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I met Gabe at a college frat party a few years back. He was the typical jock, really cute and funny. Found out we had a lot of things in common, and we spent all night talking and laughing like old friends. 

A few hours later, the party had ended, and it was time to leave. Gabe confessed that although we only just met, he had been at the frat house for a few weeks and would be catching a flight back to his University that morning. 

We had a bond, and because we were young and hopeful, we decided to pursue it, despite the distance. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? That isn’t always true, and I found out the hard way. 

A few weeks in, we started to drift apart, and eventually, it all ended. 

In this article, I will be sharing 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you. These are tricks I wish I knew when I was in college, and maybe Gabe and I would have made it. 

Although I still randomly think of him and what could have been, that ship has sailed. In your case, however, the ship hasn’t left the dock yet, so there is still time to apply these tricks and watch him go crazy over you. Let’s get into it. 

1. Use scarcity to spore interest

Now, this is the tricky part. No one is asking you to go AWOL on your guy or to leave his texts unread for hours on end. 

The rule is simple: play hard to get. And I’ll explain how to do it right. 

You probably think this is impossible because you like him and constantly crave his attention, but give it a chance, and you’ll find it easy. 

Just as men are hardwired to chase, women are designed to desire the chase, and even better, playing hard to get benefits you as a woman. Again, not my words, a scientific study by some expert researchers at the University of Rochester have confirmed this. 

2. The worse thing you’ll likely do 

man and woman

The worst thing you’ll likely do when you expect a guy to miss is rush the process. 

You are probably rolling your eyes as you read this, muttering, “I know, I know.”  But do you? It’s very easy to rush the process by actively showing your interest, planning dates, having long midnight/midday conversations, and doing all those romantic things you love to do when attracted to someone

The next time you feel the urge to go all out for him again, stop. Please take a deep breath, relax, and let it go. 

Rushing the process will only force him to take a step back, and that’s not what you want. 

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3. Why you should play easy to get 

Okay, I know you’ve fallen in love with him, and it probably happened on the first day you saw him. Trust me when I say I understand. 

But he doesn’t have to know your feelings right away. Don’t play easy right into his hands. 

You are a lady and should own your power. Men are naturally hardwired to chase, and there is evident research to back this up. If you don’t let a man chase you, he will start to lose interest very fast. 

4. Social media is your friend 

The cliche “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” doesn’t always work. 

Even though we know that you can’t always be near this guy, you want him to think about you constantly. Otherwise, the absence would make him forget about you. 

How do you do this? Social media! 

Post pictures. Not just ordinary pictures in your jeans and t-shirt, no. You want to make an effort to look good. Wear something sexy, and hang out with friends, preferably a male friend. 

Seeing you look so good and in another guy’s company will increase his desire for you, making him miss you more. 

5. Develop yourself 

woman reading

Of all the 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you, this is the easiest – and perhaps the best – one. 

Develop yourself by actively working on things that will make you better: your career, studies, business, and creativity. 

Men love women who have things going on for themselves. They see a well-balanced woman as one who is only choosing them as a bonus and not because she wants something from them. Focus on your goals, and watch him desire you more than ever. 

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6. Glow 

“Real beauty is on the inside” is just another phrase that won’t help you. Men are physical creatures who are stirred by what they see. 

As much as it is good to be a good person on the inside, you need to look good on the outside before a man would come close enough to know your attitude on the inside. 

Invest in your wardrobe, learn how to make up, and take care of your hair. You can even get a cool piercing or tattoo if that’s your vibe. 

7. Create a loop of desire

Since you’re both just getting to know each other, it is understandable that you want to spend every hour of the day together. That is great, but once in a while, let him have his alone time. 

Encourage him to go out with friends, spend time with family, and have a separate life on his own. When you show you are secure and independent of his attention, it automatically makes him want to shower you with more. 

8. Be someone worth missing 

What does your guy associate your memory with? It is an important question to ask yourself. On the days you do spend together, you want to make sure you leave an indelible mark that he will continue to think about till the next moment. 

You can coyly ask for his bucket list and then plan a surprise date to one of his favorite places. This way, anytime he thinks about you, he can only associate you with fun and laughter.

9. Emotional intimacy over physical 

The issue with the dating pool these days is that too many people spend time building physical companionship so much that they aren’t connected emotionally. 

Sex is good, but emotional intimacy is what will make a man crave you when you’re absent. 

Listen to him attentively, ask – and observe – what makes him tick, make yourself available as his confidant, and then watch him get emotionally attached to you. 

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10. Make him feel like a protector 

To make a man miss you, you must treat him like a man. Of the 3 P’s of Manhood, the urge to protect is the strongest; the other two are to procreate and provide. 

Once in a while, give him a call and say something along the lines of: “Can you do me a favor, please? I’ll appreciate it if you can come over and help me check my brakes. I can’t find what’s wrong, and no one else can either.” 

Indirectly, you show him that you think he is brave enough to do what others could not find a solution to. It’s honestly so simple. Even if you are both long-distance, there is always a favor you can ask him for. 

11. Be mysterious 

This tip also goes for people who have been in long-term relationships. One way to heighten a man’s curiosity and keep his thoughts on you is to hide your cards. 

Think about how celebrities change their looks for different events. They make us wonder and thirst for their next appearance. 

Stay honest but very private. Divulge information about yourself, but keep the details to yourself. For instance, if you’re having dinner with your family on the weekend, you don’t need to tell him it’s with your family, unless he specifically asks for the details. 

This way, when he’s alone, he will obsess over the small details to figure you out. He will keep thinking about you and will also miss you. 

12. Build tension 

Not the negative tension, the positive one. Build intensity and excitement; men love it. Sometimes after an argument, you might be tempted to send long paragraphs, but don’t. Hold back. Even when he texts you, take a little time to respond. Build that tension within him, and let him wonder what you are doing. 

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13. Work on your signature 

Are you memorable enough to stay on his mind long enough to make him miss you? If the answer is no, then you have much work to do. 

Splurge on a perfume that will intoxicate his senses and leave a mark. Find out what he loves in the opposite sex, and do it. Create that appeal that would always make him crave you beyond words. 

Be unique, so he’ll never find you in another woman. 

14. Show your secret strength 

Many men think that women are the weaker vessels. If you show him that you are different, it’s a first step in permanently intriguing him. 

Engage him in a boxing duel and beat the masculinism out of him. I’m joking, alright, but you get the drift. 

I’m talking more about emotional strength than physical strength. Don’t be emotionally bankrupt to the point where you are constantly begging for attention. Try not to send the “You’re not online, and I miss you so much it breaks my heart” text. 

When he thinks you don’t need him, he will start to miss you more. 

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15. Leave something behind 

After spending time at his place, leave something behind. It could be your nightshirt underneath his pillow or your lipgloss in his drawer. Whatever you decide to leave behind doesn’t matter, as long as you leave it strategically and meaningfully. 

If he complimented your earrings on arrival, accidentally leave them behind. When you’re gone, these are the little things that make him miss your presence. 

16. Take something with You 

While you accidentally leave something behind, you should deliberately take something with you. Not without permission, though; that will only be counterproductive to the entire “make him miss you” idea. 

Be cute when asking for his stuff, and I’m sure he will be willing to part with it for a few weeks. 

It could be his sweater, cap, or shirt two sizes bigger than you. Then send him a picture of you looking cute in it when you get home.


These are tested and trusted 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you. You want to be sure you properly read and digest to have your guy wrapped around your finger. 

Be careful not to mistake any of this for manipulation, as that would do you no good. These tricks are psychological and meant to play on our biological setup as humans. Make sure you like him and want a future with him because these tips will work. 

Good luck getting your guy.

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