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Tinder is typically associated with single people seeking connections, whether they’re looking for love, a casual date, or just a bit of fun. 

It’s a place where you swipe right if you like someone and left if you don’t. When two people both swipe right on each other, it’s a match! Sounds pretty simple, right? 

That’s how it’s supposed to work. But the hard truth is, there are a lot of married people on Tinder. 

Now, it begs the question, “If Tinder is for people looking for a romantic relationship, then what’s a married person doing there?”

Well, the reasons vary widely. But here are six common motivations.

1. Curiosity

Curiosity is a common reason why married individuals might find themselves on Tinder. Some married people might simply want to see what all the fuss is about. 

They might have heard stories from single friends, seen it referenced in pop culture, or just wondered how their desirability stacks up in the modern dating market.

Perusing profiles, swiping left and right, and engaging in light conversation can provide an interesting insight into the contemporary dating scene. 

It can be somewhat like window shopping—checking out the offerings without any intention to purchase.

There’s an entire generation of married people who missed the online dating revolution. For them, platforms like Tinder might be fascinating digital territory worth exploring.

However, it’s worth noting that this curiosity could be a slippery slope. There’s always a chance that what starts as innocent curiosity can evolve into something more problematic.

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2. Validation

Is there a dating site for the married?
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People like to feel attractive and desired, and sometimes, after years of marriage, that initial spark can dim. 

Daily routines, work stress, family obligations—all these factors can push the romantic aspect of marriage to the back burner.

Using Tinder can provide a quick ego boost. The validation from having people express interest in you can be quite appealing. 

It can make a person feel attractive, desired, or interesting—especially if they feel taken for granted in their marriage.

There’s something about the simple mechanics of the Tinder interface—someone liking your profile, matching with you, starting a conversation—that can provide immediate, albeit superficial, validation. It’s an external affirmation of one’s appeal.

3. Escapism

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming, with mounting responsibilities and pressures. Being on Tinder can provide a distraction, an escape from the mundane realities of everyday life.

The thrill of meeting new people, engaging in intriguing conversations, or even the rush of having a secret can provide a sense of adventure that’s missing from their everyday life. 

For some, it’s a way to momentarily forget about bills, diapers, or marital disputes.

Think of it as a virtual escape room, providing a brief reprieve from life’s responsibilities. 

It’s similar to losing oneself in a good book or movie, except in this case, the script is written in real time, and the characters are real people.

However, this form of escapism can become problematic if it starts to interfere with the person’s actual life and responsibilities. 

It’s one thing to want a break from reality now and then, but it’s another to escape from serious issues that need addressing.

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4. Open Relationship

Married woman on Tinder

Not all marriages follow the traditional mold of monogamy. Some couples opt for open or polyamorous relationships, where both parties agree that seeing other people is acceptable.

For these people, Tinder serves as a convenient platform to meet potential partners. It provides a vast pool of potential connections, which would be more challenging to find in regular life. 

People in open relationships value this platform for the very reason that it was designed—to meet and connect with new people.

5. Preparing for Separation or Divorce

Another reason a married person might be on Tinder is that they’re contemplating separation. Some people might turn to Tinder as a way of exploring their options or preparing for single life.

Having a presence on Tinder could be a way of testing the waters—seeing what’s out there before taking the leap. 

It’s not strange for people to feel out of touch or apprehensive about dating after being in a long-term relationship or marriage.

While it’s not an approach that everyone would feel comfortable with, for some, it might provide a sense of security or confidence as they contemplate a major life change. 

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6. Infidelity

Married on Tinder

The elephant in the room: infidelity. Some married individuals might use Tinder to cheat on their spouses. 

Being on Tinder offers a level of convenience that can make it easier for someone looking to step outside their marriage. 

Whether they’re looking for a physical affair, an emotional one, or just some flirtatious chatting, Tinder can provide that outlet.

It’s a harsh reality, but it stresses the importance of honesty, transparency, and communication in maintaining a healthy marriage. 

A straying spouse might point to numerous issues within the relationship, and these problems would be better solved by open dialogue or professional help rather than infidelity.

Are there married people on Tinder?

There are indeed married people on Tinder. While the platform was initially designed for single individuals seeking connections, it has grown to include a more diverse range of users. 

This includes married people, some of whom are upfront about their marital status in their profiles, and others who aren’t. 

The reasons for married people being on Tinder are different, ranging from seeking friendships and validation to exploring open relationships, or even contemplating divorce. 

How many people are married on Tinder?

There are no official statistics available on the number of married people on Tinder. It’s important to note that Tinder does not require users to disclose their marital status, which makes it difficult to obtain accurate data. 

While there are studies and surveys conducted on the user demographics of Tinder, they typically focus on age, gender, or the reasons for using the app, rather than marital status. 

Therefore, it’s impossible to say definitively how many married people are using Tinder.

Is there a dating site for the married?

Why married men are on tinder

Dating websites specifically designed for married individuals or those in committed relationships exist. 

One such platform is Ashley Madison, which gained notoriety in 2015 due to a data breach. The site is explicitly geared towards people seeking extramarital affairs. 

Another website, Gleeden, is marketed towards married women looking for additional partners. 

These sites, however, are controversial and can be seen as encouraging infidelity. 

Why do married men join Tinder?

Married men may join Tinder for a variety of reasons. Some may be seeking friendship or curiosity about the app. 

Others might be looking for a quick ego boost or a temporary escape from the monotony of life. 

There’s also the possibility of exploring an open relationship, preparing for separation, or unfortunately, intending to commit infidelity. 

And some married men may use Tinder to rekindle the spark in their marriage or to reestablish their individual identity outside of their marital roles. 

The motivations are as varied as the individuals themselves.

What do you do if you find that your partner is on Tinder?

If you discover your partner is on Tinder and you’re very sure about that, the first thing to do is to gently approach your partner expressing your feelings honestly, and listen to their explanation. 

If their response is unsatisfactory or if it reveals deeper issues in your relationship, you may want to consider seeking help from a relationship counselor or therapist. 

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