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Most women have been in the following scenarios: 

You meet a guy and you both seem to connect on a deep level. You go on several dates together, and from the look of things, you feel a relationship couldn’t possibly feel better. 

But all of a sudden, he starts texting and calling you less. And when you try to get his attention, he acts like he’s too busy for you. And slowly, you both drift apart so much that he never initiates contact, making you seem like you’re begging for his attention. 

Another way a guy can ghost a girl is when the girl shows a clear interest in him, but the guy behaves like the girl doesn’t exist. The girl tries to give all the signals, initiate contact, but the guy pretends like he doesn’t see what’s happening. He refuses to acknowledge or even talk about it. 

Whichever way it happens, ghosting means a guy deliberately ignoring you because he feels he has an upper hand with you. But can you make a guy regret ghosting you? Sure. 

Here are six strategies you can use to make a guy regret ghosting you. 

1. Understand That It’s Not Always About You

Whenever a guy ghosts a girl, the first instinct is to think, “What did I do wrong?” And this underlying belief that there was something you did wrong will make you look for ways to get him back and make things right. 

When you think it’s your fault, you become more desperate because you’ll feel you have something to prove. 

However, in most cases, guys don’t ghost girls because of one specific thing the girl did. They do it because they were not ready to be in a committed relationship in the first place. 

Here’s the thing: A high-quality man who really wants a relationship with you will never ghost you because you did something wrong. Rather, he’ll talk about it. 

That’s what mature people do. They communicate when they have any problems with you. And when you refuse to change, then they might consider leaving you. 

However, when someone ghosts you, it either shows that they were not ready to commit long-term, or they were just not mature enough to talk about the problems they had with you. 

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2. Don’t Make It A Big Deal 

Being ghosted by someone you like can be heartbreaking for some people. And it’s instinctive to want to make him know how crazy or childish his actions were, and how much he hurt you. 

However, if this is a guy who left you because he just didn’t care, your frustration will only add to his victory. If you want him to regret what he’s done, you have to behave like it was no big deal. 

Meaning you don’t want to go on social media and start posting videos about how all men are scum or posting break-up songs. You want to move on with your life like your life is better without him. 

Instead of making a video about how terrible some men can be, post pictures of you having dinner with your family or friends. Post yourself going to the beach or the movies having fun. Post pictures of yourself having fun with your friends. 

This way, he’ll not get the satisfaction of thinking he dumped you. 

You’re having a good life, and too bad for him, he cannot be a part of it anymore. The more fun you have, the more he’ll realize he’s the one that needs you in his life, not vice versa. 

3. Show Your Best

Life isn’t over after you’ve been rejected by someone whom you thought would like you. 

Dwelling in the ash of sadness won’t help matters. Life goes on. Now is the time to live and live to the fullest. Look prettier, nurture that skill or talent, learn a new course, meet new people, have an adventure, grow and be better.  

Being better than you used to be is the greatest revenge!

4. Highlight Fun Moments With Social Media 

One of the negative sides of social media is that it makes us see only highlights of the lives of others. And because of this, we end up comparing those highlight reels with the behind-the-scenes of our own lives. 

But it’s also one of the most effective ways to make a guy regret ghosting you. 

Here’s how: 

After a guy has ghosted you, he’ll most likely become more interested in your social media posts. Why? He’s curious. He wants to see how you’re doing. Are you happy without him? Did you find someone else already? 

The mistakes most girls make is that they rant about how they’ll be getting their lives back and focusing on self-love. While these sorts of confessions sound good, they often make you look pitiable and desperate. 

Nothing works better than simply posting pictures of yourself having fun. Take pictures of that Saturday dinner you had with your family. Have your friends over, have fun, and take pictures and short videos. 

However, try not to make all these about him. You’re simply having fun with your life. But at the same time, deliberately getting back at him for what he did to you. 

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5. Get Over Him

Forgetting about a guy isn’t easy, especially when you like him. 

But you have your mental health to take care of. And no guy is worth your happiness. Focus more on yourself. 

It may take some time, but later on, you’ll discover that he wasn’t that great after all. The moment you decide to get over this guy is when you’ll start to realize that there are tons of fun people around you, guys that are willing to share their time with you. You’re special and anyone worth having you should treat you as such.

6. Make Him See What He’s Missing

As the saying goes, “you never know what you have until you lose it.” This is perhaps why the ancient German philosopher wrote in his Counsels and Maxims, 

“We should sometimes try to look upon our possessions in the light in which they would appear if we had lost them.”

Maybe giving him a lot of attention didn’t work, maybe that’s why he took you for granted. Now it’s time to make him regret ghosting you.  

Withdraw from him and channel your attention to someone else, a close friend maybe or someone you know that is more good-looking than he is. Spend more time with this person, go out and have fun. 

Do things that you usually do with him, and if it’s in a place you’ll likely see your ex, even better. Let him see you having fun without him. Let him know that you’re doing a whole lot better without him. This will make him jealous and try to get you back.

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“The best revenge is, of course, a good life. Enjoy yourself, be happy, and be successful. It’ll drive them crazy–or you can imagine it does. You’ll feel so good you won’t care.” — Jennifer James

These words by the English-born actress Jennifer James sums it all. The bottom line is that you don’t want to worry your head over someone who ghosted you. Instead, you want to focus on growing and finding better people. 

As the saying goes, “20 children cannot play for 20 years.” People will come and go. And they all have their roles to play in your life. Not everyone who was a part of your journey is meant to stay till the end. Some just have something to teach you. 

Attraction Diary Team

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