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In this article, we talk about Christmas words that have five letters. 

These words tell us about the holiday. In this list you’ll find things you can see, like “Santa,” or things you feel, like “happy.” But one thing is sure, these five-letter words are easy to remember and fun to use. 

They help us think about all the great things about Christmas. Like the songs we sing, the gifts we give, and the lights we see. And each of them have unique ways they’re connected to Christmas.

List of Five-Letter Christmas Words

Jolly – Full of good spirits, reminiscent of the cheerful nature often celebrated during festive times.

Peace – A common wish for tranquility and harmony, especially poignant during holiday seasons.

Skate – Ice skating, a delightful winter activity enjoyed in chilly weather.

Cheer – Good spirits and joyfulness, abundantly shared in times of celebration and gathering.

Elves – Imaginative characters from folklore, known for assisting Santa in his workshop.

Party – Social gatherings to celebrate, enjoy, and share festive moments.

Bells – Ringing instruments that symbolize joy and merriment in celebratory events.

Angel – A spiritual being associated with the nativity and Christmas decor.

Santa – The jolly figure central to Christmas folklore and gift-giving.

Gifts – Presents exchanged during special occasions as expressions of love and thoughtfulness.

Claus – Referring to Santa, the iconic figure known for spreading cheer and gifts.

Frost – The delicate, icy coating that adorns nature in the winter, enhancing the seasonal scenery.

Wreath – A circular arrangement of foliage and decorations, commonly used to adorn doors and walls.

Globe – As in snow globes, a charming item encapsulating a whimsical winter scene.

Stock – Short for stocking, a traditional item hung for receiving small gifts and surprises.

Cocoa – A warm, comforting drink enjoyed in colder months to warm up the chill.

Feast – A large, celebratory meal typically enjoyed on Christmas.

Sleigh – Santa Claus’s traditional mode of transport, pulled by reindeer.

Choir – A group of singers performing carols and hymns during the Christmas season.

Tidin – Short for ‘tidings’, as in good tidings or news, bringing joyful messages.

Chime – The sound of bells, evoking a sense of celebration and merriment.

Gravy – A savory sauce enhancing the flavors of hearty meals during festive feasts.

Cider – A favored drink during colder months, often spiced for an extra zing.

Greet – To welcome or acknowledge, as in offering warm welcomes and festive wishes.

Merry – Expressing happiness and lightheartedness, a sentiment often shared in joyous occasions.

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Yulet – Short for Yuletide, a term for the festive winter season.

Nativ – Short for nativity, depicting the story of the birth of Jesus.

Feast – A large, celebratory meal shared among friends and family.

Spice – Flavorings that add a special touch to seasonal cooking and baking.

Jingle – The characteristic sound of small bells, evoking a sense of whimsy and delight.

Fable – A short story with a moral, often shared in gatherings to impart wisdom and entertainment.

Heart – Symbolizing love and warmth, central to festive celebrations and family gatherings.

Frost – The white coating of ice crystals formed on cold surfaces, adding to the Christmas ambiance.

Holly – A plant with vibrant red berries, traditionally used for its decorative appeal.

Chill – The brisk cold feeling typical of winter, inviting cozy indoor activities.

Cakes – Various kinds of sweet baked treats enjoyed during celebratory occasions.

Crown – Refers to a type of festive roast or a regal headpiece in holiday plays.

Sweet – Confections or candies, enjoyed as special treats during festive times.

Rudol – Short for Rudolph, the renowned reindeer known for guiding Santa’s sleigh.

Dance – A festive activity or party feature, adding joy and movement to celebrations.
Lights – Decorative illuminations that brighten homes and streets for the holiday.

Candy – Sweet treats enjoyed during Christmas, like candy canes.

Treat – Special food or gifts given out during the Christmas festivities.

Flame – Referring to the warm glow of a fireplace or candles, bringing comfort and light.

Games – Fun activities and entertainment played during gatherings and parties.

Guest – Visitors or family members welcomed in homes during special occasions and celebrations.

Shine – The brightness and sparkle of lights and decorations, embodying a festive spirit.

Angel – A celestial being symbolizing peace and goodwill, often depicted in seasonal stories and decor.

Mirth – Merriment and joy, often abundant during the Christmas season.

Scarf – A piece of winter clothing, commonly given as a Christmas gift.

Loyal – Representing faithfulness and commitment, values cherished in family and friendship bonds.

Mince – Referring to mince pies, a traditional treat enjoyed in wintertime.

Punch – A festive beverage often served at parties and gatherings.

Santa – The jolly figure who embodies the spirit of giving and joy in the holiday season.

Carol – A traditional song or hymn sung during Christmas.

Event – Special happenings or gatherings celebrating the Christmas spirit.

Sound – The festive noises and music that accompany celebrations and joyous occasions.

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