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Even if you like being coupled up, there are some things you want to do solo, like a shower. Showering alone is like a mini me-time for you. You by yourself, singing in the shower, or just enjoying a quiet moment. 

Showering alone is terrific, but showering with your partner can be amazing. It can be a steamy, foamy, and fun affair. As they say, couples who shower together stay together. Okay, nobody says that.

Showering together is, like many things you and your partner will do as a couple, has benefits and some not-so-great sides to it.

You’re probably thinking, it’s just a shower, it’s really not that big of a deal. But it is. You can make it far more exciting than the regular act of washing yourself.

Here are some interesting things you should know about showering together as a couple.

1. It improves intimacy

Sex is not the only thing that improves intimacy. Simple things like taking a shower together can also impact intimacy positively. 

Unlike sex, during a shower, you take time to appreciate each other’s body while having conversations simultaneously.

The physical contact and emotional connection you develop are intimate and like no other connection you will have with any other person. There’s something special about having such intimate moments.

2. Makes you comfortable with each other


I don’t mean to join the debate but a survey shows that a quarter of men surveyed prefer the lights off during sex. 

You may be tempted to hide some insecurities about your body in the dark, but who better to appreciate you than your partner? He is the best person to see you, exactly how you are, in all your glory. 

As you shower together, both you and your partner will become comfortable with each other and truly look at your bodies rather than shift your gazes uncomfortably.

More on that in the next point.

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3. You notice new things about each other’s bodies

Once you get comfortable with each other’s bodies, you truly start to notice the little things about your bodies that you have been missing. Your partner may notice the dimple on your lower back and find it cute.

You may even notice the love bite you left on your partner the night before.

4. It can be a new fun activity for you

If you’ve been with a partner long enough, you know that sometimes you’re out of ideas on what fun activities to do. Well, here’s one for you. 

Set the scene in the bathroom, light a candle if you like, play some soothing music and get in the shower with your partner.

Take it slowly; there’s no rush; remember, this is supposed to be fun. Take turns to undress each other. Laugh and love your way through it.

5. It can serve as foreplay

Imagine setting a scene like the one described above. It doesn’t take much to get you and your partner in the mood for some foreplay.

Sometimes after a long day, the only thing you can think of is your bed, not making out with your partner. A calming, romantic shower with your partner will quickly change that.

6. It builds trust between you

Trust is vital for the life of any relationship. Any opportunity to improve trust between you and your partner should be taken.

Showering together gives you more time to talk, laugh, play, make love and be silly. These are the moments that build trust. 

The everyday moments like this, when you’re just going about your daily lives, unaware that your touch, scent, expressions, and emotions are all important to your partner’s trust in you and vice versa.

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7. It’s a great way to start your day

Showering together in the morning is a perfect way to discuss your plans for the day.

As a couple, you may not have enough time in the morning to properly catch up before rushing out the door. Showering together helps you kill two birds with one stone. Washing up and catching up. You both start your day on a strong note. 

As a bonus, you go about your day with a mental picture of your partner right beside you. It gives you more reason to smile and come back home to more of that. Couple goals!

8. You can have amazing conversations

Do you know how sometimes the most exciting ideas come to you while you’re in the shower? This could be a time to share some of those thoughts with your partner. 

The calming nature of the water may just be what you need to gain clarity on some issues.

Who knows, you can both come up with a multi-million dollar idea right in the shower. 

9. It can serve as a stress reliever

There are a million things to worry about every passing minute. By the end of the day, we are burdened with thoughts of work, family, social life, wars, and natural disasters in the world.

Do you know what can make you feel better? A shower with the person you love most in the world. 

A shower by itself has proven to help relax tight muscles, improve blood circulation and reduce anxiety. Add this to the fact that you are showering with your favorite person, and you have a perfect combination for a stress reliever.

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10. You can slip and fall

Statistics show that every year, 235,000 people suffer from bathroom injuries. More than a third of these injuries happened in the shower. With two people in the shower, you probably double the risk of an injury. 

It is usually slippery in the shower and trying to have fun with your partner in a wet place seems like deliberately putting yourself at risk. This is worth remembering whenever you’re in the shower. 

11. Shower sex is tricky

Movies have got us thinking making love in the shower is fun, steamy, and spontaneous. Well, it is all that, but it is tricky to accomplish. You have to find the perfect position and hold tight to avoid dangerous slips. 

You also have to keep in mind that water, soap, and shampoo do not function as lube. Attempting to use these as lubrication for easy penetration can irritate the vagina. You don’t want that.

12. You might have to shower again, by yourself

Another downside of showering with your partner is that you might feel like some parts of you did not get washed well, so you will go back for a shower again by yourself.

The amount of time you usually spend washing your hair may be cut short because your partner is there with you, and you’re focusing on the fun things he’s doing, like playing with the foam on you.

13. The water stream may not be enough for two

I can see this happening. You’re both in the shower, your partner turns the shower on himself, and maybe you’re just waiting for him to get done. Or, it is the other way around; you’re enjoying the shower while he’s waiting for you, freezing. 

This problem can be solved with dual shower heads, but most people forget this logistics aspect of showering together.

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14. Golden showers may not be your thing

Ever heard about golden showers

A golden shower is when someone urinates on you in the shower. I’ll pass on that, but if you don’t mind, this is something you and your partner should discuss before showering together. 

It will be awkward to have him urinate on you in the shower when you hate it.

Communicating your needs can give you a pleasant experience that will keep you expectant of the next shower you’ll have together.

15. You might prefer a different water temperature

Just like the constant disagreement about room temperatures, one partner may prefer the water temperature hotter than the other. You have to decide on this one. 

What compromises need to be made? You do not want your partner to freeze, nor does he want you to burn.

Final words on showering together

So there you have it. While showering is a regular healthy activity, showering with your partner gives you more to look forward to. 

If you like to hurry through your solo shower, showering together allows you to slow down and enjoy your partner washing your back, water running down your body, some good conversations, and maybe even sexual activity.

Do not be pressured to plan showers with your partner like those you see in the movies. It is cold on those shower walls, and you don’t want your partner to lift you against the wall in the name of shower sex.

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