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“Let Them Lose You

Let them go along with the crowd

Let them believe what they want to believe.

Let them think they have better. 

Let them sleep on your worth.

Because in due time, they will realize the mistake they’ve made, and it will just be enough time for you to accept that you’re better off without them.”

— Morgan Richard Olivier

This quote above by Morgan Richard Olivier about letting people lose you is one of those quotes that makes you pause and think deeply. 

At its core, the quote is about understanding your value, protecting your energy, and realizing that with time, many things in life become clear.

Throughout this article, we’ll look into some of the key takeaways from this profound statement. 

1. The Importance of Valuing Your Self-worth

Without a solid understanding of our value, it’s easy to let others determine our worth for us. As the quote emphasizes, “let them sleep on your worth.” 

And this is because you already know what you bring to the table. There’s a quiet power in that.

You see, acknowledging your worth isn’t about arrogance. It’s about understanding that everyone has unique qualities, experiences, and perspectives that make them special. 

While we all have room to grow, we shouldn’t let others diminish our value. Morgan Richard Olivier’s words remind us of this very essence.

People might overlook or underestimate you, and that’s okay. Their perception doesn’t alter your value. By holding onto a firm belief in your worth, you set the foundation for healthy boundaries, expectations, and relationships.

In life, not everyone will see your worth, and they don’t have to. You do. And once you’re secure in that belief, the opinions and misunderstandings of others won’t shake you as easily. You’ll move forward, confident in your path, letting the naysayers fall behind.

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2. Not Everyone Deserves Your Energy, Let Them Lose You

There’s a limited amount of energy we possess each day. Where we choose to invest that energy matters immensely. 

Don’t exhaust your spirit trying to win everyone over .

Consider energy as a precious currency. Would you spend money on things that don’t bring value or happiness to your life? 

Similarly, it’s essential to assess where and with whom you spend your energy. Some connections drain you, while others uplift and recharge you.

Have you ever left a conversation or a gathering and felt lighter? That’s the company worth keeping. Conversely, if interactions leave you feeling undervalued or exhausted, those might be the ones to reconsider. 

Morgan Richard Olivier’s words gently nudge us to recognize these energy dynamics.

By guarding your energy and being selective about where you invest it, you prioritize your well-being. It’s an act of self-preservation, ensuring you have the vitality to chase dreams, forge meaningful relationships, and enjoy life to its fullest.

3. Time Brings Clarity

let them lose you

One of the most reassuring things about time is its uncanny ability to reveal truths. Learn to let people “believe what they want to believe.” 

Why? Because, with time, perspectives shift, and realizations dawn. Those who once doubted or overlooked you might come to see your worth.

Ever looked back at a situation and recognized things you couldn’t see while you were in it? That’s the power of time. It gives everyone a chance to step back, reassess, and often see the bigger picture. 

And for those who once underestimated you, time might just show them what they missed.

We don’t always get immediate validation, and that’s perfectly okay. Waiting for the world to catch up can be a test of patience. Yet, this very patience allows life’s lessons to unravel, often teaching everyone involved.

Remember, as Morgan Richard Olivier points out, while others are taking their time, it allows you the space to accept and understand that some paths are better walked without them. 

This realization isn’t about bitterness; it’s about growth and the clarity that comes with it.

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4. Growth Happens in Solitude, So Let Them Lose You

Solitude is often misunderstood. Some see it as loneliness, but there’s a depth to it that’s enriching. 

And when you let people lose you, you find moments of solitude, and these moments are invaluable. 

In the quiet, away from the crowd and noise, there’s an opportunity for self-reflection.

Imagine a garden. With too many plants crowded together, they might stifle each other’s growth. But give a plant space, and it flourishes. Similarly, giving yourself space from those who might undervalue or misunderstand you can lead to personal blossoming.

Morgan Richard Olivier’s words tap into the idea that sometimes, distancing yourself is the very thing you need. 

You’re not pushing people away; you’re merely giving yourself room to breathe, think, and grow. And growth, as they say, happens outside of our comfort zones.

5. Life’s Too Short for Pretense

Trying to constantly correct, convince, or confront isn’t always worth the energy. There’s a freedom in allowing things to be, without the need for pretense or proving oneself.

Have you ever tried to convince someone of something, and no matter what you said, they held onto their beliefs? It can be draining. But here’s a thought: maybe they don’t need convincing. Maybe it’s okay to let things be, without the weight of pretense.

You see, constantly being on the defense, trying to prove your worth or correct misconceptions can be exhausting. Sometimes, the best approach is to live authentically, without the mask or façade. Let your actions and life speak for you.

By embracing this idea, you give yourself permission to be genuine.

The world will always have opinions, and you can’t control them all. But you can control your authenticity. And often, that’s enough.

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6. Embrace The Journey, Not Just The Destination

Life isn’t a straight path. There are twists, turns, highs, and lows. Everyone you meet, every interaction, is a part of this journey. 

And while some might walk beside you, others may choose different routes. That’s okay. Every person’s journey is unique.

Imagine you’re on a road trip. The destination might be exciting, but so is the scenery along the way, the unexpected stops, and the songs you sing aloud to. 

Similarly, life is about the journey. The people who choose to walk beside you enrich this journey, while those who drift away teach valuable lessons.

So, as you navigate life, remember to value the journey. The destinations—goals, achievements, recognitions— are crucial, but so are the moments in between. Cherish them, learn from them, and always keep moving forward.

7. The Power of Letting Go

There’s an unmatched power in letting go. While the quote touches on letting people lose you, there’s a broader implication here. It speaks to the strength and liberation in releasing what doesn’t serve your growth or happiness.

Think about holding onto a helium balloon. The longer you grip it, the more your hand tires. But release it, and you watch it soar, while feeling a relief in your hand. 

The same way, holding onto misunderstandings, others’ perceptions, or relationships that don’t uplift can be tiring.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. While it’s essential to fight for what you believe in, it’s equally crucial to recognize when to release. 

Whether it’s a misconception, a relationship, or even a personal belief that’s holding you back, letting go can be transformative.

Whenever you find yourself holding onto something tightly, ask yourself if it’s worth the energy.

If not, muster the courage to release. You might just find that in letting go, you discover a freedom you didn’t know existed.

The Takeaway 

Save your energy for what matters, and understand that life’s answers often come with time. Each one of us is on a unique journey. And while it’s tempting to seek validation from others, true peace comes when we trust our path and let things unfold naturally.

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