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Flirting can be a fun and playful way to get to know someone. 

Whether it’s the start of a new relationship or just being friendly with a man you’re already dating, the words we use play a significant role in building connections. 

Imagine you’re chatting with a guy you like, and you want to keep the conversation light and fun. One way to do that? By using playful and flirty names!

Some names might tease, some might compliment, but all of them are meant to make the conversation a bit more personal and lively.

But here’s the thing – choosing the right name is crucial. The best flirty names are those that make the other person feel good. 

You want the name to sound sweet, maybe a tad cheeky, but not offensive. And that’s what this article is all about. 

What to Call a Guy When Flirting 

What to Call a Guy When Flirting 

1. Handsome 

Well, “Handsome” is an absolute classic. Throwing this one out there can make a guy’s day instantly better. There’s no ambiguity about it; you’re saying directly that he looks good. 

Using it in a playful tone during a conversation can light up the mood and get those flirtatious vibes going strong.

  • “Hey Handsome, have you been working out lately? You look great!”
  • “I must admit, Handsome, that shirt really suits you.”

2. Sweetie 

“Sweetie” has a touch of endearment and feels warm and fuzzy. It paints the picture of someone caring and thoughtful. 

It’s like saying, without using too many words, that he’s someone who’s caught your attention and made an impression with his sweet gestures.

  • “Could you pass me the salt, Sweetie?”
  • “Sweetie, you always know how to make me laugh!”

3. Prince Charming 

Remember all those fairy tales we heard growing up? Referring to a guy as “Prince Charming” brings back those memories. 

It’s a way of saying he’s got that magical touch or charisma that’s hard to resist. It’s not just about looks but about the whole package—charisma, charm, and, of course, the potential to sweep you off your feet.

  • “There comes my Prince Charming, always right on time.”
  • “Thanks for helping me with that, Prince Charming. You’re a lifesaver!”

4. Babe 

“Babe” is timeless. It’s got a relaxed and modern feel to it. It’s casual yet flirty. Calling a guy “babe” feels like you’re pulling him a little closer into your inner circle. 

It’s intimate without being too heavy, making it perfect for a flirtatious exchange.

  • “Hey Babe, are you up for a movie tonight?”
  • “Babe, you wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had!”

5. Stud 

“Stud” is for when you’re feeling a bit bolder. It’s not just complimenting his looks but acknowledging his confidence and presence. It’s like a nod to his masculinity, appreciating both the physical and mental aspects of it.

  • “Wow, Stud, looking like you own the place!”
  • “Every time I see you, Stud, you just look sharper and sharper.”

6. Darling 

“Darling” has an old-world charm. It’s refined, elegant, and ever so slightly formal. But that’s what makes it unique. Using it in a flirty conversation adds a touch of vintage romance, like something out of a classic movie.

  • “Darling, could you help me with this bag?”
  • “I’ve missed you, Darling. It’s been ages since we caught up.”

7. Mr. Mysterious 

Got a guy who’s intriguing and keeps you guessing? “Mr. Mysterious” is the perfect name for him. It’s like you’re acknowledging that there’s more to him than meets the eye, and you’re interested in discovering what that is. Plus, everyone loves a little mystery, right?

  • “So, Mr. Mysterious, what did you get up to last weekend?”
  • “I’m always curious about your thoughts, Mr. Mysterious.”

The Best Flirty Names Guys Like to Be Called 

The Best Flirty Names Guys Like to Be Called 

8. Sexy 

It’s bold, direct, and leaves little to the imagination. It’s all about physical attraction, and sometimes, being straightforward is the most effective strategy in the game of flirtation.

  • “That new haircut is doing wonders, Sexy!”
  • “You’re on fire tonight, Sexy!”

9. Honey 

“Honey” is sweet, obviously. It brings to mind warmth, sweetness, and a kind of golden glow. Using it in a conversation is like wrapping the guy in a warm embrace but with words. It’s tender and genuine, making it a darling in the flirting handbook.

  • “That was a great choice of restaurant, Honey. Loved it!”

10. Cutie 

“Cutie” is playful and fun. It takes the edge off, making interactions light and breezy. It’s less about deep attraction and more about finding someone adorable. It’s a fun word to throw around when you’re keeping things cheerful and non-committal.

  • “Hey cutie. How are you doing today?!”

11. My Love 

Now, “My Love” is deeper. It’s not just a flirtatious comment but a sign of genuine affection. While it can be used in a flirty context, it’s also about forming a connection. It’s for when the flirting gets a notch serious, and you want to express a deeper sense of admiration.

  • “My Love, can we plan a trip somewhere this weekend?”
  • “I heard this song and thought of you immediately, My Love.”

12. His Name 

Using his actual name might seem basic, but there’s an undeniable charm in personalization. 

When you say his name with that flirty tone, it shows you’ve singled him out in the crowd. It’s intimate, direct, and captivating. The sound of one’s own name, especially when spoken by someone they’re attracted to, can be quite the aphrodisiac.

  • “Jacob, there’s just something about your name that I can’t get out of my mind.”
  • “Every time I say ‘Liam,’ it feels like there’s a little spark. Do you feel it too?”

13. Daddy 

“Daddy” is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s provocative, hinting at an allure wrapped in power dynamics. While pop culture has given it a bit of a boost in recent times, the key is in the delivery. It’s all about confidence and mutual understanding.

  • “Could you help me out here, daddy? I’m a bit lost.”
  • “Daddy, you’ve got that look again. What are you thinking?”

14. Boo 

“Boo” is the quintessential modern flirtatious term. It’s playful, fresh, and has a youthful vibe. While it doesn’t carry the weight of some of the other names, that’s its charm. It’s perfect for a light-hearted tease or a casual flirtatious jab.

  • “Hey boo, you’re glowing today. Special occasion or just happy to see me?”
  • “What’s the plan, boo? Keeping me waiting is a risky game.”

15. Sweetheart 

“Sweetheart” is one of those timeless terms of endearment. It’s warm, genuine, and filled with affection. While it can be used in various contexts, in a flirtatious setting, it conveys admiration and perhaps a hint of nostalgia for old-fashioned romance.

  • “Sweetheart, every moment with you feels like a scene from a classic romance film.”
  • “How’s my favorite sweetheart doing tonight? Ready to steal the show again?”

16. Darling 

The charm of “Darling” lies in its elegance. It’s a term that transports you to the era of black and white movies, jazz clubs, and dance-filled nights. When you call a guy ‘darling’ in a flirtatious context, it wraps him in a layer of sophistication and timeless allure.

  • “Darling, you have a way of making everything seem more enchanting.”
  • “A drink in hand and talking to you, darling? Sounds like the perfect evening to me.”

17. Love 

“Love” is deep and evocative. Even in a flirty context, it’s a term that’s loaded with emotion. It implies a genuine fondness or a deep connection, even if used in a light-hearted manner. If you want to convey a sense of importance or significance, “love” is your go-to.

  • “How’s it going, love? This place lights up when you walk in.”
  • “I’ve missed our chats, love. How about we remedy that tonight?”

18. Prince Charming 

Using “Prince Charming” is like acknowledging a fairytale-like quality in him. It’s endearing and paints him in a heroic light. It’s a nod to the dreamy tales of knights and romances, suggesting that he stands out in a world filled with ordinary men.

  • “Took you long enough, Prince Charming. Thought you’d lost your way to the castle.”
  • “With every glance, Prince Charming, you’re making it hard to resist a dance with you.”

19. Mister Perfect 

This one’s a little cheeky. “Mister Perfect” is both a compliment and a gentle tease. It’s like you’re playfully acknowledging his strengths while also daring him to prove he’s as perfect as the name suggests.

  • “So, Mister Perfect, got any flaws or should I keep searching?”
  • “Every time I think I’ve seen it all, along comes Mister Perfect with another surprise.”

20. Dreamboat 

“Dreamboat” is all about the looks and the charm. It’s a flirtatious nod to his appeal, suggesting that he’s the kind of guy that people daydream about. It’s playful and unabashedly forward.

  • “Oh, look who it is – the dreamboat himself. Floating any boats today?”
  • “Every party becomes a bit more exciting with a dreamboat like you around.”

Flirty Names Guys Like To Be Called In Bed

Flirty Names Guys Like To Be Called In Bed

21. Knight in Shining Armor 

This term goes beyond looks; it’s about his character, his chivalry. Calling him a “Knight in Shining Armor” suggests he’s someone who rescues, protects, and stands out as a beacon of strength and security.

  • “Thanks for the save back there, my knight in shining armor. Owe you one.”
  • “Every damsel could use a knight in shining armor. Fancy being mine for the evening?”

22. Daddy 

  • “You always know what’s best, Daddy.”
  • “Tell me what you want, Daddy.”

On a basic level, calling him “Daddy” conveys a sense of authority or dominance. Some use it to signify a protective or guiding figure in the relationship, while others might use it to hint at a more dominant/submissive dynamic in the bedroom. Most guys like it!

23. King 

In the realm of intimate names, “King” is the pinnacle of making a man feel adored, respected, and at the top of his game. 

Everyone loves to feel like they’re ruling, especially within the confines of their romantic kingdom. 

By calling him this, you’re not just flattering him; you’re elevating his status, giving him the crown, and acknowledging his role in your shared moments.

  • “Only a King can make me feel this way.”
  • “Tonight, my King, you reign supreme.”

24. Big Guy 

A name that speaks to stature—both physical and metaphorical. “Big Guy” tells him that in your eyes, he’s more than just a man; he’s a towering presence, a force to be reckoned with. There’s a layer of playful teasing wrapped around a core of genuine admiration here.

  • “You always know how to handle things, Big Guy.”
  • “Being with my Big Guy just feels so right.”

25. Tiger 

Invoking the spirit of the wild, “Tiger” is all about passion, energy, and a hint of unpredictability. It suggests he has a raw, untamed side that’s just waiting to come out, making everything a lot more exhilarating.

  • “Show me what you’ve got, Tiger.”
  • “I love it when my Tiger takes charge.”

26. Captain

There’s something irresistibly attractive about a man who can steer the ship, and “Captain” encapsulates that feeling perfectly. It’s for those moments when he’s confidently taking the lead, guiding both of you through the waters of intimacy.

  • “Take me on a journey, Captain.”
  • “You always know where we’re headed, Captain.”

27. Champ 

Short for “champion,” this moniker is all about celebrating his prowess and achievements, both inside and outside the bedroom. It’s a pat on the back, a recognition of his skills and abilities.

  • “Every time with you feels like a win, Champ.”
  • “Nobody does it quite like my Champ.”

28. Stallion 

Drawing from the world of wild horses known for their vigor and stamina, “Stallion” paints a picture of someone with unmatched energy and strength. It hints at his power and endurance, making it a potent term of endearment.

  • “You always surprise me with your energy, Stallion.”
  • “Ride with me through the night, Stallion.”

29. Rockstar 

For the man who knows how to put on a show, “Rockstar” is an ode to his charisma and the way he lights up your world. It’s an affirmation of his ability to make things electric and memorable.

  • “You’ve got that Rockstar charm going on tonight.”
  • “Every moment with my Rockstar feels like a hit.”

30. Hero 

Going beyond the physical, “Hero” is about a man’s ability to make you feel protected, cherished, and loved. It’s about the way he saves the day, every day, with his gestures, words, and actions.

  • “Every time I’m with you, I feel like I’m with my Hero.”
  • “Thank you for always being there, Hero.”

31. Sire 

A touch regal and a touch old-world, “Sire” is a nod to his majestic side. It’s a way to flirtatiously bow down to his allure while emphasizing the respect and admiration you hold for him.

  • “How may I please you tonight, Sire?”
  • “You always know how to command attention, Sire.”

32. Hot Stuff 

Unashamedly candid, “Hot Stuff” makes it crystal clear what’s on your mind. It’s sizzling, it’s direct, and it leaves no room for ambiguity. When the lights are dim and the mood is right, a little boldness can go a long way.

  • “I’ve been waiting for you all day, Hot Stuff.”
  • “Every inch of you screams Hot Stuff to me.”

Why guys like flirty names

Why guys like flirty names

Flirty names act as both a compliment and a playful tease, creating a deeper connection and intimacy between partners. 

For many men, these names boost their self-esteem, making them feel desired, appreciated, and acknowledged in their romantic relationship. 

It’s not just about the words themselves but the tone, context, and intention behind them. 

These names can heighten the romantic atmosphere, making interactions more passionate, personalized, and memorable.

How to choose the best flirty name for a guy

Selecting the ideal flirty name is all about understanding the guy’s personality, your relationship dynamics, and ensuring mutual comfort. It should resonate with how you genuinely see him and how you want him to feel. 

Also, observing his reactions to different terms will give you a clue about his preferences. Always be genuine and attentive, and you’ll find the name that clicks.

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