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In the work world, it can be a little tricky to figure out what someone truly feels. We all want to be professional and do our jobs well. 

But we are humans first, and feelings can sometimes make their way into the workplace. So it’s only normal to be curious about how someone feels about you.

Maybe you’ve noticed a particular coworker always finds a reason to chat with you or perhaps they offer to help you with tasks more often than others. 

We spend so much time with our coworkers that it’s natural to form bonds and connections. Sometimes, these connections can lead to deeper feelings, even if they are not spoken aloud. 

But how can you tell if those feelings exist? One way is through body language.

We often think that words are the only way we communicate, but that’s not true. Our bodies say a lot about what we feel, even if we don’t speak a word. 

That said, here are twelve body language signs a coworker likes you: 

1. The Way They Look At You

There’s something captivating about the way someone looks at you. Especially at work, where glances can often be fleeting. 

But have you ever noticed that coworker holding your gaze a tad bit longer? That’s not just random; it could be a sign. 

Eyes convey so much without a single word, and prolonged eye contact can often indicate interest or a deeper connection.

Of course, not every extended glance implies romantic interest. Sometimes, it’s merely an act of deep concentration or focus. However, combine this with other body language cues, and patterns might start to emerge. 

2. Mirroring Movements

You pick up your coffee mug, and they do the same. You cross your arms, and a moment later, they follow suit. 

Mirroring is an instinctive act. We often don’t even realize we’re doing it. It’s a sign that someone feels comfortable around you and is in sync with your actions or emotions. 

This doesn’t just happen with romantic interests; it can occur between close friends or people who are simply on the same wavelength.

Consistently observing your coworker mirroring your movements or posture can hint at an underlying affection or connection. 

3. Light Touches

body language signs a coworker likes you

A gentle pat on the back, a touch on the arm during a conversation, or a brush against your hand while passing documents can speak volumes. 

Physical touch, especially in a professional environment, is usually deliberate. When a coworker frequently finds reasons to initiate light touches, they might be signaling their interest.

A touch can often be just a friendly gesture, a way of emphasizing a point, or a sign of comfort. However, frequent touches, especially ones that linger a bit, can be a subtle way of showing affection without explicitly saying anything.

While some people may use touch as a way of expressing their fondness, others might simply have a more tactile communication style. So, always gauge these gestures in the larger context of your relationship and other cues.

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4. Leaning In During Conversations

Let’s say you’re having a casual chat with that coworker during lunch. Do you notice them leaning in closer, especially when the conversation gets personal or engaging? This can be their way of showing genuine interest and wanting to be in your space.

Leaning in is a non-verbal way of saying, “I’m genuinely interested in what you’re saying.” In crowded places, like a busy office, it’s a way to create a more intimate space for conversation. 

While leaning in is a potential sign of interest, it’s essential to observe it alongside other behaviors to get a clearer picture. Alone, it’s just a single piece of the puzzle.

5. Consistent Smiles Towards You

A smile is often the universal sign of warmth and friendliness. Have you noticed that certain coworker grinning at you more often than others? 

Not just the obligatory, “Good morning!” smile, but one that feels a tad brighter, lasting just a beat longer. That’s the kind of smile that may hint at something more.

Now, of course, some people are naturally cheerful and spread their smiles generously. But there’s a difference. 

An affectionate smile usually reaches the eyes, making them crinkle or light up. It’s that added sparkle which can give away someone’s special interest in you.

And let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Feeling that flutter in our stomach, and without even realizing, our face lights up seeing that particular person. 

6. Playful Teasing or Compliments

body language signs you colleague likes you

You know, that light ribbing or those compliments that don’t feel strictly professional? That might be your coworker’s way of expressing interest. 

Compliments about your attire or playful jabs about your coffee choices can often be a roundabout way of showing affection.

Teasing has been an age-old method of showing interest. It’s like being back in the schoolyard all over again. Of course, the workplace demands a certain decorum, but light, friendly teasing can sometimes escape those filters.

As for compliments, who doesn’t like hearing good things about themselves? But when they come from that certain coworker more frequently and feel more personal, it could be a sign they’re noticing you in more ways than one.

7. Fidgeting Around You

Ever seen that coworker who’s generally calm but tends to fidget around you? Maybe they’re playing with their pen, adjusting their tie, or frequently touching their face. This kind of restless energy might indicate nervous excitement.

Fidgeting is a subconscious reaction. Most people don’t even realize they’re doing it. While it’s easy to dismiss these gestures as mere nervous habits, in the right context, they can reveal a lot more.

Why would someone be nervous around you unless they’re conscious of their impression on you? So, the next time you spot those restless hands or shifting feet, there could be more emotions at play.

8. Noticeable Changes In Their Body Language When You’re Around

body language of a coworker that likes you

You walk into the room, and suddenly, there’s a shift. That coworker straightens up, pulls their shoulders back, or even stands a little taller. Posture changes can be subtle, but they can also be quite telling.

A person’s posture often speaks of their comfort or discomfort. By sitting or standing taller, they could be trying to appear more confident or maybe even get your attention. 

While it’s not always the case, consistent posture changes in your presence can hint at their interest. It’s as if your presence acts as a cue for them to present their best self, whether they realize it or not.

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9. Excessive Hair Adjustments

Have you seen that coworker repeatedly touching or adjusting their hair when you’re nearby? Maybe tucking it behind their ear or running their fingers through it? Hair adjustments can be an unconscious act of trying to look their best.

Often, people touch their hair as a self-soothing mechanism. It can also be a sign of nervousness, especially when they’re around someone they’re attracted to. 

It’s like an inner thought that says, “I hope I look okay.”

10. Quick Looks in Your Direction

It’s as if they’re trying to catch a glimpse without being too obvious. These fleeting looks can often say more than a prolonged stare. It’s the act of sneaking a peek that’s most telling.

Now, it might be tricky to catch these, given their quick nature. But often, our sixth sense kicks in, making us feel like someone’s watching. And sometimes, our intuition is spot on.

It’s almost endearing, isn’t it? That subtle curiosity or admiration hidden behind quick glances. While it’s a small gesture, it can carry a lot of weight, suggesting that they can’t help but look your way.

11. Open Palms and Exposed Wrists

In body language, showing the palms or exposing the wrists can be seen as a sign of openness. 

This gesture traces back to ancient times, where showing one’s palms was a way of indicating they weren’t holding weapons and came in peace. 

While we’re not worried about hidden weapons, the gesture still conveys a sense of openness.

Now, this isn’t to say everyone showing their palms is into you. But in the right context, and especially if paired with other signs, it can be a hint that they’re comfortable and open around you, possibly even interested.

12. Their Feet Point Towards You

signs your coworker likes you (body language)

You might be in a group conversation, but if that coworker’s feet are consistently pointed towards you, it could indicate where their interest truly lies. Even if their upper body is turned another way, the feet often reveal genuine intentions.

The direction our feet point can be an unconscious indication of where our attention is focused. 

Even if they’re engaged in a chat with someone else, their feet pointing your way can be a sign you’re on their mind.

It’s one of those subtle cues most of us overlook. But once you start paying attention, it becomes much clearer. The direction of the feet, in many ways, can hint at the direction of their affection or interest.

What should you avoid doing if you like a coworker?

If you find yourself developing feelings for a coworker, tread carefully. Avoid engaging in office gossip or sharing your feelings with too many colleagues, as it can lead to unnecessary complications and even damage your professional reputation. 

Steer clear of any behavior that can be considered inappropriate or unprofessional, such as excessive personal texting or comments that can be misconstrued. 

It’s also wise to avoid making any moves without understanding your company’s policy on office relationships. Being cautious and considering the broader implications is essential.

How can you tell the difference between friendly and romantic body language?

Friendly gestures often revolve around general camaraderie and comfort, such as light pats on the back or casual high-fives. 

On the other hand, romantic body language tends to be more intimate and lingering, like extended eye contact, touches that are more prolonged, or standing closer than typical casual interactions. 

However, what’s considered friendly for one person might be romantic for another. 

Observing consistency in signals and comparing them with how the person interacts with others can provide more clarity.

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