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Navigating the dating world as a single mom can be a unique challenge. Why?  

It’s not just about finding someone who sparks your interest, but also about finding a partner who understands and appreciates the complexities of balancing parenthood and personal life. 

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of dating profile examples tailored specifically for single mothers looking to make a meaningful connection.

These examples are more than just templates; they are a reflection of the diverse lifestyles, interests, and personalities of single moms. 

Whether you’re a nature lover, a bookworm, a fitness enthusiast, a music aficionado, etc, there’s something here that can resonate with your story. 

Our goal is to provide inspiration and guidance in crafting a dating profile that truly represents who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner. 

Good Bio Examples For Single Moms 

a single mom

Example #1

Single mom here, with a love for quiet evenings and home-cooked meals. 

I have a 6-year-old who loves soccer and art. I work in accounting and spend my weekends exploring local parks with my kid. 

Looking for someone who appreciates a cozy night in and family time.

Example #2

I’m a single mom to a fantastic 10-year-old. My world revolves around my teaching job and weekend DIY projects. 

I enjoy reading historical novels and baking. Interested in meeting someone who values good conversation and a shared love for books and crafts.

Example #3

Greetings! I’m a single mom and a high school science teacher with a boundless enthusiasm for the cosmos.

My 8-year-old daughter and I often spend our evenings stargazing and dreaming up space adventures. 

When I’m not teaching or exploring the night sky, you’ll find me jogging in the park or experimenting with astrophotography. 

I’m excited to connect with someone who has a zest for learning and a heart for cosmic wonders.

Example #4

Hi! As a single mom and a freelance writer, I craft stories inspired by my mountain hikes with my 5-year-old son. 

Our home is filled with books, art supplies, and maps of our next adventure. I value creativity, open-mindedness, and a good sense of humor.

 Looking forward to meeting someone ready to explore both the literal and literary trails of life.

Example #5

I’m a single mom with a love for gardening and a knack for baking. 

My 10-year-old and I enjoy weekend bike rides and experimenting with new cookie recipes. 

Professionally, I’m in healthcare, which keeps me busy but fulfilled. In my downtime, I enjoy reading historical fiction.

Example #6

Hey there! I’m a beach enthusiast and mother to a wonderful 7-year-old surfer-in-training. 

My days are filled with sandy toes and sun-kissed smiles. 

When we’re not catching waves, I’m experimenting in the kitchen, turning fresh, local ingredients into culinary delights. 

I’m on the hunt for someone who loves the sound of the ocean and isn’t afraid to taste-test my latest recipe creations.

Example #7

Full-time mom to a pair of energetic kids who love my Saturday morning pancakes. 

I’m all about making people laugh, even if it’s with dad jokes. 

My evenings are usually spent with a good book or a fun board game.

Example #8

Single mom with a soft spot for movie marathons and craft projects. I’ve got a knack for turning everyday items into cool art with my two creative kids. 

When not crafting, you’ll find us curled up with popcorn for a movie night.

Example #9

As a single mom with a deep love for painting, I share my passion for art with my 9-year-old daughter. 

Our home doubles as an art studio, brimming with canvases and creativity. I also dedicate time to community service, teaching art classes at the local shelter.

Example #10

Hi there! I’m a single mom and an environmental scientist, with a penchant for historical documentaries. 

My 10-year-old son and I often embark on nature hikes, marveling at the wonders of the outdoors while discussing the fascinating tales of history.

 I adore intellectual debates and quiet evenings under the stars. Looking for someone who appreciates the beauty of nature and the intrigue of the past.

Example #11

Salutations! Balancing life as a single mom and a jazz saxophonist, I share a world of melodies and travels with my 11-year-old.

 Our home resonates with music and memories from different corners of the world. I have a thirst for cultural experiences and spontaneous adventures. 

Hoping to meet someone excited about global explorations and jazz nights.

Example #12

As a creative single mom and dedicated DIYer, I spend weekends crafting and upcycling with my 12-year-old soccer star. 

I also coach his soccer team, reveling in the joys of teamwork and sportsmanship. Our home is a lively hub of creativity and athletic energy. 

Eager to connect with someone who enjoys getting hands-on with projects and cheering from the sidelines.

Example #13

Hey! I’m a mom to a curious little one who shares my love for collecting cool rocks and baking cookies (sometimes they don’t turn out as expected, but it’s always fun!). 

Our weekends are all about nature walks and experimenting in the kitchen.

Example #14

Hello! I’m the cheering soccer mom of two amazing players and a secret karaoke enthusiast. 

Our home is often filled with laughter, music, and the occasional soccer practice. I cherish simple joys and spontaneous sing-alongs.

Example #15

Hi there! As a single mom, I juggle reading bedtime stories and solving puzzles with my little one. 

I’m a fan of quiet evenings with a good book or challenging ourselves with a jigsaw puzzle. It’s all about the small, happy moments for us.

Example #16

Single mom and beach explorer, teaching my kid the art of building the perfect sandcastle. 

We love our beach days followed by homemade smoothie sessions. Our house is full of laughter, sandy toes, and the occasional smoothie experiment gone wild.

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Short Single Mom Dating Profile Examples 

beautiful looking woman

Example #17

Mama of two crazy cute little boys. Runner. Little spoon. Selfie queen. Peanut butter lover. If you can’t laugh at yourself, I will. 

Example #18

A single mom who turns weekends into DIY adventures. Whether it’s painting, building, or crafting, my two kids are always involved, making every project a fun, family affair.

Example #19

Passionate about outdoor adventures. My son and I have a goal to hike every trail in our area. We’re all about discovering new paths and sharing laughs along the way.

Example #20

I’m a big fan of comedy movies and popcorn nights. I cherish evenings spent with my daughter, laughing over our favorite films and sharing stories.

Example #21

I’m all about early morning jogs and healthy smoothies. My little one often joins in, riding alongside on their bike. We’re a team that believes in starting the day with energy and smiles.

Example #22

Love getting lost in a good mystery novel. When I’m not reading, I’m playing detective with my kids, creating our mystery games. It’s all about imagination and fun in our house.

Example #23

Weekends are for exploring local flea markets and antique shops with my kids. We have a knack for finding hidden treasures and turning them into beautiful home decor.

Example #24

As a self-proclaimed kitchen experimenter, I enjoy trying out new recipes with my children. Our kitchen is often a mix of chaos and laughter, but always full of love and delicious smells.

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Funny Single Dating Mom Profile Examples

Example #25

Single mom and reigning queen of snack-time negotiations. I’ve got two energetic boys who are convinced they’re superheroes. 

My hobbies include explaining why wearing capes to bed isn’t practical and making the world’s best peanut butter sandwiches. 

Bonus points if you’re a pro at untangling knots from superhero capes.

Example #26

Running my circus here with a pair of the world’s most charming clowns (my kids, obviously). 

I’m a master of the five-minute makeup routine and can recite every line from “Finding Nemo.” 

Looking for someone who doesn’t mind stepping on Lego blocks and can appreciate a good fish joke.

Example #27

Here I am: a bedtime story aficionado, expert boo-boo healer, and a single mom to two kids who believe bedtime is a suggestion. 

My life’s a blend of spontaneous dance parties and debating with toddlers. If you’re someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and can make a mean grilled cheese, let’s talk.

Example #28

Chief of the ‘no monsters under the bed’ squad and single mom to a couple of aspiring astronauts. 

I can build a mean Lego spaceship and my cookie stash is legendary. Just a gal who can turn a living room into a moon landing site, hoping to find someone ready for liftoff into family fun.

Example #28

Mom of two, fluent in speaking ‘dinosaur’ and an expert in locating lost toys. 

My life is a thrilling mix of playing dress-up and finding new ways to outsmart a smart home. 

If you’re someone who enjoys a good game of hide-and-seek and doesn’t mind a house that occasionally resembles a toy store explosion, you’re in the right place.

Example #29

Holder of the ‘World’s Best Pancakes’ title (awarded by my toughest critics, my kids). I juggle life, work, and explaining why we can’t adopt every stray cat. 

On weekends, you’ll find me being a soccer mom, complete with embarrassing cheers. 

If you’re up for adventurous park outings and are a pro at untangling kite strings, we might just click.

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Best Single Mom Dating Profile Examples

Example #30

30-something single mom, juggling a full-time job and MBA studies. Passionate about reading, movie-going, cooking, and exploring new places. 

Seeking someone with a similar lifestyle, ready to enjoy family activities and share some laughs.

Example #31

Hi, I’m Ava, 27, blonde, and 5’8″. Mom to a wonderful 6-year-old, working as an exterior designer. 

My free time is all about the outdoors – boating, hiking, camping. Looking for someone who shares my love for nature and can brighten my day.

Example #32

In my early 30s, I’m a dedicated mom to two energetic boys and a professional graphic designer. 

My hobbies include photography, exploring local art scenes, and weekend baking. Searching for a creative soul who enjoys art and family fun.

Example #33

Hello! I’m a 36-year-old single mom of a delightful 9-year-old girl. As a nurse, I have a busy schedule but always make time for yoga and gardening. 

Interested in meeting someone who cares, enjoys wellness, and values quality family time.

Example #34

I’m a 29-year-old mom balancing life with a playful 4-year-old and a career in digital marketing. I love spontaneous road trips, trying out new cafes, and podcasting. 

Hoping to connect with someone who’s adventurous and appreciates a good coffee talk.

Example #35

In my mid-30s, single mom to a smart 10-year-old. I’m an avid reader, a history enthusiast, and enjoy DIY home projects. 

Looking for a thoughtful individual who loves learning and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in a fun DIY challenge.

Example #36

Early 40s, single mom of teenage twins, working in finance. I unwind with yoga, thriller novels, and culinary experiments. 

Keen on finding someone who appreciates a well-cooked meal and can handle the thrilling twists of parenthood.

Example #37

34 and a single mom to a charming 7-year-old. As a personal trainer, I embrace a fit lifestyle and love outdoor activities like cycling and swimming. 

I’m interested in meeting someone who shares a passion for fitness and family adventures.

Example #38

Late 30s, mom to an adorable 5-year-old girl, and a professional event planner. My world is filled with music, dance, and planning spectacular events. 

Looking for a partner who enjoys the arts and can keep up with a busy, yet exciting lifestyle.

Example #39

Early 30s, single mom of a curious 8-year-old boy. I work in environmental science and enjoy hiking, bird watching, and volunteering. 

Seeking someone who values nature, sustainability, and meaningful conversations.

Example #40

I’m a 28-year-old single mom and elementary school teacher. My life revolves around my 6-year-old son, crafting, and storytelling. 

Hoping to meet someone who loves imaginative adventures and cherishes family moments.

Example #41

In my late 30s, I’m a single mom to a vibrant 11-year-old and a professional photographer. 

I love capturing life’s moments, weekend picnics, and exploring new photography techniques. Interested in someone who appreciates the beauty in everyday life and enjoys creative pursuits.

Example #42

Mid-30s, single mom to a pair of delightful twin girls. I work in healthcare and treasure our family movie nights, board games, and baking weekends. Seeking a kind-hearted individual who enjoys a cozy night in and the joy of family activities.

Example #43

I’m a 31-year-old single mom and a freelance writer. My life is a mix of writing from cozy coffee shops, park outings with my 7-year-old, and local literary events. 

Looking for a fellow wordsmith who enjoys the simple pleasures of life and storytelling.

Example #44

In my early 40s, I’m a single mom and an architect. My 12-year-old son and I love building model structures, exploring cities, and learning about different architectural styles. Seeking someone with a keen eye for design and a heart for family explorations.

Example #45

Warm greetings! As a violinist and mother of a delightful 13-year-old, my life dances to the rhythm of classical music and the rustle of book pages. 

Our evenings are often spent immersed in novels or enjoying violin-piano duets. 

I work in a quaint bookstore, surrounded by literary treasures. I’m seeking someone who shares a passion for the arts and the serenity of a good book.

6 Tips For a Good Single Mom Dating Profile 

a woman with a phone

1. Be Authentically You

Creating a dating profile as a single mom is an opportunity to celebrate your unique self. 

Share what makes you, you – your hobbies, passions, and what you treasure in life. 

Maybe you’re a yoga enthusiast or a book lover; let these facets shine through. Your profile should give a snapshot of who you are, not just as a mom, but as a person with diverse interests and passions.

This authenticity will attract someone who appreciates the real you.

Remember, your individuality is your strength. It’s not just about listing your qualities, but about showcasing your personality. 

Are you witty, introspective, adventurous? Let these traits come alive in your profile. 

Your distinct character will help you stand out in the sea of profiles and connect with someone who truly resonates with your personality.

2. Highlight Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle as a single mom is a key part of your identity and it’s important to share this aspect of your life. 

Being upfront about your role as a mother helps set clear expectations. 

Talk about how you balance work, personal interests, and parenting. 

This isn’t just about the logistics of your day-to-day life, but also about the joy and fulfillment you find in your role as a mom.

Your lifestyle gives potential partners insight into your world. It helps them understand what you value and how you manage your time. 

For instance, if weekend hikes with your kids are your thing, mention that. It’s about painting a picture of your life that includes both your responsibilities and the things that bring you happiness.

3. Show Positivity

A positive tone in your profile creates a welcoming vibe. Focus on what you’re excited about in life and what you’re looking for in a partner

A profile filled with optimism and hope is more likely to draw positive attention.

Positivity is contagious. It’s not just about listing the things you love; it’s about conveying your outlook on life. Are you someone who sees the glass half full? Let that optimism reflect in your writing. 

Maybe you’re excited about future travels or the novels you plan to read – share these aspirations. 

Positivity attracts positivity, and that’s the kind of energy you want in your dating journey.

4. Be Clear About What You Want

Clarity is key. You’re not just here to meet anyone; you’re here to meet the right person for you. 

Be clear about what you’re looking for in a relationship. 

Are you looking for a serious relationship, someone who enjoys family time, or a fellow hobbyist? State it.

This clarity saves time and energy. It helps filter out those who aren’t on the same page and attracts those who share your relationship goals and values. 

Think about what’s important to you in a partner and a relationship, and make sure to express that. It’s about finding someone who aligns with your life and your values.

5. Include Pictures That Reflect Your Life

Photos are a powerful tool in your profile. Choose images that reflect your life and personality. 

Include pictures that show you in your element – maybe that’s hiking, reading in a cozy corner, or playing at the park with your kids. 

These images tell a story, your story, and they help potential partners visualize a life with you.

Your photos should also reflect the various aspects of your life. If family is important to you, a photo with your children can be heartwarming. 

If you’re passionate about a hobby, show it in action. This visual storytelling adds depth to your profile and makes it more engaging.

6. Stay Safe and Maintain Boundaries

Safety and privacy are paramount. It’s important to be open and honest in your profile, but remember to maintain certain boundaries. 

Avoid sharing overly personal information, like your full name, exact location, or specifics about your children. This is about protecting yourself and your family while you navigate the online dating world.

Think about the information you share and how it might be perceived. While being authentic, also be mindful of your privacy. It’s okay to keep some details private until you get to know someone better. 

Online dating should be a fun and safe experience, and maintaining these boundaries is a key part of that.

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