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Though some people throw the term “personal person” to anyone they’ve just had a good laugh with, it’s usually reserved for someone special. 

These special ones are often the people we share our secrets with, laugh the loudest with, or even share our deepest fears with. 

Imagine that one person you can always count on, no matter the time of day. 

The one you call when you’re feeling down, when you’ve got exciting news, or just when you want to chat about nothing in particular. 

That’s the essence of a “personal person.” And in this article, we’ll dive into the layers of what it truly means when someone calls you their “personal person”.

1. You’re their best friend

Being dubbed someone’s “personal person” is like receiving an honorary title in the friendship realm. It’s more than just a regular “best friend” tag; it’s like an elevated version of it. 

It feels fantastic when conversations never feel forced, where everything flows naturally, and there’s an understanding even in silence. 

Over shared stories, candid heart-to-heart sessions, or just laughing over the silliest things, you’ve solidified your place in their heart.

2. They trust you

When Someone Calls You ‘Personal Person’

Trust is the result of countless shared secrets, moments of vulnerability, and being there for someone without judgment. 

When they call you their “personal person,” it’s a nod to that trust. It tells you that you’re their safe space, their vault. 

They know they can be raw, open, and absolutely genuine with you, without the fear of being backstabbed or misunderstood. 

They’ve probably shared with you their deepest fears, joys, and dreams. And in a world filled with fleeting connections, maintaining such trust is like having a rare gem.

3. It’s just a slang they use on people

Sometimes, “personal person” is just a slang, a catchy phrase they use, because let’s face it, slang is the spice of language. 

People often spice up their sentences with such terms to make their conversation sound fresh, lively, and in sync with current trends. For some, “personal person” is the new “BFF” or “buddy.” 

Using it doesn’t necessarily mean you share a profound bond; maybe they just like the way it sounds or it’s their way of keeping the conversation light and breezy.

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4. They like your company

what does personal person mean?

When people tag you as their “personal person,” it’s a subtle yet powerful acknowledgment of the comfort and happiness they derive from your company. 

Maybe it’s the way you listen, the laughter you bring into their life, or simply the calmness your presence ushers in. It’s like being told, “Hey, you’re my favorite human to hang out with!” 

You’re that ray of sunshine on a gloomy day or that comforting melody they love listening to. 

They’ve likely had some of their best memories and conversations with you, making every encounter something to look forward to.

5. They Appreciate Your Judgment

Ever have that one friend whose opinion you seek out before making any big decision? That’s the space you occupy for them. 

When someone considers you their “personal person,” they’re silently acknowledging your wisdom, insights, and generally sound judgment. 

This doesn’t mean they’ll always agree with you or follow your advice to the letter, but it does highlight the value they place on your perspective. 

In essence, they’re saying that your thoughts matter to them. So, whether it’s helping them pick a new outfit or weighing in on a career change, they’re keen on having your take. 

6. Your Vibes Resonate with Them

signs someone sees you as their personal person

You know how sometimes you just click with someone? It’s that indescribable feeling where the conversation flows seamlessly, where mutual respect is palpable, and the energy just feels right. 

When you’re termed as someone’s “personal person,” there’s a good chance that your vibes, or energies, resonate beautifully with theirs. 

It’s beyond just shared hobbies or interests; it’s about an innate connection, a mutual wavelength. 

You might laugh at the same jokes, enjoy similar music, or even view the world through a similar lens. Over shared moments, this resonance grows stronger, creating an unspoken bond that’s deeply cherished.

7. They Feel a Sense of Belonging with You

Belonging is a powerful emotion. It’s about feeling at home, feeling understood, and genuinely accepted for who you are. 

When someone refers to you as their “personal person,” they’re expressing a profound sense of belonging when they’re with you. 

They don’t feel the need to put on a facade. Instead, they’re at ease, and that comfort speaks volumes about the space you’ve carved out for them in your life. 

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8. You’ve Shared Significant Moments

Life is a series of moments, some trivial, some monumental. Being someone’s “personal person” often indicates that you’ve been by their side during significant chapters in their life. 

Perhaps you’ve celebrated milestones together, weathered storms, or simply experienced mundane day-to-day events that, in hindsight, become cherished memories. 

It’s not just about being physically present; it’s about being emotionally invested. Such shared experiences form the fabric of lasting relationships. 

And when they look back at those defining moments, your presence, support, or sheer joy, plays a prominent role in their memories.

What does “personal person” mean in a relationship?

“Personal person” in the context of a relationship signifies a profound connection between two individuals. 

It’s not just about being together; it’s about sharing a unique bond that stands out from all other relationships. It’s akin to saying, “You’re not just anyone in my life; you hold a special place that no one else can occupy.” 

In romantic relationships, using this term often conveys a level of intimacy, understanding, and mutual respect. 

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When a guy calls you “my personal person”?

When a guy refers to you as “my personal person,” he’s signaling a deeper connection and special regard for you. 

It means you’re more than just another person in his life; you’re someone he holds close, values, and trusts. 

This phrase goes beyond the conventional tags of friend or partner; it signifies a bond that has nuances of care, understanding, and shared memories. 

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