tried – I want to grow and learn from the person I’m dating. If you’re all about embracing the unexpected, then let’s see where this goes.

Here for the stories, really. Everyone has this unique tale about themselves, and I’m kind of collecting them. 

Every person I meet teaches me something new, broadens my perspective a bit more. So, let’s chat and see where our stories take us.

Sometimes I think I’m chasing that movie kind of love, you know? Those slow dances in the living room, breakfasts in bed, and spontaneous road trips. 

I’m after the genuine thing, but with a touch of cinematic magic.

Honestly, I’m searching for my partner in crime. Not in the literal sense, of course! I mean someone to try out that spicy Thai restaurant downtown, or maybe take that pottery class with. If you’re up for mini-adventures and creating some fun memories, hit me up.

I’m here to find my muse. As an artist, inspiration comes in various forms, and sometimes, it’s in the form of a soulful connection with another human. Whether it’s a fleeting moment or a lifelong bond, I’m open to the magic.

You ever read those books where characters just ‘click’? That’s what I’m after. A bond so natural, conversations that flow seamlessly, and vibes that just align. Here’s hoping this platform is my library!

Chasing sunsets and meaningful connections. I want someone to share those beautiful, fleeting moments with – watching the day end, talking about dreams, and making some of our own. If you’re a dreamer, we might just get along.

Here because I believe in serendipity. Life has a funny way of making things happen when you least expect it. 

So, while I don’t have a checklist for my ideal match, I do believe in the magic of unexpected meetings and connections.

Let’s keep it simple. I’m looking for good vibes, laughter, and some memorable dates. Whether it’s a picnic at the park, a hike up a scenic trail, or just a coffee chat, I’m here to enjoy the journey and see where it leads.

Seeking my next chapter. Life’s been a wild ride, and I’ve had my share of plot twists. Now, I’m hoping to find someone to co-author the next exciting phase with. If you’ve got a flair for drama, romance, and some comedy, let’s write together.

Growth. That’s the keyword for me right now. I want to connect with someone who challenges me, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and helps me evolve. If you’re into self-improvement and chasing personal goals, maybe we can grow together.

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Funny Answer For ‘What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site’

Funny Answer For 'What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site'

To be honest, I’m just here because my cat said I needed to get out more. And since arguing with a cat is futile, here I am. Ready to prove her wrong with the perfect match who also doesn’t mind her judgmental stares.

Navigating this site feels a bit like searching for my lost socks in the laundry. I’m not entirely sure what I’m after, but I’m optimistic it’s here somewhere. So, if you’ve found any of those socks, swipe right!

Ever heard of the story where Prince Charming found Cinderella through online dating? No? Me neither, but hey, there’s a first time for everything. Ready to write that fairy-tale with a twist?

Looking for someone to be the peanut butter to my jelly. Or the cheese to my macaroni. Basically, if you’re ready for some cheesy and sticky situations (mostly involving food), let’s make this sandwich complete.

Here to find someone who also believes unicorns are just horses that leveled up. If you’re ready for some magical misadventures and probably a lot of glitter, you’re in the right place.

Remember those dragons we were told about as kids? I’m here hunting for a partner to join my quest in finding one. And if we can’t locate a dragon, we’ll settle for some spicy noodles downtown.

Lost: One partner to participate in shenanigans, laugh at bad puns, and occasionally save the world. If you have a cape, that’s a bonus. If not, a good sense of humor will do.

Seeking a partner-in-crime. Not for anything illegal, of course, but someone who’s game to sneak into the VIP section of concerts or pretend we’re foreign diplomats at fancy parties. First mission: secure free desserts.

Ever wanted to form a two-person band? Me too. Instruments are optional. Talent is questionable. Enthusiasm? Mandatory. Let’s make some questionable music together.

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Just fishing for someone who won’t ghost me like my plants seem to. I swear, one day they’re green and lively, the next – poof! So if you’re better at holding conversations than my fern is at staying alive, let’s chat.

I’ve heard that finding love is like finding Waldo. Kind of elusive and always surrounded by a lot of striped distractions. So, if you’ve got a red and white striped shirt, it might be destiny (or just a weird coincidence).

Here’s my pitch: I’ve got snacks, a questionable taste in movies, and I can juggle. Not well, mind you, but I can. 

Seeking someone who’s ready for cinematic misadventures and the occasional flying orange.

Just a girl looking for someone to share the blame with when my Amazon orders get out of hand. “It wasn’t me; it was us!” – That’s the kind of supportive energy I need.

Swiped into this app like a moth to a flame. If you also have an inexplicable attraction to glowing screens and bad decisions, we might just be the next big power couple.

I’m on a quest to find the chosen one who believes pizza is a legitimate breakfast choice. If you’ve got your morning coffee in one hand and a slice of pepperoni in the other, let’s toast to a crispy future.

Some say they’re looking for their knight in shining armor. Me? I’d settle for someone who can assemble IKEA furniture without crying. Bring your Allen wrench, and let’s build something wobbly together.

I’m just a damsel, not in distress, looking for a partner to help me make blanket forts. Previous experience with pillow architecture is a huge plus.

Setting out on this app with the goal of finding someone as fun as bubble wrap. If you can pop into my life with unexpected joy and a touch of noise, let’s burst into laughter together.

I’ve been told relationships are like plants; they need time and care. So, if you’re okay with the fact that I’ve accidentally overwatered a cactus before, we might just grow on each other.

Rumor has it that the secret to a lasting relationship is synchronized Netflix binge-watching. So, if you’re ready to argue over the next episode and steal some popcorn, let’s press play on this.

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How to Answer ‘What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site’ (4 Tips)

How to Answer 'What Are You Looking For On A Dating Site'

1. Be Authentic and Genuine

Nothing resonates more than the truth. Instead of trying to craft an answer you think others might want to hear, it’s essential to be genuine. 

Sharing your real intentions can not only set the right expectations but also weed out those who aren’t on the same page. 

Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you’re seeking, so embrace your truth.

At the same time, it’s vital to keep in mind that being transparent doesn’t mean oversharing. 

Stick to the core of what you’re genuinely looking for, and avoid diving deep into past relationship woes or future dream wedding plans. A simple, honest reply usually does the trick.

2. Clarify Your Intentions, But Keep It Light

It’s perfectly okay to know what you want, whether it’s a committed relationship or just some fun dates. Stating your intentions clear is key, so there’s no ambiguity later on. 

However, it’s equally essential to present your desires in a light-hearted manner. Using humor or a casual tone can make the conversation flow smoother and feel less like an interrogation.

Dating is, after all, a journey of discovery. While it’s essential to communicate your primary goals, there’s no harm in adding a touch of playfulness. 

You’re getting to know someone, and it’s okay to let the conversation breathe and not get too heavy too soon.

3. Relate It to Your Personal Growth

Sometimes, our reasons for being on a dating site are linked to our journey of self-discovery. 

Maybe you’re in a phase of exploring what you like, or perhaps you’ve recently embraced a more confident version of yourself and are excited to share that with someone. 

Making this connection can help the other person understand where you’re coming from.

Remember, dating isn’t just about finding someone; it’s also about understanding oneself better. 

By tying your reasons to personal growth, you’re indicating that you’re self-aware and actively working towards becoming the best version of yourself, which can be very appealing.

4. Remember, It’s Okay to Be Unsure

Not everyone jumps into the dating pool with a fixed plan in mind. Sometimes, you’re just seeing where the currents take you. And guess what? That’s entirely okay. 

If you’re unsure about exactly what you’re looking for, it’s better to express that uncertainty rather than force a definitive answer.

Uncertainty doesn’t mean aimlessness. Maybe you’re open to possibilities or are in a transitional phase in life. 

Being open about this can lead to more profound, meaningful conversations about life, goals, and experiences, laying the foundation for a genuine connection, whatever form it might take.

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