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Most of us fantasize about the perfect body shape, the most dazzling smile, a tight butt, and the neatest kitchens we see on Instagram.

The gram has us working tirelessly to achieve what we see the Instagram models portray. 

Instagram models look perfect. Their bodies look flawless, and it looks like they achieved it effortlessly. These models become a standard of beauty, and we try to attain the same or similar body shape and weight.

There’s a saying that “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but we clearly judge Instagram models by their photos. To us, they are perfect.

There is no harm in trying to be like Instagram models, but here are some things they will not tell you.

1. It’s the perfect angle, not the perfect body

You’ll be surprised how taking a photo from just the right angle can make you appear flawless. Your curves show in all the right places, and all the less-than-perfect things about your body are overtaken by your best features.

Instagram models won’t tell you that the photo of them that you’re aspiring to only happens to be taken at the right angle. In real life, they do not look exactly like that.

It takes a lot of practice to get the right angles and the perfect poses. Is it easier to get the perfect angle than working out for the skinniest body? I don’t know. But you should know that sometimes the perfect angle is the x-factor for Instagram models.

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2. The detox does not actually work

The potency of detoxification regimens has been debatable, and experts say further research on detox is needed to confirm that it actually works. It may have short-term benefits, but it can also be harmful due to a severe lack of calories.

Instagram models will not tell you this. You see them posing with detox teas, and you immediately think, “oh, this tea makes them look so good”. Not quite.

They may have never drank those detox teas for all you know—more on that in the next point.

Attraction Diary Team

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