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It’s a feeling that no one wants to experience – the sinking suspicion that your partner may be seeing other people. 

While it’s never easy to confront the possibility of infidelity you must understand the warning signs. 

After all, refusing to admit or acknowledge reality doesn’t make it any less true. But by recognizing the signs, you can confront him and put your suspicion to rest once and for all. 

That said, here are ten of the most common signs men show when they have multiple partners. 

1. Unexplained absences 

Unexplained absences are one of the classic signs that your man may have multiple partners. 

You know the drill – he’s consistently not available to hang out, but he can’t seem to give you a clear explanation as to why. 

Maybe he has a vague excuse, like he’s got “work stuff” to deal with, or maybe he just brushes you off altogether. Whatever the case, pay attention to these kinds of warning signs.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Maybe he really does have a lot of work to do, or maybe he’s dealing with some personal issues that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with you. 

And that’s understandable. But if this behavior continues for an extended time, and he’s not willing to give you a straightforward explanation, then it’s time to start asking some questions.

One thing to keep in mind is that a man who has multiple partners will likely be very careful about keeping his schedule and whereabouts a secret. 

After all, he doesn’t want to risk getting caught by one of his other partners.

2. Changes in sexual behavior 

When a man is seeing multiple partners, it’s natural that his libido may decrease. Why? 

If he’s having sex with multiple people, his body may not be as excited by the prospect of sex as it once was. Additionally, if he’s experiencing guilt or shame about his actions, that can also contribute to a decreased sex drive.

Of course, a decreased interest in sex doesn’t automatically mean that your man is cheating. There are plenty of other factors that can play into this – stress, hormonal changes, medication side effects, and more. 

However, if you’re noticing a combination of other red flags – like secretive behavior or a sudden lack of availability – then it’s worth having a conversation with your partner to see what’s going on.

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3. Unexplained physical marks or bruises

While there are many innocent explanations for bruises, such as bumping into something or playing sports, it’s also possible that these marks could be a sign of infidelity.

If your man has multiple partners, he may engage in rough or aggressive sexual behavior with them. This could result in physical marks or bruises on his body that he may not want to explain to you. 

Alternatively, he may be hiding marks that were left on him by his other partners as a way of concealing his infidelity.

If your man is reluctant to discuss the marks with you or becomes defensive when you ask, this could be a sign that he’s hiding something. 

4. Secretive phone use

Understandably, everyone values their privacy, and some men might have valid reasons for keeping their phone use under wraps. 

However, if you’re in a relationship with someone and they’re consistently secretive about their phone, it might be time to start asking some questions.

What does secretive phone use even look like? Well, there are a few telltale signs. If your man is constantly hiding his phone or keeping it out of your sight, that could be a warning sign. 

Maybe he always has it on silent or vibrates, and he never leaves it lying around. If he receives a lot of messages or calls but is hesitant to show you who they’re from, that’s another indication of secretive phone use.

It’s not just about the physical aspects of phone use, though. It’s also about the emotional distance that can come from secretive behavior. If your man seems distracted or distant when he’s on his phone, that could be a sign that he’s communicating with someone he doesn’t want you to know about. 

Maybe he’s always texting or messaging, even when you’re together. Or maybe he takes calls in another room or steps outside to talk.

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5. Unexplained expenses or financial discrepancies

Have you ever noticed that your man’s bank account has some unexplained expenses? It could be a red flag that he’s cheating. Let me explain.

Unexplained expenses could mean that your man is spending money on things he doesn’t want you to know about. Perhaps he’s taking other women out on dates, buying them gifts, or paying for their expenses. 

These are all expenses that he wouldn’t want you to find out about, which is why they’re unexplained.

Think about it – if your man has nothing to hide, then he should be able to explain every single expense in his bank account. If he can’t, then it’s worth digging a little deeper. 

You might find that he’s spending money on other women, which could be a sign that he’s not as committed to your relationship as you thought.

Of course, unexplained expenses don’t always mean that your man has multiple partners. There could be other reasons for these expenses, such as a gambling addiction or a side business. 

The bottom line is that if you’re in a committed relationship, you should be able to trust your partner. If your man is hiding expenses from you, then it’s a sign that he’s not being honest with you. 

6. Decreased emotional intimacy or affection

When you’re in a relationship with someone, emotional intimacy is a crucial part of maintaining that connection. It’s the bond that allows you to share your deepest thoughts, fears, and desires.

Hence, if you feel like your man is pulling away emotionally, it could be a huge red flag.

One reason why decreased emotional intimacy could be a sign of infidelity is that he may be spreading himself too thin, and as a result, can’t be fully present for anyone.

Another possibility is that he may be feeling guilty about his actions. If he’s seeing other people behind your back, he may feel like he’s betraying your trust. 

This guilt can manifest in a lot of different ways, including decreased emotional intimacy. He may be distant because he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be close to you.

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7. Inconsistent or vague stories about his whereabouts 

If your man is seeing someone else, he’s going to have to make excuses for his absences. And those excuses are probably going to be inconsistent and vague, because he’s trying to cover his tracks. 

For instance, he might say he was out with friends, but when you ask for details, he can’t remember who he was with or what they did. Or he might say he was working late, but he can’t give you any specifics about the project he was working on.

If you’re noticing this kind of behavior in your man, pay closer attention. Of course, he may be just forgetful or disorganized – but if these inconsistencies and vague stories are happening frequently, it’s a red flag. It’s possible that he’s juggling multiple partners and struggling to keep his stories straight.

8. Unexplained STDs or infections

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections can be a sensitive and uncomfortable topic, but they are an important issue to address in any sexually active relationship. 

If you have recently been diagnosed with an unexplained STD or infection, it may be a sign that your man is engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners. Here’s why:

Firstly, STDs can be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, which means that if your man is having sex with other people without using protection, he is putting himself and you at risk. 

Even if he uses protection, there is still a chance that he could contract an STD or infection, and then pass it on to you.

Secondly, some STDs and infections can be asymptomatic, meaning that they do not produce any visible symptoms. This means that your man could have an STD or infection without even knowing it, and then unknowingly transmit it to you. 

This is why it is so important to get tested regularly, even if you feel completely healthy.

Lastly, unexplained STDs or infections could also be a sign that your man is not being honest with you about his sexual history or current activities. 

If he is engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners, he may be hesitant to disclose this information to you, which could put you at risk of contracting an STD or infection.

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9. Unusual smells on his body or clothing

When we have physical contact with someone, we exchange more than just words and emotions. 

We also exchange bodily fluids, perfume smell, and even bacteria, which can leave a distinct scent on our skin and clothing. 

If your man has been intimate with someone else, the scent from their bodily fluids or perfumes may linger on his body or clothing. This scent can be different from his natural body odor, and may be noticeable to someone familiar with him.

Another possible explanation for an unusual scent on your man’s body or clothing is that he’s been spending time in places where he’s exposed to new scents. 

For example, if he’s been spending time in a different person’s home or car, he may pick up the scent of their perfume or cologne. This can be particularly noticeable if the scent is strong or unusual.

10. He’s overly defensive or irritable when questioned about his whereabouts

When you’re in a committed relationship, you don’t mind sharing details about your day with your partner. In fact, you even enjoy telling your partner about your day and the things they did. 

However, when someone is cheating, they may become defensive or irritated when questioned about their whereabouts because they don’t want to reveal too much.

It’s like they’re guarding a secret and they don’t want to slip up and reveal something they shouldn’t. So, when you ask them a simple question about their day, they feel like you’re prying into their personal life and become defensive or irritable in response.

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Final words 

In conclusion, if you’re noticing any of the signs we’ve discussed in this article, the best thing to do is have an open and honest conversation with your partner. 

While it’s never easy to confront the possibility of infidelity, it’s better to address the issue head-on rather than let it fester and cause more pain down the line. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to ask for the truth. 

Remember, you deserve to be in a relationship where you feel respected and valued.


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