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I met Sarah five years ago, and my life changed. 

I vividly remember the day our Supervisor brought her to the unit and introduced her as an intern. At first, I shied away from her because she reminded me of everything I wasn’t.

She was naturally charismatic, while I was usually comfortable with being relegated to the background. 

But it was impossible not to like her. Why? 

Sarah came into the office every day with a smile. As soon as she arrived, she would peek into everyone’s office to give a compliment or two. “Oh Amanda, did you change your hair? This style looks great on you.” “Damn Felix, are you sure you’re sixty? Because you don’t look a day over twenty-five!” 

Our seniors and other colleagues started to show up frequently at our Unit, just happy to be drawn into a conversation with Sarah. Everyone laughed when she was around, and the office atmosphere was easier to bear. 

When her internship finished, and she was about to be transferred, everyone wrote a petition to the Headquarters, begging to let her stay at the branch to continue her service. We collectively realized that the organization would not be the same without her, and it was one of the biggest shows of solidarity I had ever seen to date. 

She shaped my life and helped me realize that when you’re unforgettable, opportunities will flow to you, people will stand up for you, and your business will grow. The benefits are endless. I came out of my shell after that and will now help you come out of yours. 

That said, here are eight traits that made Sarah stand out. And you can learn to apply them too. 

1. The ability to warm hearts

In a bid to flee their home in 1999 during the Kosovo war that had been ravaging the Republic of Yugoslavia for three months as at that time, two sisters boarded a plane flying from Amsterdam to the United States. 

Broke and scared, they stayed hunched together on their seats, crying silent tears. A woman sitting next to them on the plane was so moved by their plight that she reached into her bag and brought out an envelope. 

In it, she placed her earrings, a $100 bill, and a note. In the handwritten note, she mentioned how sorry she was about the war in their country, welcomed them to America, and prayed they remained safe in the country. She ended it with her name, which was Tracy. 

These sisters, Ayda and Vanja, were only kids when this happened, and they spent the next 23 years searching for Tracy because her single act of kindness made her unforgettable. 

The note was like a light in the dark, and it filled them with relief that they could stay in the United States and find peace. 

Kindness is potent and will help you leave an indelible mark on people’s memory. 

The world is already hard enough; we need more people who make it their daily mission to put a smile on people’s faces through small acts of kindness. 

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2. Genuine smile 

Sarah’s smile was so contagious that it made her a problem solver. No matter how you frowned or raved, she had calmness in her face that puts you at ease. 

Even outside a business environment, a smile is still the best outfit you can wear. It makes a good and lasting first impression and helps people remember you better. 

Think back to the recent event you attended, and you will realize that the first faces you see in your subconscious are the happy, smiling ones. It isn’t weird, as there is actual research to back it up. 

To make yourself memorable to people, remember to always keep a smile on. You are never fully dressed without a smile, so make it part of your daily routine. 

3. The power of generosity 

There was a time my sister was sick, and I had to cough out so much money for hospital bills. Subsequently, I was low on cash and couldn’t afford some of my usual daily activities. 

Sarah found out I was troubled, and when I told her why she immediately sent $200 to assist me. We were both interns; our pay wasn’t that luxurious. She wasn’t rich, so it was a huge sacrifice. 

When she left the organization years later, people started to talk about how much she had done for them, and I realized I wasn’t the only one. 

She had done something for everyone; it wasn’t necessarily cash. 

Being generous is not about how much you have; it’s about being willing to make painful sacrifices just to put a smile on people’s faces. Such acts will make you unforgettable. 

4. How humor impacts people

In my college days, I knew a guy whose name was Jeff. Whenever anyone wanted to throw a party, they always went all out to ensure he was present. 

If Jeff weren’t at a party, there would be a low turn-up for sure. I used to laugh then when people would get invited to a cookout or game night, and their only question would be, “Is Jeff going to be there?” 

Jeff had a great sense of humor, making him very popular and attractive on campus. He didn’t just tell jokes; he knew how to keep the crowd excited and happy, so he always got invited to all the exclusive and non-exclusive parties. 

When you apply this to your everyday life, you realize that you can easily become this memorable and special. When you step into a room full of people, what energy do you bring? 

If you can make people laugh, you will remain memorable to them. As studies also confirm, people with a sense of humor appear more attractive to us. 

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5. Gratitude 

Of all the eight qualities that make you unforgettable, this is usually the one that gets ignored a lot. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

When last did you show appreciation to the people in your life? When was the last time you wrote your friends or siblings appreciating them for their role in your life? 

These little things leave a lasting impression on people’s hearts. 

There are so many times we unknowingly feel entitled to people’s kindness based on our close relationship with them. 

If you’re the head of an organization, your employees are paid to work, but a little “Thank you for your effort” won’t hurt. 

When you constantly show gratitude to people for the big and little things they do, we plant ourselves in their hearts and become unforgettable. 

6. Charisma 

Charisma is a powerful trait that will not only inspire confidence in you but in others too, making them want to be around you all the time. 

Thankfully, no one is born with it, so you can learn to be charismatic. A few ways to do this are by smiling more, listening attentively to people, working on your confidence, believing in yourself, and learning not to forget people’s names. 

Even the most socially awkward person can acquire this trait if they work on it. 

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7. Why honesty makes you unforgettable 

The last time I was at Target, I lost my wallet. I had just been to the bank, so I had my rent and miscellaneous cash there. I knew that it might be impossible to find because of the amount of money in it.

I quickly stuffed my groceries into the trunk and traced my steps back into the store. I didn’t find it anywhere on the floor, so I went straight to the cashier to lay my complaints. 

Immediately she saw me, she smiled and handed my wallet back to me. I had forgotten to pick it back up after packing my groceries. 

To say I was shocked was an understatement because she could easily have denied finding it. 

I still see her from time to time, and each time I appreciate how honest she is. She would always remain unforgettable to me. 

8. Warmth 

Of all the eight qualities that make you unforgettable, this is a must-have. How do people feel around you? What energy do you radiate? Are you hostile or warm? 

As psychologists say about the misattribution of arousal, we tend to associate a feeling with those we are with when we experience it. 

When you emanate warmth, people will only be able to associate you with good memories.

You will become approachable because they feel like you will listen to their problems without judgment. It’s a learnable trait. And if you want to be unforgettable, you should start working on this part of your character as soon as possible. 

Before you leave…

Unforgettable people are not necessarily drop-dead gorgeous, nor are they millionaires. What they have is a collection of uncommon traits that inspire positivity in you. This is what makes them a forever staple in your heart.  

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