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Sometimes a lady may like you, but for some reason, she will not want to admit it to herself, let alone to you. 

Maybe she’s been hurt before, maybe she’s scared of how her feelings could change your relationship (if you’re friends), or perhaps she’s just not ready to acknowledge the depth of her emotions. 

Whatever the reason may be, hiding your feelings for someone isn’t something anyone can do perfectly. There’ll surely be leaks in her body language and the way she interacts with you.

This is where understanding these subtle hints becomes crucial. Picking up on these signals can help you decipher her emotions, and perhaps even open her up to the possibility of a relationship. 

But what signs should you look for? How can you differentiate between a platonic interaction and a sign of suppressed feelings? Here’s how to know. 

1. She Keeps Finding Reasons to Be Around You

Think back on all those times you’ve bumped into her, almost as if by magic. Sure, the world is small, but is it that small? 

If a woman consistently finds reasons to be in your presence, she might just be fighting feelings for you. Even though she won’t outright admit that she likes you, her actions can be a loudspeaker.

This behavior is more than her just wanting to hang out in a friendly manner. It’s about those subtle excuses to be in the same vicinity.

For instance, you might notice her often needing help with something she could easily do herself, showing up at your favorite hangout spot, or even ‘accidentally’ double-booking herself for the same event you’re attending. 

These are not just coincidences; they’re her subconscious ways of dealing with the strong attraction she feels but doesn’t want to confront.

2. Her Body Language Is More Open When You’re Around

When she is confused about her feelings

Our bodies often betray what our minds work so hard to hide. 

For a woman fighting her feelings, her body language around you might be an unexpected giveaway. 

For instance, she’ll subconsciously lean towards you when she’s talking to you, maintain eye contact more than usual, exhibit open body language, and sometimes even become flirty, playing with her hair before consciously realizing she’s doing these things. 

When you’re together, observe her posture. Does she lean in during conversation, showing genuine interest? Does she mimic your gestures, a behavior psychologists term ‘mirroring?’ 

Does she touch her face or play with her hair more when you’re around? All these could be tell-tale signs she’s emotionally battling her attraction towards you.

However, it’s worth noting that body language isn’t a 100% foolproof indicator. Some people are naturally more expressive, while others might seem reserved due to shyness or anxiety. 

The key here is consistency. If her body language towards you changes noticeably compared to when she’s with others, you might be dealing with a woman who’s resisting her feelings for you.

3. She Shows Signs of Jealousy

Ever mentioned another woman during a conversation and seen her reaction change? Did she subtly grimace, frown, or try to shift the conversation? 

When a woman has feelings for you but is trying to suppress them, signs of jealousy may sneakily creep into her interactions with you.

It’s not about controlling jealousy that can be toxic in relationships. Instead, it’s those light flashes of discomfort when you talk about other women, especially in a potentially romantic context. 

The idea of you with someone else might be difficult for her to handle, even if she’s not ready to admit why.

4. She’s Always There for You

Signs she is confused about her feelings

Whether it’s the middle of the night or a busy workday, she seems to always be available when you need someone. That’s another strong sign a woman might be grappling with her feelings for you. 

We often go above and beyond for those we care about, and it’s no different in her case.

For instance, you might notice her making an extra effort to support you. She’s there to celebrate your triumphs, but she’s also ready to lend a listening ear or offer words of comfort during challenging times.

It’s almost as if she’s silently conveying her care and concern, even when she won’t admit to herself that she cares about you.

But do not mistake a supportive friend’s behavior with someone suppressing romantic feelings. You need to look for other signs simultaneously. 

If it’s a combination of her being persistently there for you and demonstrating other signs we’ve discussed, it could indicate she’s emotionally conflicted about you.

5. She Often Initiates Communication

Is she the first one to text in the morning, or the last person to wish you goodnight? Does she send you funny memes or articles she thinks you’ll find interesting? 

More importantly, does she initiate meaningful conversations or ask about your day? If she’s consistently the one who starts the communication, it could indicate she’s dealing with suppressed feelings.

6. Her Friends Know a Lot About You

If you notice her friends seem to know more about you than you’ve personally shared with them, it could be because she talks about you often. 

She might be trying to figure out her feelings or seeking advice about how to handle her emotions. Either way, her friends being well-informed about you is a common sign that you’ve got her attention in some way.

Remember, you’ll need to look out for more than just her friends knowing basic information about you. It’s the personal, specific details they seem to know, things that you’ve only shared with her, that give away her secret. 

More importantly, observe how her friends act towards you. Are they friendly and welcoming, always smiling and waving at you? That’s your cue. 

7. She’s More Sensitive to Your Actions

Signs she's fighting her feelings for you

When you casually brush against her arm or accidentally meet her gaze, she may blush or momentarily freeze, caught off guard by the electric charge that surges through her.

She might be more attuned to your conversations, hanging on to your every word, and finding hidden meanings in even the simplest phrases, and laughing louder at your jokes. 

These are all signs that she sees you differently and she’s trying hard to make an impression on you. 

If she seems more sensitive or responsive to your actions and words than a typical friend would be, it might indicate she’s grappling with her feelings for you. 

8. She’s Frequently Nervous or Awkward Around You

Feeling nervous or awkward around someone you’re attracted to is a universal human experience.

If a woman is struggling with her feelings for you, she might display signs of nervousness or awkwardness around you. For instance, she’ll fumble with her words, act clumsily, or seem unusually shy or flustered.

This nervousness comes from her desire to make a good impression, coupled with the anxiety of betraying her hidden feelings. 

She’s constantly second-guessing herself, worried that her affection will shine through her guarded exterior. And this internal pressure can manifest as awkward behavior or nerves.

9. She Often Seems Lost in Thought

Another sign a woman might be wrestling with her feelings for you is if she often seems lost in thought when you’re together. 

This might look like she’s daydreaming, zoning out, or being unusually quiet. Her mind is likely busy trying to process her emotions and figure out how she truly feels.

Her daydreaming might be because she’s fantasizing about a possible future with you or pondering how things could be if she let her feelings take the lead. 

All these thoughts create a whirlwind in her mind, making her seem distracted or lost in thought.

But be cautious here. Many people have a lot on their minds, and it’s easy to misinterpret someone’s preoccupation with something else as feelings for you. 

Look for consistency in her behavior and the presence of other signs on this list before drawing conclusions.

10. She’s Trying Hard to Keep Things Platonic

This isn’t very common, but it happens sometimes. And it can be a good sign a girl is fighting her feelings for you. 

She’ll avoid flirty conversations, shy away from physical contact, and might even talk about other men in an attempt to hide her true feelings.

It’s a defense mechanism; she’s trying to convince herself and you that she only sees you as a friend. 

Yet, despite her efforts, her suppressed feelings often peek through her well-constructed façade, making this overly platonic behavior another sign to look for.

For instance, despite trying hard to prove that she doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards you, you can’t help but notice how jealous or flustered she becomes whenever she sees you engaging with another girl. 

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