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According to the stats, almost 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Needless to say, this is partly because so many people marry the wrong person. 

Of course, sometimes mistakes happen during a marriage, and other times unforeseen circumstances or character flaws we never saw before surface. But in many cases, the error is made even before the marriage. 

Mistakes like prioritizing the wrong things in a partner, desperation, rushing things, etc, can lead to major loopholes that will quickly make a marriage miserable. 

That said, here are five major reasons why people often end up with the wrong partners according to studies and experts. 

1. You assume you can change your partner 

No one is indeed perfect. Everyone you meet is going to have some flaws that you’ll wish weren’t there. In some cases, you might even find someone who finds your flaws cute and amusing. 

But not all flaws should be ignored. Getting into a relationship with someone who has flaws you can’t bear with the hope of changing that person later in the relationship is always a terrible idea. 

According to studies, people who are bad at predicting just how much their partner will be willing to change in the future often end up setting themselves up for a bad marriage. 

For instance, your boyfriend is an alcoholic but you choose to overlook it because, well, he’s a nice guy when he’s sober and you think you have a shot at changing him.

Don’t get this wrong. There’s nothing wrong with trying to change or help someone you love. 

However, if the person is unwilling or unable to change, proceeding to marry such a person with the hope of correcting him or her in the future will be a mistake. Not all flaws are negligible. 

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2. You’re too afraid to be alone 

Statistically, people who are not desperate for a relationship make better partners. 

When you’re afraid to be alone or desperate for a relationship, you are more likely to miss or ignore the red flags. 

Most people confess that they can’t bear being single simply because there’ll be no one to call them early in the morning or text them randomly to know how they are doing. 

Instead of focusing on their needs and learning to give themselves the love and validation they crave, they try to get it from others. 

But the problem with using a relationship to fill a void is that it makes you desperate. 

Furthermore, your relationships are going to always be about what you can get, not what you can give. Sometimes you might need multiple partners to satisfy your need for attention and validation. 

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