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3. It’s an ad

So you’re wondering, “Why would you pose with detox tea if it doesn’t work?”. Well, they are being paid to do their job. That is, pose and take pictures with products to create more market for the product. It is just an advertisement. 

Instagram models will not tell you that everything has been orchestrated to look perfect since they’re posing in an ad. Their hair looks healthier, their smiles brighter, and they look like they’re enjoying the detox teas.

These models are playing a part. And they do it so well that many people believe this is their authentic selves.

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4. Sometimes spontaneity is planned

No kidding. Those photos that you believe were taken spontaneously are probably planned. It’s like how you pretend to have the perfect posture and laugh when your best friend tells you that your crush is passing by. You stage it to impress him, but it might look spontaneous.

Instagram models will not tell you that those unplanned photos were rehearsed and had to be retaken a hundred times to get the perfect shot finally. Every item in the picture was strategically placed for maximum impact.

That intense look on the face, sweat from a supposed workout; probably staged.

Attraction Diary Team

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