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Love is a special feeling, and sometimes we need just the right words to describe it. 

In this article, we’re going to explore some amazing words that begin with ‘C’, which can help you talk about love in different ways.

Each word we talk about will have a little explanation to make it easy to understand. Whether you are writing a card for someone you care about, or just want to learn new words to talk about love, you’ll find some great ones here. 

List of Love Words That Start With C

Cherish – To hold someone dear with deep affection and care, treasuring them in one’s heart.

Cuddle – A warm, affectionate embrace that conveys comfort and closeness, often shared in intimate moments.

Companionship – The feeling of fellowship or friendship, often leading to a deep sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

Courtship – The period of developing a romantic relationship, usually with the intent of seeking a partner for life.

Charm – The power of pleasing or attracting through personality or beauty, often sparking romantic interest.

Care – A profound feeling of concern and attention towards someone, reflecting a deep emotional bond.

Compassion – Deep empathy and understanding for one’s partner, fostering a nurturing and supportive relationship.

Cupid – Often associated with love, this Roman god of desire symbolizes the mysterious and uncontrollable nature of love.

Connection – A strong emotional bond that creates a sense of closeness and unity between people.

Cherub – An angelic figure, frequently symbolizing innocent and pure love in various cultures.

Commitment – A dedicated promise or pledge to someone, signifying loyalty and the intention to maintain a relationship.

Compliment – An expression of praise or admiration, which can enhance feelings of affection and appreciation.

Chemistry – A natural, powerful mutual attraction or bond between two people, often felt immediately.

Crush – A strong but usually temporary infatuation with someone, often characterized by butterflies in the stomach.

Confide – To trust someone with personal thoughts or secrets, deepening the intimacy and trust in a relationship.

Caring – Demonstrating kindness and concern for others, an essential ingredient in a loving relationship.

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Caress – A gentle touch or stroke, symbolizing affection and tenderness in a romantic context.

Cozy – Creating a warm, comfortable, and affectionate atmosphere, often associated with intimate and loving settings.

Chivalry – Courteous and gallant behavior, especially by a person towards their romantic interest, reflecting respect and admiration.

Covenant – A solemn agreement between individuals, often seen as a sacred or serious commitment in love and relationships.

Charmed – To be won over by someone’s endearing qualities, often leading to feelings of admiration and affection.

Cohabitate – Living together in a shared space, often a significant step in a romantic relationship denoting commitment.

Captivate – To attract and hold the interest and affection of someone, often leading to a deep and absorbing connection.

Covet – To desire to possess someone romantically, often reflecting a strong longing for a deeper connection.

Cherubim – A symbol of innocent and divine love, often portrayed in art and literature as a representation of pure affection.

Committed – Dedicated to maintaining and nurturing a relationship, showing steadfast loyalty and devotion.

Comely – Attractively charming or pleasing in appearance, often sparking initial romantic interest.

Consort – A companion or partner, especially in a romantic or matrimonial relationship, denoting partnership and togetherness.

Courtly – Pertaining to dignified, respectful, and elegant romantic gestures, often associated with traditional forms of wooing.

Cordial – Warm and friendly, indicative of a relationship that is pleasant and mutually respectful.

Chivalrous – Demonstrating courteous and honorable behavior, often in the context of romantic gestures or conduct.

Closeness – A feeling of being intimately connected and familiar with someone, essential for deepening love and affection.

Cherishing – Actively valuing and appreciating a person, continuously nurturing the love and bond in a relationship.

Coquette – A person who flirts playfully, often charming and enticing in a light-hearted romantic manner.

Court – To woo or pursue romantically, engaging in activities aimed at winning someone’s love and affection.

Coy – Showing a modest or shy demeanor in a flirtatious way, often as part of romantic playfulness.

Complement – To complete or enhance the qualities of another, often leading to a harmonious and balanced relationship.

Consortium – A partnership based on love and companionship, signifying a deep and committed relationship.

Canoodle – To engage in playful affectionate behavior, often in a cozy or private setting, highlighting intimacy and fondness.

Chivalric – Relating to the ideal qualities of a knight, such as bravery and gallantry, often romanticized in love stories.

Clandestine – Describing a relationship or encounter that is kept secret or hidden, often due to its forbidden or romantic nature.

Cognizance – Awareness or recognition of the feelings and needs of a partner, key in building mutual understanding in love.

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Confluence – The act of merging two lives together in harmony, often used to describe the joining of paths in a romantic journey.

Conjure – To evoke a sense of magic or enchantment in a relationship, creating moments that are deeply memorable and romantic.

Constancy – The quality of being unchanging and steadfast in love, a cornerstone of a strong and enduring relationship.

Continuity – The persistence of love and affection over time, essential for long-term relationship stability and growth.

Converge – To come together from different directions, symbolizing the meeting and uniting of hearts in love.

Cordiality – Genuine kindness and warmth in a relationship, fostering a pleasant and affectionate atmosphere.

Coveted – Highly desired or envied, often used to describe a person or relationship that is seen as ideal or perfect.

Crestfallen – Feeling disappointed or downhearted, especially in matters of love, reflecting the emotional ups and downs of relationships.

Croon – To sing or speak in a gentle, soothing voice, often used in romantic contexts to express affection and tenderness.

Cupidity – Intense desire or longing, especially in a romantic sense, representing the deep yearning for love and connection.

Curate – To carefully select and organize, often referring to the thoughtful planning of romantic gestures or dates.

Cynosure – Someone who attracts attention and admiration, a focal point of affection and interest in a romantic setting.

Cohesion – The act of sticking together tightly, symbolizing the strong bond and unity in a loving relationship.

Coeval – Existing or occurring at the same time, often used to describe a relationship growing and evolving together.

Congeniality – Compatibility and pleasantness in a relationship, key to a harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

Capitulate – To yield or surrender, in the context of love, it can mean giving in to romantic feelings or the wishes of a loved one.

Charisma – A compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others, often sparking romantic interest.

Celestial – Heavenly or divinely beautiful, often used to describe a love or connection that feels transcendent and sublime.

Conciliate – To win over or reconcile differences in a relationship, an important aspect of resolving conflicts with understanding.

Cynosural – Being the center of attention or admiration, especially in a romantic context where one’s partner is deeply valued.

Collaborate – Working together harmoniously in a relationship, essential for building a partnership based on mutual respect and teamwork.

Cathartic – Providing psychological relief through the expression of strong emotions; catharsis in love can lead to healing and deeper understanding.

Captious – Tending to find fault or raise petty objections, a challenge in relationships that requires patience and empathy.

Cognate – Related or connected, often used to describe a relationship that feels natural and instinctively right.

Consecrate – To make sacred, such as a relationship or union, signifying a deep commitment and spiritual bond.

Chaste – Abstaining from extramarital or all sexual intercourse, often associated with purity and devotion in love.

Circumspect – Careful to consider all circumstances and potential consequences, important in making thoughtful decisions in love.

Confluence – A coming together of two people, often used to describe the merging of lives in a harmonious and loving relationship.

Circuitous – Not being direct or straightforward, often relevant in the complex pathways relationships can take.

Congruent – In agreement or harmony, an essential aspect of a relationship where values and goals align.

Canorous – Melodious and musical, often used to describe a voice or words that are sweet and romantic in nature.

Chimerical – Fantastically visionary or improbable, often used to describe romantic ideals or dreams that are whimsical and enchanting.

Collusion – Secret cooperation or conspiracy, in a romantic context, it can refer to partners working together towards a common goal.

Clemency – Mercy or leniency, an important quality in relationships when it comes to forgiveness and understanding.

Concupiscence – A strong desire, particularly sexual desire, an intense aspect of physical attraction in romantic relationships.

Congruous – Appropriate or fitting, often used to describe a relationship where both partners are well-suited to each other.

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