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Have you ever paused before sending a text, wondering if you’ve chosen the right words? 

We’ve all been there, especially when we’re texting someone we care about or want to impress. It’s only natural to want to make them feel special, right?

And just like many ladies enjoy sweet nicknames or special terms, guys too have their preferences. 

There are certain names or words that can light up their day, make them feel respected, cherished, or even just give them a good laugh.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of texting and explore some cute and flirty nicknames that guys generally like to hear over text. 

Whether you’re trying to make your message feel more intimate, show appreciation, or simply get to know what makes a man tick, you’ve come to the right place. 

Cute Names Guys Like to Be Called Over Text 

Cute Names Guys Like to Be Called Over Text 

1. Handsome

There’s just something about this name that exudes confidence and can make any guy’s day instantly brighter. It’s straightforward, but it packs a punch. 

Most guys would feel a bit more special receiving a text that reads, “Hey, handsome. How’s your day going?”

Not only does it boost his ego, but it’s also genuine. After all, you wouldn’t be calling him handsome if you didn’t truly believe he is. 

2. Babe

Babe is sweet, intimate, and to the point. It’s that universal pet name that most couples eventually slide into using. 

It’s familiar and personal, creating a sense of closeness between the two of you. When he sees a text pop up with, “Morning, babe,” he knows he’s on your mind.

While babe is quite common, it never really loses its charm. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to be affectionate without overdoing it.

3. Darling

Darling carries with it a touch of old-school romance. It feels like something straight out of a classic love story, where couples danced the night away and wrote love letters. 

Sending him a text like, “Thinking of you, darling,” can make him feel like he’s the protagonist in a romantic film.

Beyond its nostalgic vibes, darling is tender and full of affection. It suggests a deep fondness, making it perfect for those times you want to express just how much you cherish him.

4. Dear

Simple yet profound, dear is one of those pet names that speaks of care and consideration. “Hope you’re doing well, dear,” is a text that warms the heart instantly.

Even though dear might sound like something grandparents would use, it has a timeless elegance. 

5. Love

Short, sweet, and encapsulating, Love says it all. A simple, “Goodnight, love,” speaks volumes more than just a regular goodnight wish.

Love is a term that showcases your bond, your connection, and the special place he holds in your life. Every time you use it, you reaffirm just how much he means to you.

6. Mr. Charming

Mr. Charming is a playful way to compliment him on his charismatic nature. 

By saying something like, “What’s the plan for tonight, Mr. Charming?” you’re not just inquiring about the evening, but also reminding him of his enchanting personality.

It’s lighthearted, fun, and perfect for those moments when you want to inject some humor into the conversation. 

And of course, it serves as a gentle nudge, reminding him of the charm that won you over.

Flirty Names Guys Like to Be Called Over Text

Flirty Names Guys Like to Be Called Over Text

7. Sexy

Unambiguous and bold, Sexy is for those moments when you want to ramp up the flirtation. 

“Missed you today, sexy,” is bound to bring a smile to his face and probably make him blush a little. It’s a direct way to appreciate his looks and his aura.

Sprinkled at just the right moments, it can spice up your conversations and add that dash of allure that keeps the spark alive.

8. Cute

While many might reserve Cute for fluffy kittens and puppies, it’s also a heartwarming compliment for your man. 

Maybe it’s the way he smiles, or perhaps it’s a quirky habit of his, but pointing it out by saying, “You looked extra cute today,” can brighten his day.

9. Hot

Hot is for those moments when subtlety just won’t do. Sending him a text reading, “You looked so hot today,” will undoubtedly raise the temperature of the conversation.

It’s a term that’s all about physical attraction, making it perfect for those days when you want to remind him just how much he catches your eye.

10. Strong

Strong doesn’t just have to pertain to physical strength. It can also refer to emotional and mental resilience. Dropping a message saying, “I admire how strong you are,” can uplift him, especially on rough days.

Using this term of endearment reinforces your belief in his abilities and character. It’s a gentle way to remind him that you see and appreciate his strength in every form.

11. Fine

What name can I call a guy while texting

Blunt and flirty, Fine is a fun way to compliment him on his looks. “Looking fine today,” is a compliment that carries weight. It’s like telling him he’s caught your eye all over again.

Fine is perfect for those days when he’s dressed up or when you just want to remind him of the undeniable attraction you feel towards him. It’s a modern term with a straightforward allure.

12. His Name

There’s something incredibly intimate about using his actual name, especially when it’s woven into affectionate messages. 

Imagine a text reading, “I can’t wait to see you, [His Name].” This not only personalizes the message but adds a touch of deep connection.

His name, said with affection, can be as romantic as any pet name. 

13. Stud

This is a fun way to compliment him, especially when you’re in a teasing mood. A text reading, “How’s it going, stud?” adds a layer of flirtation to your conversation.

It’s not just about his looks but also his confidence. It’s a casual and modern pet name, ideal for those moments when you want to keep things light and breezy.

14. Daddy

Definitely bold and a bit daring, Daddy is not for everyone. But for some couples, it adds an element of playfulness and can even be a bit spicy.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight, daddy,” is sure to get his attention.

Names Guys Like to Be Called Over Text By A Girl 

Names Guys Like to Be Called Over Text By A Girl

15. Good-looking

Good-looking is a timeless compliment. It’s straightforward and effective. By saying, “Hey, good-looking, what’s up?” you’re letting him know you find him attractive, without beating around the bush.

It resonates with almost everyone and can be used casually or more seriously, depending on the tone of the conversation.

16. Hun

Short for honey, Hun is a sweet and endearing pet name. It’s familiar and comforting. A message like, “Hope you’re having a good day, hun,” radiates warmth and care.

Hun is versatile and can fit into almost any conversation, making it one of those pet names that never really goes out of style.

17. Intelligent

There’s nothing like being appreciated for one’s mind. By calling him Intelligent, you’re complimenting him on a deeper level. 

A text like, “I’m always amazed by how intelligent you are,” not only boosts his self-worth but also shows that you value his intellect.

It’s more than just surface-level appreciation; it delves into his character and personality, making him feel seen and valued for who he truly is.

18. My sunshine

My sunshine is like a ray of warmth in text form. It’s a way of saying he lights up your life and brings joy to your days. “Miss you, my sunshine,” conveys deep affection and longing.

It’s romantic without being overly saccharine, making it a perfect balance of sweetness and sincerity.

19. Champ

Champ is uplifting and motivating. It’s a way to commend him for his achievements, big or small. “Knew you could do it, champ!” is a message of pride and belief in his capabilities.

It’s more than just a pet name; it’s a badge of honor. By using it, you’re recognizing his efforts and letting him know that you’re his biggest cheerleader.

20. Naughty Boy

Flirty with a hint of mischief, Naughty Boy is for those moments when you want to add a playful twist to the conversation. 

A message like, “See you later, naughty boy,” sets a teasing tone and adds a bit of fun to the mix.

It’s a term that’s cheeky and lighthearted, ideal for keeping things lively and spirited. Just make sure it aligns with the vibe of your relationship and both of you are comfortable with it.

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