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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and what better way to do it than with words? 

In this article, we’ll explore some special Spanish words that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Spanish, known for its passionate and expressive nature, has many words that beautifully capture the feelings of love and romance. 

These words are not just ordinary; they are like little keys that unlock the heart.

We will look at a variety of words, from those that describe feelings like “amor” (love) to words for people we care about like “novio” (boyfriend) and “novia” (girlfriend). 

This way, you can use these words to make your Valentine’s Day even more special and beautifully show your feelings.

Spanish Valentine Words List 

Spanish Valentine Words

Amor (Love) – The cornerstone of Valentine’s Day, amor encapsulates the deep, profound feelings shared between two people.

Corazón (Heart) – Symbolizing the center of emotions, corazón is often used to express love and affection.

Beso (Kiss) – A tender gesture of love, beso represents a physical expression of affection and desire.

Abrazo (Hug) – An embrace that conveys warmth and comfort, abrazo is a universal sign of affection.

Caricia (Caress) – A gentle touch, caricia signifies a loving and tender physical connection.

Romance (Romance) – The essence of a love story, romance embodies the excitement and mystery of love.

Pasión (Passion) – Intense and fiery, pasión reflects the deep and powerful emotions in a romantic relationship.

Querido (Dear) – A term of endearment, querido is used to address someone cherished and loved.

San Valentín (Saint Valentine) – The namesake of Valentine’s Day, representing the celebration of love and affection.

Día de San Valentín (Valentine’s Day) – A day dedicated to celebrating love, affection, and romantic relationships.

Amado (Beloved) – Someone dearly loved, amado signifies a deep and enduring affection.

Cariño (Affection) – A term denoting fondness and tender feelings, cariño is often used in intimate relationships.

Pareja (Couple) – Two individuals united in love, pareja signifies a romantic partnership.

Novio (Boyfriend) – A term for a male romantic partner in a committed relationship.

Novia (Girlfriend) – The female counterpart in a romantic relationship, novia denotes a committed partner.

Esposo (Husband) – A term for a married male partner, signifying a lifelong commitment and partnership.

Esposa (Wife) – The female equivalent of esposo, representing a married partner and lifelong companion.

Flechazo (Crush) – An instant attraction or infatuation, often described as love at first sight.

Enamorado (In love) – A state of being deeply in love, filled with romantic feelings and emotions.

Encanto (Charm) – A quality that captivates and attracts, often used to describe a lover’s irresistible allure.

Dulzura (Sweetness) – The endearing sweetness in a relationship, often reflected in gestures and words.

Ternura (Tenderness) – Gentle, loving care that is often shown in intimate, caring relationships.

Compromiso (Commitment) – The dedication and promise to stay together, highlighting the strength of a relationship.

Admirador (Admirer) – Someone who holds a deep affection and admiration for another person.

Adoración (Adoration) – A profound level of love and reverence, often signifying deep emotional attachment.

Atracción (Attraction) – The magnetic pull between two people, an essential element in the chemistry of love.

Cita (Date) – A romantic rendezvous, a special occasion for lovers to spend quality time together.

Conquista (Conquest) – Often used to describe the act of winning over someone’s heart.

Deseo (Desire) – A strong feeling of wanting to be with or near someone, often a driving force in love.

Devoción (Devotion) – Loyalty and deep affection, showing dedicated and unwavering love.

Mi Valentín / Mi Valentina – This means “My Valentine”, used for addressing a male or female Valentine, respectively.

Eternidad (Eternity) – A poetic term for everlasting love, symbolizing a bond that transcends time.

Fidelidad (Fidelity) – Faithfulness and loyalty in a relationship, a cornerstone of trust and commitment.

Galanteo (Courtship) – The process of wooing someone, often filled with romantic gestures and expressions of love.

Ilusión (Hope, illusion) – The excitement and anticipation in love, often filled with dreams and aspirations.

Intimidad (Intimacy) – The closeness and deep connection shared between romantic partners.

Joya (Jewel) – Often used to describe a person who is treasured and deeply valued in someone’s life.

Unión (Union) – The joining of two people in love, symbolizing a strong and harmonious relationship.

Sentimiento (Feeling) – The emotions and affections that are fundamental to a loving relationship.

Suspiro (Sigh) – An expression of deep emotion, often associated with longing or contentment in love.

Vínculo (Bond) – The strong connection that ties two people together in a relationship.

Serenata (Serenade) – A romantic gesture of singing to express love and affection.

Rosas (Roses) – Classic symbols of love and romance, often used to convey deep affection.

Chocolate (Chocolate) – A sweet treat commonly associated with romance and indulgence.

Poema (Poem) – Romantic verses crafted to express the depth and beauty of love.

Verso (Verse) – Lines of poetry that convey feelings and thoughts about love and romance.

Carta (Letter) – A written expression of love, often filled with heartfelt words and emotions.

Regalo (Gift) – A present given as a sign of affection, often to celebrate love and special occasions.

Sorpresa (Surprise) – Unexpected moments or gifts that add excitement and joy to a relationship.

Sonrisa (Smile) – A joyful expression that often reflects happiness and love.

Mirada (Gaze) – The way lovers look at each other, conveying emotions without words.

Susurro (Whisper) – Soft, intimate spoken words, often conveying love and affection in a gentle manner.

Promesa (Promise) – A vow or commitment made between lovers, signifying trust and dedication.

Confesión (Confession) – The act of revealing one’s feelings, often a pivotal moment in a romantic relationship.

Encuentro (Encounter) – A meeting between lovers, often filled with anticipation and excitement.

Destino (Destiny) – The belief in a predetermined path for a relationship, often seen as fate bringing lovers together.

Felicidad (Happiness) – The joy and contentment found in a loving relationship.

Lujuria (Lust) – A strong physical desire, often a part of the initial stages of a romantic relationship.

Melodía (Melody) – The harmonious blend of emotions and experiences in a love story.

Nostalgia (Nostalgia) – Fond remembrances of past moments and experiences in a relationship.

Sueño (Dream) – Hopes and aspirations for a future filled with love and happiness.

Afecto (Affection) – Tender feelings of care and fondness in a loving relationship.

Belleza (Beauty) – A term often used to describe the aesthetic and emotional appeal of a loved one.

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