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“Why is she being weird?” I asked my friend after a girl laughed so loud at a mild joke I said. 

I didn’t think the joke was that funny. 

“She likes you,” my friend said. 

It took a while for me to see the full picture. 

Ladies will rarely make a move on a man, but they have their ways of telling you they want you. And if you don’t know what to look out for, their subtle moves may go unnoticed by you. 

That said, here are ten key signs to look out for. Some of them might surprise you. 

1. Generous compliments

One of the most common ways we indirectly tell people we find them attractive is by lavishing them with compliments. 

We’ll notice the tiniest changes in their hairstyle, their makeup, their clothes, perfume, etc. And we notice these changes because these people fascinate us. We’re attracted to them, and we can’t help it. 

If a lady frequently gives compliments about your looks and every tiny change that you make in your appearance, she’s trying to tell you something. More importantly, watch how she says it. 

When she likes you, she’ll most likely say it with some seriousness in her eyes. It’s the look of admiration. You’ll see how she gets lost, as she tells you “I love the new suit.” 

Sometimes she might do it flirtatiously. 

2. Highly self-conscious around you 

She might excuse herself to moisturize her lips or spray perfume just because you showed up. 

She’s free and playful with others, but when you’re around, she suddenly wants to appear calm and collected. Or, she may be calm, but when you’re around, she suddenly becomes excited and wants to talk more. 

When we desire someone, their opinions matter more to us. This is why we become overly self-conscious when they’re around. We want to present our best selves to them because we want them to like us back. 

3. Genuine interest in knowing you

Because there’s so much about you that excites and fascinates her, she’s eager to know more about you. And this genuine interest in you makes her enjoy talking with you. 

You’ll see how she looks curious or animated when she watches you talk about yourself. And she’ll pay attention and remember the details. 

People don’t pay attention to everyone they come across. We only become hyper-interested in those who catch our attention. When you see someone genuinely interested in knowing the details about you, there’s a high chance they admire you already. 

4. She initiates contact frequently 

When a girl likes you, she’ll find ways to initiate contact with you. 

As simple as this clue is, most guys don’t seem to get it. They’ll text and triple-text a lady without a reply. Sometimes they’ll call without a reply. Still, they keep on chasing. 

The reality isn’t that stressful. 

When a girl likes you, she’ll not just be happy to reply to your text or talk to you, she’ll also find ways to initiate contact with you. It’s that simple. 

If you ask her out on a date and she can’t make it, she’ll suggest another day to meet up. She won’t put you on hold indefinitely. 

5. She likes to breach your intimacy zone 

According to Vanessa Van Edwards, a human behavioral expert, the proximity someone stays when they interact with you says a lot about how they feel about you. 

When you don’t like someone, you want to stay away from them as much as possible because you don’t like their energy. 

On the other hand, when someone likes to breach your intimacy zone when they talk to you, there’s a high chance they find you attractive. According to Vanessa, your intimacy zone is 8 inches away from you. 

If you notice she likes to stay within your intimacy zone, you can watch what her body language tells you. Is she also flirtatious? Does she lavish you with compliments? Watch out for a cluster of these signs. She might be desperate to get you to notice her. 

6. She remembers details about you 

When you like someone, you’ll think of them a lot. 

You’ll remember the short moments you spent together. You’ll smile sheepishly as you think about how cute their laugh is. And almost everything they tell you about themselves will register deeply in your mind because you paid close attention to them when they were saying it. 

Hence, if a lady likes you, there’s a high chance she’ll notice some unusual details about your encounters. For the most part, it’s just because she thinks about you a lot. 

If you confront her about the fact that you’re surprised she could remember that tiny detail, she might tell you that it’s because you’re important to her. If this happens, then it’s obvious that she wants you to notice her. 

7. She’s touchy around you 

No one likes to just touch everyone they meet. 

If someone likes to subtly touch you on the shoulder, hold your hand, or give you a handshake that lingers with flirty eye contact, you can be sure something is going on underneath. 

The touch clue is an extension of the proximity clue. 

When someone likes to stay close to you when they talk to you, they’ll soon playfully touch you. And it could be a sign of admiration or sexual attraction. 

8. Subtle — and sometimes desperate — ways to impress you 

Since she won’t tell you in words that she likes, her attraction toward you will propel her to want to use other ways to make herself seen by you. 

For instance, when you’re conversing with her, she’ll attempt to be funny or witty to show you she has good social skills. Whenever she thinks you’ll be around, she might put in extra effort to look more beautiful. 

Sometimes you can tell that a girl is trying to impress you by her simply being different when you’re around. 

For instance, if she talks a lot, she might become unusually quiet and put together because you’re there. If she’s quiet,  she might try to be more social and funny to impress you. 

If you consistently see these sorts of big shifts in a lady’s attitude whenever you’re around, there’s a high she’s trying to make you notice her. 

9. Subtle flirting 

You notice her often trying to steer your conversations toward romance. It’s her way of making sure she doesn’t land in the friend zone with you. 

For instance, you might be having a casual conversation and she’ll subtly put her hand on your face and tell you you have a cute smile while biting her lips. Sometimes she’ll get close to you just to slowly remove dirt from your hair. 

She’s trying to heat things with you and hopefully get you to see her as a potential romantic partner. Or, she might just be doing it for the fun of it. Look at a cluster of other signs to be sure. 

10. She plays with her hair as she talks with you 

This is one move that will always come up when a girl likes you because it’s a deep subconscious behavior. Sometimes girls do it when they’re flirting with you. 

It’s usually a subconscious thing they do when they’re getting lost in your charm. 

It could also be that she’s shy around you and just needs something to get busy with to calm her nerves. 

A lady’s hair is important to her. If she put a lot of effort into it, she might just be playing with it to intentionally show it off to you. Whatever the reason may be, there’s a high chance she’s trying to get you to notice her when she frequently plays with her hair around you. 

Pay attention to her demeanor as she plays with her hair. If she’s smiley and playful as she does it, it’s a huge sign. 

Attraction Diary Team

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