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If you’re someone like me that’s always daydreaming about romantic moments and sweet nothings whispered into your ear, then you’re in luck because today we’re going on an adventure into the language of love! 

Specifically, we’re going to explore 150 romantic words and phrases that start with the letter “A” – because, let’s face it, sometimes finding the right words to express our love can be a challenge. 

These words and phrases offer a glimpse into the many facets of love and the ways in which it can be expressed. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect way to express your feelings to your partner or simply want to appreciate the beauty of language, this article is sure to inspire and delight you.

150 Romantic Words That Start With A

Adore – to love deeply and completely.

Affection – a gentle feeling of fondness or liking towards someone.

Amour – French for “love.”

Angel – a term of endearment for someone who is kind, loving, and caring.

Attraction – the feeling of being drawn towards someone due to their qualities or personality.

Ardor – intense passion, enthusiasm or eagerness.

Admire – to look at someone with admiration and respect.

Aphrodisiac – something that stimulates sexual desire or attraction.

Adulation – excessive admiration or praise towards someone.

Always – an expression of everlasting love and commitment.

Adventurous – willing to take risks and try new things together.

Aroma – a pleasant scent that reminds you of someone.

Alive – the feeling of being completely present and connected with someone.

Aflutter – the sensation of excitement and nervousness that comes with being in love.

Allure – the mysterious and attractive quality that someone possesses.

Aim – a shared goal or purpose that keeps the relationship strong.

Afire – the feeling of being completely consumed by love and passion.

Affinity – a natural attraction or connection between two people.

Aspire – to have dreams and aspirations for the future as a couple.

Abloom – the feeling of being alive and full of hope, like a blooming flower.

Absorb – the feeling of being completely absorbed and captivated by someone’s presence.

Aching – the feeling of longing and desire for someone you love.

Advent – the excitement and anticipation of spending time together and creating memories.

Appeal – the attraction and appeal that someone has towards their partner.

Alight – the feeling of being completely comfortable and at ease with someone you love.

Adoration – an intense love and worship of someone.

Always and forever – a commitment to love and cherish someone for eternity.

Amaze – to leave someone in awe and wonder.

Amiable – having a pleasant and friendly nature towards one’s partner.

Amply – to show love and affection in generous amounts.

Anchored – to feel a sense of safety and security with one’s partner.

Anew – to start fresh and begin again in love.

Appealing – having a quality that is attractive and desirable.

Ardently – passionately and fervently in love with someone.

Aroma of love – a scent that evokes memories of love and intimacy.

Astonish – to surprise and amaze one’s partner.

Attachment – a deep and emotional connection with one’s partner.

Attractive – possessing qualities that are appealing and desirable.

Aura – the unique and special atmosphere created by two people in love.

Auspicious – an omen of good fortune and blessings for one’s relationship.

Awaken – to bring to life and revive one’s feelings of love and passion.

Admiration – a feeling of respect and appreciation for one’s partner.

Affluent – a rich and abundant love for one’s partner.

Affirmation – a positive statement of love and commitment towards one’s partner.

All-consuming – to be completely consumed by love and passion for one’s partner.

Alive with love – a feeling of being vibrant and energized with love.

Amorous – displaying affection and desire towards one’s partner.

Amplify – to intensify and magnify one’s love for their partner.

Appease – to soothe and calm one’s partner with love and affection.

At ease – the feeling of being comfortable and relaxed with one’s partner.

Adventurous spirit – a willingness to try new experiences together.

Affirmative – expressing agreement and affirmation towards one’s partner.

Agreeable – pleasant and easy to get along with, making for a harmonious relationship.

Alacrity – eagerness and readiness to spend time with one’s partner.

All in – a commitment to giving one’s all to the relationship.

Alluring – possessing a magnetic and captivating quality that attracts one’s partner.

Amplifying effect – the way love can enhance and amplify other positive emotions.

Angelic – describing one’s partner as angelic can suggest their beauty and goodness.

Animated – full of life, energy, and passion in one’s love for their partner.

Anniversary – celebrating the milestones of one’s relationship and love for each other.

Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love and beauty, often invoked as a symbol of love.

Ardent embrace – a passionate and fervent embrace that expresses one’s love.

Articulate – expressing one’s love and affection with eloquence and clarity.

Aspiration – having shared goals and aspirations for the future as a couple.

Assertive – confidently and assertively expressing one’s love and desires.

Assurance – providing reassurance and comfort to one’s partner in their love and commitment.

Astounding – leaving one’s partner in awe and wonder with their love and affection.

Attractive personality – a personality that is attractive and appealing to one’s partner.

Aurora – a natural phenomenon of light, often used as a metaphor for the beauty of one’s love.

Avid – showing keen interest and enthusiasm in one’s partner and their love.

Awakened passion – reigniting passion and desire in one’s relationship.

Affectionate touch – physical touch that expresses love and affection for one’s partner.

Amative – expressing love and affection in a way that is passionate and romantic.

Ambrosia – the food of the gods in Greek mythology, often used as a symbol of love and happiness.

Ardor of the heart – the intense and burning passion of one’s love.

Ample love – a love that is abundant and never-ending.

Atmosphere of love – an environment that is filled with love and affection.

Adventurous love – a love that is exciting, spontaneous and full of adventure.

Admiring eyes – the look of admiration and love in one’s eyes towards their partner.

Agnus Dei – Latin for “Lamb of God,” used as a metaphor for the sacrificial love between partners.

Alabaster skin – a poetic description of a partner’s smooth, white skin.

Alight with passion – the feeling of passion and desire that fills one’s body.

All-encompassing – a love that fills every aspect of one’s life and being.

All-knowing love – a love that understands and knows everything about one’s partner.

Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end, a metaphor for eternal love.

Amaranthine – eternal, unending, and undying love.

Amorous feelings – romantic and passionate feelings of love towards one’s partner.

Aphrodite’s kiss – a passionate and sensual kiss.

Ardent love – a love that is passionate, enthusiastic, and devoted.

Ascending love – a love that grows stronger and higher every day.

Astral love – a love that is out of this world and heavenly.

Astrological love – a love that is written in the stars and destined to be.

Athena’s wisdom – a metaphor for intelligence and wisdom in love.

Attuned to each other – a connection and understanding that is in perfect harmony.

Aureate – golden, rich, and beautiful, a metaphor for the beauty of one’s love.

Auroral beauty – a poetic description of a partner’s beautiful appearance.

Awakened love – a love that is rekindled and brought back to life.

Adoring gaze – a loving and affectionate look towards one’s partner.

Affectionate words – sweet, loving, and tender words spoken to one’s partner.

Awe-inspiring love – a love that inspires awe and wonder in one’s partner.

Ablaze – filled with intense passion and desire for one’s partner.

Absolute love – a love that is complete and unconditional.

Acceptance – embracing one’s partner for who they are, flaws and all.

Admiring heart – a heart filled with admiration and love for one’s partner.

Adonis – a symbol of male beauty and perfection, often used as a metaphor for a partner’s appearance.

Adored one – a term of endearment for one’s beloved partner.

Aesthetic love – a love that is based on beauty and aesthetics.

Affectionate gestures – small acts of love and kindness towards one’s partner.

Agape – a selfless and unconditional love.

All-consuming love – a love that takes over one’s entire being.

Altruistic love – a love that is given without expecting anything in return.

Amiable companionship – a friendly and comfortable companionship with one’s partner.

Amity – a peaceful and harmonious relationship with one’s partner.

Anam cara – Gaelic for “soul friend,” a partner who understands and supports one’s spiritual journey.

Ancestral love – a love that is passed down from one generation to another.

Angel’s touch – a gentle and loving touch from one’s partner.

Animated conversation – a lively and engaging conversation with one’s partner.

Aphrodite’s beauty – a symbol of feminine beauty and grace.

Appealing charm – a charming and attractive quality that draws one’s partner in.

Ardent devotion – a love that is devoted and unwavering.

Aroma of affection – a scent that evokes feelings of love and affection.

Art of seduction – the playful and seductive ways of expressing love and desire.

Ascendant love – a love that is growing and ascending to new heights.

Assuming nothing – a love that is not based on assumptions, but on trust and communication.

Auriferous – containing gold, a metaphor for the value and worth of one’s love.

Abundant affection – a love that is overflowing with affection and tenderness.

Adoring smile – a loving and affectionate smile towards one’s partner.

Adrenaline rush – the feeling of excitement and passion when in love.

Adventurous soulmate – a partner who is always up for new adventures.

Affable personality – a friendly and pleasant personality that is attractive to one’s partner.

Affectionate cuddles – warm and loving cuddles with one’s partner.

Agile mind – a sharp and intelligent mind that stimulates one’s partner.

Aloha – Hawaiian for love, affection, and compassion.

Amiable soulmate – a partner who is easy to get along with and shares a deep connection.

Amoroso – Italian for “loving,” a term of endearment for one’s partner.

Amour de ma vie – French for “love of my life,” a term of endearment for one’s partner.

Amorous encounter – a passionate and intimate encounter with one’s partner.

Ample devotion – a love that is filled with devotion and commitment.

Angel’s embrace – a warm and loving embrace from one’s partner.

Aphrodisia – Greek for “sexual pleasure,” used as a symbol of the sensual aspect of love.

Arbiter of love – a person who resolves conflicts and misunderstandings in a relationship.

Ardent desires – passionate and intense desires for one’s partner.

Aristocratic beauty – a sophisticated and elegant beauty in one’s partner.

Artistic expression – expressing love through art, music, or other creative outlets.

Assured love – a love that is certain and secure.

Astrological compatibility – the compatibility and harmony between partners based on astrology.

Athletic prowess – a partner’s physical prowess and ability to keep one energized and engaged.

Attentive lover – a partner who pays close attention to one’s needs and desires.

Authentic connection – a genuine and real connection with one’s partner.

Awe-inspiring beauty – a partner whose beauty inspires awe and admiration.


Using the right words and phrases can make all the difference when it comes to expressing our feelings toward our partners. We hope that this list has given you inspiration and motivation to express your love in new and exciting ways. 

Make sure to let your partner know how much they mean to you regardless of how you choose to express your feelings to them; through a handwritten note, a surprise gesture, or simply saying it. 

After all, love is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated and cherished every day. 

So, what are you waiting for? Leap and let your partner know how much you love them using these romantic words and phrases. Your relationship will thank you for it.

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