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When a guy wants to confess his feelings to you, he may not tell you directly in words, but you’ll notice it in his body language, his behavior, and even the sparkle in his eyes. 

These little signs can give you a hint of the emotions he’s experiencing inside. 

Love isn’t always easy to express, especially when the fear of rejection is always at the back of our minds. 

Therefore, it’s quite normal for people to drop hints of their feelings to test the waters before they muster the courage to confess openly. In this article, we will guide you through these subtle yet telling signs.

Men often communicate more through actions than words, and these nonverbal cues can provide some pretty compelling evidence of his affection.

1. Increased Attention and Care

When a man wants to reveal his feelings, he may start to give you more attention. And this increased attention can be subtle or overt.

Take a moment to think about it. Is he always there for you nowadays, listening to you, even when the topic isn’t something he’s necessarily interested in?

If you’re going through a tough time, he’s there for you, offering a shoulder to lean on. 

He is investing his time and energy into you because he genuinely cares. This is a man who is building an emotional bond, and quite possibly preparing to take the next step.

Let’s be honest, though, everyone has bad days. But if he’s there for you, even on his bad days, that’s a clear sign he deeply cares about you. 

No matter what’s going on in his life, he’s ensuring that he gives you his time and care. This kind of nurturing behavior speaks volumes about his feelings for you.

2. He Starts Sharing More About Himself

Signs he wants to confess his feelings

People don’t share their innermost thoughts and feelings with just anyone. So, when a man starts opening up and sharing more about himself, it’s a pretty good sign he feels comfortable and trusts you. 

It’s also likely he’s trying to deepen your connection before confessing his feelings.

Consider the depth of the conversations. Is he sharing his hopes, dreams, and fears with you? Does he tell you about his childhood memories, or maybe about the challenging day he just had at work? 

These are all signs of emotional vulnerability. He is opening up his world to you because he trusts you and wants you to understand him better.

Moreover, in these conversations, he might even hint at his feelings for you. Listen for those subtle cues, the gentle suggestions of something more than friendship. 

It might not be a full-on confession yet, but it’s a step in that direction.

3. Jealousy Creeps In

Notice if he seems a bit jealous when you talk about other men in your life or when you spend time with others. 

He might not outright say that he’s jealous, but his behavior might change slightly.

Look for signs of discomfort or a change in his demeanor when you talk about other men. Does he seem distracted or less enthusiastic? 

Maybe he even changes the subject quickly. These could all be signs of jealousy, indicating that he sees you as more than a friend and wishes he were the one receiving that attention from you.

A little bit of jealousy is natural when someone cares about you more than they’re letting on. 

He probably doesn’t want to feel this way, but his feelings for you are making him see things in a new light.

4. Extra Effort in His Appearance

Guy confessing his feelings

Men, like women, want to look their best for someone they’re interested in. 

If he’s making an extra effort in his appearance when he knows he’ll see you, that’s another sign he might be getting ready to confess his feelings.

For instance, have you noticed him dressing up more than usual? Is he suddenly very particular about his grooming? These could be signs that he’s trying to impress you. 

Of course, he might just be dressing up for other reasons, but if this behavior coincides with other signs on this list, then it’s a good indication of his growing feelings for you.

Also, pay attention to how he acts around you. If he seems more nervous than usual, it could be because he wants to make a good impression. He’s worried about what you think of him, which shows he values your opinion.

5. Regular Compliments

Compliments are a natural part of human interaction, but when someone’s about to confess their feelings, they can become more frequent. It’s as if his confession is now at the tip of his tongue.

Think about the compliments he gives you. Are they genuine and heartfelt? Does he notice the little things about you? 

Maybe he comments on your new haircut or the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. 

These are personal compliments that show he’s paying attention and appreciates you for who you are.

Remember, it’s not just about the quantity of compliments but also the quality. If he’s giving you deep and sincere compliments, it’s likely because he sees you in a special light and wants you to see yourself that way too.

6. Physical Touch Becomes More Common

How to know a guy likes you

Have you noticed him finding reasons to touch you more often? 

Maybe a gentle touch on the arm, a hug that lingers a bit longer than usual, or brushing off a piece of lint from your sweater—these are all signs that he wants to be close to you.

These touches might seem accidental, but more often than not, they are a subconscious desire for a more profound connection. They show that he feels comfortable with you and longs for that closeness.

Take a moment to consider how you feel when he touches you. Does it feel comfortable and natural? 

If so, it’s another good sign that he has feelings for you. It’s a mutual comfort that comes from shared affection and respect.

7. Increased Communication

Does he text you more often? Call you just to hear your voice? Look for signs of increased communication

When a man wants to confess his feelings, he will want to communicate more to feel closer to you.

Remember that communication isn’t just about the frequency; it’s also about the quality. Is he asking about your day, your likes, your dislikes, and your dreams? 

He’s trying to know you on a deeper level, and this can indicate that he’s falling for you.

Of course, everyone has their communication style. Some people are more talkative, while others are more quiet and reserved. 

But the key here is change—if he’s communicating more with you than usual, it could be because he’s ready to express his feelings.

8. He’s More Protective

When a man starts to fall in love, he’ll often become more protective. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll act like a superhero, but he’ll show a genuine concern for your well-being.

For instance, he may insist on walking you to your car or home late at night. He might offer to carry heavy bags for you, or he might get worried if you’re not feeling well. 

These actions show that he cares about your safety and wants to make sure you’re okay.

Of course, there’s a thin line between being protective and being possessive. A man who truly cares about you will respect your independence and understand that you can take care of yourself. 

His protective nature comes from a place of love and concern, not control or ownership.

9. Remembering the Little Things

Guy who likes coworker

Have you noticed him remembering the tiniest details about you? From your favorite flavor of ice cream to your childhood stories, his memory of you seems to be a well-organized library. 

You might feel surprised, even shocked, by his attention to detail. It’s as though he’s got a mind map of you and your preferences in his head.

This attentiveness isn’t mere friendly curiosity. He’s not just storing these details for random chit-chat. He’s investing in understanding you on a deeper level.

And his attentiveness isn’t one-sided. He doesn’t just remember your stories; he shares his as well. He opens up about his personal life, his dreams, and his fears. 

These moments of vulnerability are him inviting you into his world, making room for you in his life, which brings us to the next point.

10. He Gets Nervous Around You

Even the most confident men can become a bit jittery when they’re around someone they have strong feelings for.

Look for signs of nervousness. Does he fidget, stutter, or blush when he’s talking to you? These are all classic signs that he might be nervous because he’s thinking about confessing his feelings.

Remember, it’s natural to be nervous when you’re about to take a big step like confessing your feelings. His nervousness doesn’t mean he is weak or lacks confidence. Rather, it shows that he cares about how you’ll react and that your opinion matters to him. 

11. A Shift in His Friends’ Behavior

Here’s a secret most people don’t realize about men: their friends usually know about their romantic interests before anyone else. 

If you get the feeling his friends know about you, chances are, you’re not mistaken. He’s likely been talking about you to his closest pals.

Let’s get specific here. Suppose you’re at a gathering and his friends seem to know things about you that you haven’t personally shared with them. 

Or they’ve made some jokes or references that seem to indicate a familiarity with you. These are pretty solid signs that he’s been talking about you.

12. He Takes Interest in Your Interests

Signs he wants to confess his feelings

When a man wants to express his feelings, he might begin to take interest in your interests

Maybe these are things he’s never shown any interest in before, but now he’s all ears when you talk about them.

Think about it: Does he ask about your yoga classes or your painting hobby? Has he started watching your favorite TV series so that you can discuss it together? 

He wants to understand what makes you happy, what keeps you engaged, and he wants to share those things with you. 

This shared interest can bring you closer together and lay the groundwork for a deeper connection.

13. He Talks About the Future

When a man starts talking about future plans, such as trips or events that are months away, he’s subtly hinting at the idea of a shared future, which suggests he’s considering a relationship with you.

However, these discussions about the future might not always be grand. It could be as simple as planning to watch a movie next weekend or trying that new restaurant in town next month. 

The key thing is he is envisioning and including you in his future plans.

14. His Body Language Is Open and Engaged

Often, our bodies tell the truth even when we’re trying to hide it. So, observe his body language. If it’s open and engaged, this could be another hint.

When talking to you, does he maintain eye contact? Does he lean in, showing that he’s interested in what you’re saying? Is he mirroring your actions? These are signs of deep interest and connection.

Furthermore, pay attention to his facial expressions. Genuine smiles that reach his eyes and relaxed, open postures indicate comfort and sincerity. He is physically open and emotionally prepared to share his feelings with you.

15. He Makes You Feel Special

Confessing attraction to girl

This sign encapsulates many of the previous points, but it’s worth mentioning on its own because it’s so crucial.

This isn’t just about grand gestures; it’s about the little things he does that make you feel loved and appreciated. 

Maybe he remembers your coffee order, listens to you when you’re upset, or supports you in your goals. These actions make you feel cherished and important.

Remember, it’s not about the material things or the grand gestures. It’s about the time and effort he puts into understanding and caring for you. That’s what truly makes you feel special.

16. He’s Started Treating You Differently

A positive shift in his behavior towards you can be a clear sign that he’s ready to admit his feelings.

He’s likely started treating you differently from others because he sees you differently now. Maybe he’s been thinking of you more often. 

If this is the case, you’ll likely notice he pays more attention to you, includes you in more activities, tries to spend more time with you, or seeks your opinion more often.

He might also be more attentive to your needs, going the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Whether it’s grabbing an extra blanket at a chilly movie theater or going out of his way to bring you your favorite treat, these little gestures of kindness go a long way in showing his affection.

His conversation style might change, too. He’s more engaged, asks deeper questions, and pays attention to your responses. 

He isn’t just going through the motions of small talk; he’s genuinely interested in knowing your thoughts and feelings.


1. What if he shows these signs but doesn’t confess his feelings?

Sometimes, a man may display all these signs but still doesn’t confess his feelings. 

It’s important to remember that expressing emotions can be a challenging process, especially if there’s a fear of rejection or if he’s unsure of how you feel in return.

Just because he hasn’t confessed his feelings doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Patience is key in such situations. 

Allow the relationship to develop naturally. If the connection is strong and the signs are there, he might just need a little more time to gather his courage.

2. How should I react when he confesses his feelings?

When someone opens their heart to you, it’s important to respond with kindness and honesty. 

Thank him for being brave enough to express his feelings. Take time to process what he has shared before responding—this is not a moment to rush.

If you share his feelings, express that to him clearly. If you don’t, let him down gently, being respectful of the bravery it took to confess. 

Be honest and considerate, as it’s crucial to handle such moments with utmost care to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings unnecessarily.

3. I’ve noticed these signs, should I confess my feelings first?

If you’ve noticed these signs and you’re also feeling a deep connection, you might wonder if you should make the first move. 

The answer depends on your comfort level and how you feel about taking the lead in such situations.

If you’re comfortable with it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t express your feelings first. It may even relieve some of his anxiety about confessing his feelings. 

But if you’d prefer for him to initiate that conversation, it’s perfectly okay to wait. Everyone’s comfort zone is different, and it’s important to do what feels right for you.

4. What if he shows only a few of these signs?

If he shows only a few of these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not interested or doesn’t have feelings for you. 

Everyone expresses their emotions differently, and some might not display all of these signs.

Consider the signs he is showing and the context. Also, trust your intuition. You know him and the nuances of your relationship better than anyone. If you truly believe there’s something more than friendship brewing, it probably is. 

Just remember, the best way to truly know someone’s feelings is through open, honest communication.

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