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When it comes to showing affection, there are many ways we can express our feelings to the ones we love. One playful, yet intimate way is by carrying your girlfriend. 

Carrying her, whether it’s to help her across a puddle or just to share a special moment, can bring a smile to her face and make her feel cherished. 

It’s like giving her a unique hug, one that not only wraps her in your arms but lifts her off the ground!

In this article, we’ll explore eight different ways to carry your girlfriend. Some might be familiar, while others could be new adventures waiting for you two to try out. 

So, get ready to learn, have fun, and most importantly, deepen the bond you share with your girlfriend. Let’s get started!

But before you go ahead and try any of these, safety first! You should be sure of your strength and balance. Remember, the goal is to share a sweet moment, not to get anyone hurt.

1. Piggyback Ride

How to carry girlfriend

It’s playful, spontaneous, and takes many of us back to our childhood days. Your girlfriend hops on your back, wrapping her arms around your shoulders and her legs around your waist.

This method is a favorite at festivals, concerts, or just during leisurely walks. It’s an intimate gesture, showing trust and a sense of fun between the couple. 

Plus, it’s great for navigating through a crowd or covering a distance when one’s feet might be tired.

Moreover, the piggyback ride has a lovely symbolism. It’s about being supportive, having your partner’s back, and lifting them up – quite literally!

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2. Bridal Carry

Man carrying girlfriend

Named after the traditional way grooms carry their brides over the threshold, the bridal carry involves holding your girlfriend in your arms, with her head resting on one of your shoulders

It’s romantic, tender, and feels straight out of a fairy tale.

The charm of the bridal carry is in its intimacy. Holding your partner close, feeling their heartbeat against yours, makes it a special moment. 

This method is often used during romantic moments, like after a proposal or during a wedding.

Beyond its romantic appeal, it’s also a practical way to carry someone over short distances, especially if they’re wearing heels or if the ground is uneven.

3. Fireman’s Lift

How can I carry your girlfriend easily

This one’s a bit unconventional but can be quite fun! The fireman’s lift involves draping your girlfriend over your shoulders, with her stomach against the back of your neck and her legs hanging down on either side.

Historically, this method was used by firefighters to rescue people from dangerous situations. 

In a more playful context, it can be a fun and quirky way to carry someone, especially during games or challenges.

Just that this method requires a bit more strength and balance. But once mastered, it’s an adventurous twist to the typical carrying styles, showing a playful side in a relationship.

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4. Side Carry

How to lift your girlfriend romantically

The side carry involves holding your girlfriend sideways in your arms, with her head resting on your shoulder and her legs bent at the knees. 

It’s a relaxed, laid-back method, perfect for moments when you’re lounging around or when she’s feeling a bit sleepy.

There’s a certain casualness to this method. It doesn’t demand the same level of strength as some other carries, but it still requires trust and closeness. 

It’s perfect for lazy afternoons, beach days, or when watching a sunset together.

Furthermore, the side carry offers a feeling of protection and security. It’s like wrapping your partner in a comforting embrace, letting them know they’re safe in your arms.

5. Princess Carry

What is the carrying girlfriend position?

Similar to the bridal carry but with its own distinct flair, the princess carry involves cradling your girlfriend in your arms while she sits upright, her arms wrapped around your neck.

This method exudes royalty, reminiscent of a prince carrying his princess. It’s a lovely gesture, especially if your girlfriend is feeling regal or if you want to treat her like the queen she is.

The princess carry is also versatile. Whether at a special event, during a romantic dance, or simply while enjoying a peaceful moment together, it’s a style that adds a touch of elegance and charm to any situation.

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6. The Koala Hug

How to carry your girlfriend

This one is as adorable as it sounds. Your girlfriend will wrap her arms and legs around you, clinging onto you like a koala to a tree. It’s intimate, allowing for face-to-face interaction and a close embrace.

It’s perfect for those moments when you both just want to be close, maybe after a long time apart or during an especially romantic moment. It’s not just about carrying; it’s about closeness.

While not the most practical for long distances, the koala hug is all about feeling connected and cherished. It’s the kind of carry that screams, “I missed you!”

7. The Tandem Carry

Carrying girlfriend

Imagine you’re at a fun beach outing or maybe just in your backyard pool. The tandem carry is when you’re in the water, and your girlfriend sits on your shoulders while you stand. 

It gives her a perch to enjoy the water from a height and can lead to playful water games or challenges.

The essence of the tandem carry lies in its playful nature. It’s perfect for those summer days when all you want is to bask in the sun and enjoy the cool water. 

And hey, who doesn’t enjoy a little competitive fun in the water?

Besides just playfulness, the tandem carry fosters a sense of teamwork and trust. Navigating through the water, maintaining balance, and enjoying the moment together requires coordination and mutual understanding. 

Plus, from such a height, she gets a better view of the world, and together, you get to make delightful memories.

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8. Dance Lift

man lifting girlfriend romantically in dance

Whether you’re dancing the night away at a club or sharing a moment in your living room, lifting your girlfriend during a dance move can be incredibly romantic. 

Think of those classic movies where the protagonist lifts his partner in a swirl or a high arch during a passionate dance sequence.

The beauty of the dance lift lies in its spontaneity and grace. It’s a fleeting moment, but it’s filled with passion, rhythm, and the joy of movement. 

The music, the atmosphere, and the connection between the two of you make this carry special and memorable.

And it’s not just about the lift itself. It’s the buildup, the anticipation, and the culmination of the dance that leads to it. It’s about two people moving in harmony, feeling the music, and expressing their emotions through movement. 

The lift becomes the pinnacle of that expression, a moment of trust, and a testament to the bond you share.

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Related Questions About Carrying Your Girlfriend 

Related Questions About Carrying Your Girlfriend 

What are the things I should take note of before carrying a girl?

Before you even attempt to lift your girlfriend, it’s crucial to ensure both of you are comfortable with the idea. 

More importantly, consider your own physical capabilities. It’s essential to know your limits to avoid any strain or injury. 

If either of you have any pre-existing conditions or injuries, especially concerning the back or legs, be extra cautious or opt for a safer alternative to express affection.

How to carry a girlfriend in bed?

Carrying your girlfriend in bed might not be about lifting her up but more about shifting positions comfortably. First, always ensure that she’s okay with any movement. 

To carry or shift her on the bed, slide one arm under her neck and shoulders and the other under her knees. Gently lift or move her to the desired position. 

Always move slowly and steadily, making sure not to jerk or make sudden movements that could be uncomfortable or surprising. Ensure she feels safe and comfortable during the process.

How can I carry my girlfriend easily?

The key to carrying anyone with ease lies in proper technique and strength. First, ensure you have a good grip and that your feet are firmly grounded. Using your legs and not just your back is essential to avoid injuries. 

You can start by bending your knees and getting a firm hold on your girlfriend, then stand up using your leg muscles. 

Practicing squats or strength training can also help enhance your lifting capability. 

How do I make sure I carry her the right way?

Carrying someone the right way involves a mix of technique and understanding your physical limits. 

Always ensure your lifting technique is correct by using your leg strength and not just relying on your back. This reduces the risk of injury. 

If you’re not doing a surprise lift, then it’s advisable to discuss with your girlfriend how you’ll lift her and where she should place her arms and legs. She can also guide you if she feels any discomfort. 

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