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When someone is jealous of you, it doesn’t always mean they dislike you. In fact, sometimes, it can be because they admire you or want to be like you. 

However, feeling jealous can make people act in strange or hurtful ways. It’s like having a little green monster inside them that makes them say or do things they might not mean.

Everyone has felt jealous at one point or another, but sometimes, people don’t show it in obvious ways. And if you don’t know what to look out for, the behavior of a jealous person can cause you emotional turmoil. 

Learning to recognize these signs is important because it helps you understand what the other person is feeling. 

And when you understand, you can try to help or protect yourself from any negative behavior that might come your way.

That said, here are 12 signs someone is extremely jealous of you: 

1. They Frequently Compare Themselves to You

Jealousy often stems from comparison. You might notice someone constantly weighing their achievements or attributes against yours. 

Maybe they bring up their own successes in response to yours, or they might downplay your achievements while highlighting their own.

It’s normal for jealousy to show up this way. You share a piece of good news, and they immediately counter with something related to their life. 

These aren’t casual conversations; there’s a pattern where they always feel the need to match or outdo your stories.

You might find yourself in situations where you’re discussing something positive in your life, and they subtly shift the focus back to them. This isn’t about mutual sharing; it’s an underlying competition they’ve crafted in their mind.

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2. They Often Imitate You


Imitation can be the sincerest form of flattery. But sometimes, it’s a mask for envy. You might start to notice them picking up your habits, your style, or even mirroring your choices. 

One day you mention a book you’re reading, and the next week they’ve bought the same one.

This doesn’t always stem from admiration. There’s a desire to be like you or have what you have, driven by jealousy. 

They might believe that by copying your choices or behavior, they can achieve the same outcomes or garner similar admiration.

While everyone gets inspired by others now and then, there’s a line where it becomes excessive. If every decision or preference you express suddenly becomes their interest too, that’s a sign.

Jealousy makes people act in ways that aren’t authentic to who they are. Instead of carving their path, they’re following in someone else’s footsteps, hoping it leads to the same destination.

3. They Suddenly Become Competitive

Competition can be healthy, but not the kind that stems from jealousy. 

Ever noticed someone, out of the blue, trying to outdo you in areas they never seemed interested in before? Like joining a marathon because you did, or suddenly becoming a bookworm because you love reading.

This surge of competitiveness is their way of trying to level the playing field. They want to prove to themselves and others that they can be just as good, if not better, than you. The emphasis is less on personal growth and more on surpassing you.

Such competitive streaks can pop up in unexpected areas. From who makes the best pot roast to who can travel to the most countries, the underlying goal remains the same: to overshadow you.

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4. Their Mood Changes Around You (Often Negatively)

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy shift? There’s this person who’s perfectly happy and chirpy. 

But the moment you step in, there’s a palpable change in their demeanor. Maybe they become quieter or suddenly more animated, trying to draw attention.

This mood shift isn’t random. They’re reacting to your presence, and this reaction is influenced by their feelings of envy. 

Perhaps seeing you reminds them of what they perceive they lack, or they feel the need to compete for attention.

Observing these changes doesn’t require any special skills. Over time, patterns emerge. Their mood seems consistently affected by your presence, and not in a good way.

5. They Give Backhanded Compliments

signs someone is extremely jealous of you

A jealous person has a knack for wrapping up their envy in words that sound kind at first but leave a sting. “You look great in that dress; I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear something so bold.”

On the surface, these remarks seem like praise. But there’s always that little twist, a subtle undermining or insinuation. It’s as if they can’t wholly celebrate your strengths or achievements without adding a caveat.

This type of communication is tricky. You’re left wondering if you should be pleased or offended. 

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6. They Seem Overly Concerned With Your Choices

One common sign of jealousy is an unnecessary interest in your decisions. Be it your career moves, relationship choices, or even weekend plans, they want to know it all. 

Not out of genuine concern, but more out of a need to monitor and, at times, pass judgment.

They might cloak their prying under the guise of concern. “Are you sure you want to do that?” or “I heard that’s not a great idea.” Their unsolicited advice often carries a hint of skepticism, subtly undermining your decisions.

Despite this, they keep tabs on your every move. It’s as though your life’s choices somehow validate or threaten their own. Their need to be in the know stems from their desire to ensure they’re not missing out or falling behind.

7. They Celebrate Your Setbacks

While friends and well-wishers mourn our setbacks with us, a jealous person might secretly or even openly relish them. You might notice a hint of satisfaction in their voice or a smirk when you share a challenge or disappointment.

Instead of offering support or empathy, they might minimize your feelings. Comments like “Oh, that’s not so bad” or “I knew that was going to happen” are telltale signs. 

It’s as though your misfortune validates some narrative they’ve created in their mind.

It’s disheartening to experience this, especially if you considered the person a friend. Their inability to be genuinely empathetic in your tough times exposes their true feelings.

8. They’re Overly Critical of You

Sure, we all have areas we can improve upon. But there’s a difference between constructive feedback and nitpicking. 

A jealous person tends to focus on the latter. They’ll point out the tiniest flaws in your work, your appearance, or even in your casual stories.

This isn’t them trying to help you out or offer genuine advice. Their aim is to put you down, making themselves feel superior in the process. 

You might notice them highlighting minor mistakes you made, even if those errors had no significant consequence.

“You’re holding the pen that way?” or “You’re ordering that dish?” These remarks might seem trivial, but they stem from a place of jealousy. They’re trying to assert some form of dominance or superiority.

Being around a hyper-critical person can be exhausting. While their comments might sting, always remember these critiques aren’t a reflection of your abilities but rather their insecurities shining through.

9. They’re Reluctant to Ask for Your Help

For a person grappling with jealousy, asking for your assistance can feel like admitting defeat. They might go to great lengths to avoid seeking your counsel, even if you’re the best person to help.

This avoidance is not because they doubt your abilities. In fact, it’s the opposite. They recognize your expertise, but their pride gets in the way. Acknowledging that you might have something valuable to offer can be a bitter pill to swallow.

There might be instances where they struggle with something you can easily solve. Instead of reaching out, they prefer the long, hard route. They’d rather invest more time and energy than let you see them in a vulnerable state.

10. They Avoid Celebrating Your Achievements

A person green with envy will likely act aloof or even indifferent when you’re celebrating. Say you bagged a promotion or won an award; they’ll be the ones with the lukewarm response or a quick subject change.

Instead of joining in your happiness, they might downplay your success. Comments like “That’s not a big deal” or “Everyone gets that” are their way of coping with their jealousy. They can’t bear to see you shine too brightly.

Such reactions can be especially puzzling if everyone else around you is genuinely happy for your success. 

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11. They Gossip About You

12 signs someone is extremely jealous of you

Someone burning with jealousy might resort to gossiping to vent their frustrations. For instance, you might hear from mutual friends or colleagues about things they’ve been saying behind your back.

They might twist facts or highlight your minor slip-ups, painting you in a less flattering light. It’s their way of seeking validation for their feelings of envy.

Gossip has a way of getting back to the person it’s about. So, if multiple sources mention the same thing, there’s probably some truth to it. 

While it’s natural to feel hurt or betrayed, confrontations might not always be the best solution. Sometimes, understanding their perspective and maintaining a distance is the healthiest choice.

12. They Seem Frustrated with Their Own Progress

Jealousy often springs from personal dissatisfaction. You might find them expressing discontent with where they are in life. It’s as though they believe they’re always coming up short, especially in comparison to you.

This isn’t just about professional milestones or material gains. It can be about personal growth, relationships, or even hobbies. Their internal benchmark seems to be your life, and they constantly feel like they’re lagging behind.

Their open expression of frustration can sometimes come off as an indirect dig at you. As if you’re the cause of their discontent. While their words might seem directed at their circumstances, the underlying tone suggests they believe you have it easy.


It’s important to remember that everyone can feel jealous at times. But if someone’s actions or words, driven by their jealousy, are making you feel sad or uncomfortable, it’s okay to step back. 

For your wellbeing, it’s always best to surround yourself with people who make you feel good and supported. 

If someone’s jealousy is extreme and causes you too much trouble, be careful and watchful around them. It might be time to limit your interactions with them. 

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