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Have you ever seen a girl wearing a short skirt or dress and wondered if she’s ever concerned about it flying up unexpectedly? 

Or maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes, even when her dress does move, there’s an extra layer of fabric underneath? 

That extra layer is what we call “safety shorts.” But what exactly are these, and why are they so popular among girls?

What Are Safety Shorts?

Safety shorts, simply put, are shorts that girls wear under their skirts or dresses. They look a lot like regular shorts, but they are usually made of a more stretchy and comfortable material. 

The main purpose of these shorts is, as the name suggests, to offer an added layer of safety. They help prevent any accidental exposures that can happen if the wind blows a skirt up or if she has to bend down.

5 Reasons Why Girls Wear Safety Shorts

Safety shorts

1. Safety and Comfort

Those cute skirts and dresses girls often love wearing can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, especially on a windy day or while climbing stairs. 

That’s where safety shorts come in. They’re this nifty little invention that provides an extra layer underneath, ensuring a sudden gust of wind doesn’t lead to an embarrassing situation.

Besides, skirts aren’t always the most protective piece of clothing. Sitting down on public benches, seats, or even grass can be uncomfortable or even unhygienic. 

Safety shorts provide a layer of security between the body and the surface.

And let’s not forget the dreaded thigh chafing on warmer days. Safety shorts help reduce friction between the thighs, making it much more comfortable to move around, especially during those hot and humid months.

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2. Safety Shorts Has An Effect In How You Feel About What You’re Wearing

For many girls, safety shorts are a confidence booster. With that extra layer, there’s less worry about any unintentional exposure, giving the wearer peace of mind to strut their stuff with flair.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Dress for confidence.” Well, that’s not just about the outer layers. What’s worn underneath plays a huge role in how someone feels in their outfit. 

And then, there are those dresses or skirts that might be a little sheer in bright lighting. Safety shorts ensure that the outfit remains decent, no matter the lighting conditions. It’s all about feeling good and secure in what you’re wearing, inside and out.

3. Versatility in Style

Fashion is ever-evolving, and with that, the ways we use clothing items change too. Safety shorts aren’t just about, well, safety. 

They’ve also become a style statement for some. Available in various lengths and designs, they can be used to subtly alter the appearance of an outfit.

For instance, a skirt that might seem too short for a particular occasion. Pairing it with lace-trimmed safety shorts can give it a unique look, extending its length in a stylish manner. It adds a touch of flair, transforming the entire outfit vibe.

Some women prefer using safety shorts as an alternative to pajamas or other loungewear. They’re snug, comfortable, and perfect for a laid-back day at home or a quick run to the store.

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4. Athletic Activities

Safety shorts for sports

Believe it or not, safety shorts aren’t just limited to casual or formal wear. Girls involved in sports, especially ones that require a lot of movement, find safety shorts essential. 

Sports like tennis, badminton, or even dance see participants often wearing skirts or dresses as part of their attire.

Engaging in these activities involves swift and extensive movements. Safety shorts ensure that while they’re serving an ace or executing a perfect pirouette, their focus remains on their performance and not on adjusting their outfit.

The material of safety shorts is often sweat-absorbent and breathable. This makes it ideal for athletic activities, ensuring comfort and reducing distractions, letting them give their best in the game or on the stage.

5. Layering in Colder Climates

In places where the weather gets a bit chilly, but you still want to rock that beautiful skirt or dress, safety shorts can serve as an extra layer of warmth. It might not be as effective as thermal wear, but every layer counts when trying to combat the cold.

During the transition months, where it’s not cold enough for heavy leggings or tights but still nippy, safety shorts are perfect. They provide that extra bit of warmth without the bulkiness of other winter wear.

And for those who might not be fans of tights or stockings, safety shorts offer an alternative. They keep things breezy while still adding that smidge of warmth, making winter fashion both stylish and comfortable.

6. Modesty and Cultural Reasons

Safety shorts for women

While girls and women might want to wear contemporary outfits like skirts and dresses, they might also want to adhere to cultural or personal modesty standards. 

Safety shorts serve as a great compromise. They allow wearers to embrace modern fashion while still feeling aligned with their cultural or personal values.

Growing up, some girls might have been taught to always wear something underneath their skirts or dresses as a sign of modesty. 

This practice can often be carried into adulthood, making this item a staple for many. 

Traveling or residing in a country with a different cultural context might also be a reason. Some might opt for safety shorts to ensure they respect the local norms and expectations, making sure they don’t unintentionally offend anyone with their attire.


Safety shorts are all about giving girls and women a bit more comfort, safety, and confidence. 

Whether it’s to prevent unexpected skirt mishaps, avoid discomfort on a warm day, or just to feel a bit more secure, these simple shorts serve a very useful purpose. 

Just like we wear certain clothes to feel good and comfortable, safety shorts are one more tool in the wardrobe that helps many feel their best.

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