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Sometimes, our hearts beat faster for someone, and we hope that maybe, just maybe, they feel the same way about us. 

But before we even get to that part, there’s another question that often crosses our minds: “Does she know that I like her?” 

You might have tried dropping little hints here and there, hoping she’d pick up on them. Maybe you’ve found yourself glancing in her direction more often, or you’ve been more attentive and caring towards her. 

And yet, every time you think about it, a cloud of doubt floats above, making you wonder if she’s noticed anything at all.

Many of us have been there, trying to read between the lines and decode the signs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure it all out.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that might indicate a girl knows you’re into her. We’ve put together clues, behaviors, and reactions that could help you get a clearer picture.

If She Likes You Back, Here’s How She’ll Behave If She Knows You Like Her

If She Likes You Back, Here’s How She’ll Behave If She Knows You Like Her

1. She’ll Initiate Conversations More Often

Ever notice how sometimes she’s the one starting chats, either in person or maybe through a message? That’s a telltale sign. 

Girls who reciprocate the feelings are often more eager to connect. They want to get to know you better, delve deeper into your world, and share more about theirs.

Continually being the conversation starter shows genuine interest. While everyone can be shy or reserved sometimes, taking the initiative usually means she’s trying to bridge any gaps between you two.

2. She Finds Reasons to Spend Time with You

So she’s suggesting coffee breaks together or maybe a quick trip to a nearby bookstore? These aren’t random occurrences. 

She’s trying to carve out moments, however fleeting, to be around you. These shared experiences, whether monumental or small, contribute to deepening your bond.

Spending time isn’t just about being physically present. It’s about being mentally and emotionally involved. Every moment she invests in being with you is a step closer to expressing how she truly feels.

Friends certainly hang out. But if she’s consistently making plans, creating opportunities, or simply finding excuses to be around you, take that as a sign. She enjoys your company and probably wants more of it.

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3. She Laughs at Your Jokes – Even the Bad Ones

does she know that i like her?

Not everyone’s a comedian. But somehow, even your not-so-funny puns get a chuckle out of her? That’s worth noting. 

Think of laughter as a bridge, one that connects two people in a shared moment. She’s letting you know that she appreciates your humor and, more importantly, your presence.

Now, this isn’t to say that every laugh is an indication of deep affection. But a consistent appreciation of your attempts to be funny, especially when others might roll their eyes, certainly speaks volumes.

4. Her Friends Know About You

Being a topic of discussion among her circle means she thinks about you enough to share with her close ones.

Friends play a significant role in most people’s lives. The fact that you’re a known entity among her friends means you’re more than just a passing thought.

And sure, being talked about can be nerve-wracking. But take a step back and see the bigger picture. You’re significant enough to be part of her stories, her shared experiences. That’s not just a casual happenstance.

5. She Remembers What Matters To You

Did you casually mention your favorite band, only for her to reference one of their songs later on? Or perhaps she recalls your coffee order by heart? 

These details, though they might seem minor, are her way of saying, “I’m listening. I care.”

Taking note of the little things shows a level of attentiveness that goes beyond casual friendship. It means she’s tuned in, cherishing the moments and memories you create together.

And in the midst of life’s chaos, with so many things to keep track of, holding onto these personal tidbits indicates a special kind of regard. It’s her way of intertwining your worlds, one small detail at a time.

If She Doesn’t Like You Back, Here’s How She’ll Behave If She Knows You Like Her

If She Doesn’t Like You Back, Here’s How She’ll Behave If She Knows You Like Her

6. She’ll Friendzone You

Ever heard the phrase, “You’re like a brother to me”? That’s a classic friendzoning move. And it’s not a bad place to be; friendships are precious. But it can sting a bit if you were hoping for more.

She might not use those exact words, but there are many ways to convey the same message. 

Maybe she refers to you as her “buddy” or “pal” more often than not. It’s her gentle way of drawing a boundary, of defining the relationship on her terms.

Of course, terminology alone isn’t the only sign. If she’s often grouping you with her other friends, emphasizing platonic bonds and shared group experiences, she’s likely trying to paint a clear picture of where she sees the relationship heading.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, truly. But if you’re noticing a trend where she consistently frames your relationship in this light, she might be hinting at her feelings – or lack thereof.

7. She’ll Avoid One-On-One Time

You suggest grabbing a coffee or watching a movie, and somehow it always becomes a group event? She might be trying to dilute the intimacy of one-on-one settings. 

It’s a subtle way of keeping things casual, steering clear of potential romantic undertones.

And while everyone’s busy and plans can change, a pattern is worth noting. If she consistently sidesteps solo hangouts or hesitates at the idea, there might be a reason behind it.

She’s likely comfortable in a group, where the dynamics are more relaxed and less personal. And while group hangouts are fun, they don’t carry the same weight or implication as a one-on-one date.

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8. She Changes the Topic When Love Comes Up

Every time romantic movies, Valentine’s Day, or even just the topic of relationships surfaces, she swiftly shifts gears? It’s not random. 

By steering away from such discussions, she’s likely avoiding any potential for awkward situations or misunderstandings.

Love, with all its complexities, can be a sensitive topic, especially if she senses your feelings. And while it’s natural to discuss relationships, she might find it safer to veer off course.

Keep in mind that dodging the topic isn’t necessarily a negative reflection on you. It’s a protective measure, ensuring that feelings, intentions, and relationships remain uncomplicated.

Engage in the conversation topics she’s comfortable with. It’s essential to create an environment where both of you feel at ease, even if it means skipping the love talk for now.

9. She Talks About Other Crushes or Dates

Hearing her recount her latest date or gush about someone else might be tough. But sharing these stories with you can be her way of letting you know where her heart currently lies.

It’s transparent communication in its own right. She’s open about her attractions and experiences to let you into her world, even if it’s not in the way you hoped.

The silver lining is that she trusts you. Sharing such personal stories requires vulnerability and confidence in the listener. 

10. She’s Not Physically Affectionate

Hugs, hand-holding, and touches are intimate gestures. If she shies away from these or limits her physical interaction with you, she’s setting boundaries. And these boundaries might stem from her understanding of your feelings.

Physical closeness can lead to emotional closeness, and maybe she’s not ready for that. Be respectful of her space and comfort level.

Of course, everyone has their own comfort zone when it comes to physical touch. What’s important is recognizing and understanding those boundaries.

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What If She’s Not Sure of Her Feelings, How Would She Behave?

One day she’s all giggles, sending you texts, and wanting to hang out; the next, she might seem distant or wrapped up in her own thoughts. 

It’s like she’s on a seesaw of emotions, tilting between wanting to be closer and needing her own space. When you see signs like these, she’s likely grappling with her own feelings and trying to figure out where her heart truly lies.

Another sign could be her seeking advice. She might talk to friends or even drop vague hints to you, trying to gauge reactions or understand her feelings better. 

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