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“Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of choice.” — Edwin Cole 

These words by Edwin Cole explain why so many men don’t understand what it means to be a man. 

We live in a time where guys don’t find pleasure in going through the kind of struggles that will transform them into the man they are supposed to be. 

Impulsive pleasure and instant gratification are now the order of the day. 

Guys will rather spend time with only fans groups online or watch porn instead of doing something that will bring long-term pleasure and meaning. This is why many guys are now obsessed with tips and tricks to attract women. 

If you’re living your best life, the strength of your character and the kind of life you lead should be enough to attract the right woman. 

That said, if you’re looking for ways to build the right personality as a man and be more masculine, here are six things you can do. 

1. Mastery of a craft 

I know you were probably expecting tips like building strong arms and standing up straight to come first on this list. But those things are secondary when it comes to being a man. 

Here’s the thing: Gaining mastery of any craft whether it’s in writing, painting, or coding, requires strength of character. You have to be mentally tough to be able to go through all the huddles, drudgery, and pain required to master any skill. 

And this process of going through this pain will teach you more about yourself than you can ever imagine. 

It’s a difficult process, this is why most guys can’t do it. Mastery will require you to forfeit instant gratification, doom scrolling on social media, binging on Netflix and porn, and endlessly playing video games. Doing these things is impulsive. Anyone can quickly run to them for distraction, but not everyone can sit down in a room and master a skill. 

If you want to be a man, go through the process of mastering a skill. It will teach you patience, perseverance, grit, and character. 

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2. Self-mastery 

Another vital thing you must learn if you want to be more masculine is self-mastery. 

Imagine a guy who is reactive to everything. He jumps into heated arguments with ladies over the smallest things. He’s easy to offend, and when he has something to say, he always lets his emotion get a better part of him. 

That’s an emotional infant. 

Men are calm, collected, and put together. This is why they are not reactive. When they are in a conversation or a heated argument, they keep themselves under control because they’ve mastered themselves. 

Imagine your most cherished celebrities in interviews. Think about the poise with which they handle themselves, how they can turn even ugly moments around and make them hilarious. 

That’s the work of self-mastery. When you’ve mastered yourself, you have that demeanor that says “I know who I am, and I am in control of how I feel.”

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