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Statistics show that 93 percent of women like to be asked out on a date by a man. Times may be changing, but on the dating scene, certain things remain the same.

The signals that ladies communicate to a guy have been primarily the same over the years, yet some guys still miss it.

Humans and animals share a lot of similarities in how they behave towards the opposite sex. 

When a female animal is in estrus or heat, it lets off certain scents and exhibits certain behaviors that let males know. It is the same with humans, when ladies see a guy they like and want to be approached, there are some telltale signs.

Understandably, we all want to be sure that the person we also like shares some feelings for us before we approach them to avoid rejection. 

That said, here are seven signs that the lady you’ve spotted wants you to approach her. The last point might be a pleasant surprise to you.

1. She smiles at you and plays the eye game

If she makes direct eye contact with you, smiles, looks away, and repeats these actions severally; it’s a sign that she wants you to approach her. 

Studies show that eye contact creates and deepens attractions. Not only that, it has been revealed that eye contact and movement help people notice and remember you.

Put eye contact and a smile together, and you have a powerful tool to communicate likeness towards a person.

You might see the lady moving around at a bar, an opportunity to walk so that she can show off. She might make the slightest movements like fluffing her hair and look in your direction with a smile. 

You certainly won’t forget her, and maybe that’s the plan.

If you notice her, then you might approach her. As the saying goes, ‘love at first sight; there is a powerful statement made during eye contact.’

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2. She finds excuses to get close to you

If a lady likes you, she will find an excuse to be in close quarters with you. If you notice that she is sitting or standing closer to you than before, and each time she is closer than the last time, it is a sign that she wants you to approach her.

Being close in proximity to you gives her the chance to show off and make herself noticeable. She might even set up opportunities to run into you in places you usually hang out.

Think about it. We try to get away from people when we do not like them or we want them to get away. 

The opposite applies in this case. We draw closer when we want you to approach us.

Attraction Diary Team

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