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Christmas is a special time of year. It’s full of joy, giving, and fun. During Christmas, we do lots of cool things like decorating trees, singing songs, and playing games. 

Some of these games use words. One fun game is thinking of words that have six letters and are about Christmas. This can be a cool way to learn new words and have fun with friends and family.

In this article, we will talk about some of these six-letter Christmas words. We won’t list them all from A to Z. Instead, we will pick some interesting ones and explain them. 

This will help you understand more about Christmas and maybe give you new ideas for your games.

List of Six-Letter Words For Christmas 

Angels – Heavenly beings significant in religious traditions, frequently depicted in festive decorations and themes.

Bauble – A small, decorative ornament typically hung on trees during the festive season, adding a touch of sparkle.

Carols – Festive songs sung during the holiday season, often expressing joy and the spirit of celebration.

Mistle – Short for mistletoe, a plant traditionally hung during Christmas, under which people are encouraged to kiss.

Tidings – Often heard in Christmas carols, this word refers to the news or messages exchanged during the festive season.

Icicle – Frozen spikes of water, often inspiring winter-themed decorations to mimic chilly scenes.

Jingle – The characteristic sound of small bells, commonly associated with festive music and decorations.

Noelle – A term derived from the French word for Christmas, representing the festive season.

Parade – A public procession, often festive and celebratory, commonly held during holiday seasons.

Wreath – A circular arrangement of foliage and decorations, commonly hung on doors during the Christmas period.

Boxing – As in Boxing Day, the holiday celebrated after Christmas, traditionally a time for giving and charity.

Candle – A source of light and symbol of warmth and hope, often used in winter decorations and ceremonies.

Dinner – A significant meal shared with family or friends, a central part of holiday celebrations.

Frosty – Characteristic of cold winter weather, often associated with festive times in colder climates.

Ginger – As in gingerbread, a popular flavor for cookies and houses decorated during the Christmas season.

Sleigh – A vehicle commonly associated with Santa Claus, used for traveling and delivering gifts.

Herald – To announce or signal, often used in the context of festive carols and stories.

Invite – To request someone’s presence, a common practice for gatherings and celebrations during the holiday season.

Joseph – A biblical figure, the earthly father of Jesus Christ, often featured in nativity scenes.

Krispy – As in Krispy Kreme, a popular treat enjoyed by many during holiday festivities.

Lights – Used extensively in decorations to add brightness and joy to the festive season.

Manger – The feeding trough that served as a crib in the nativity story, a symbol in various lore.

Nougat – A sweet treat enjoyed during the festive season, found in various candies and desserts.

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Ornate – Elaborately or highly decorated, a word that describes many decorations and themes during festive times.

Quaint – Charmingly old-fashioned, a term that can describe the nostalgic aspects of holiday traditions.

Revels – Festive celebrations, encapsulating the joyous gatherings and parties during the holiday season.

Spirit – Referring to the feeling of goodwill, joy, and cheer associated with the festive season.

Turkey – A traditional meal in many cultures, often the centerpiece of the festive dinner.

Yonder – Used in poetry and carols, meaning ‘at some distance in the direction indicated’, evoking a sense of wonder.

Queens – In a festive context, this might refer to a pageant or play featuring regal characters.

Lights – Used for decoration during Christmas, illuminating homes and trees to celebrate the festive season.

Skates – Ice skates, a common sight in winter for recreational skating.

Tinsel – Shiny strips of thin metal used to decorate trees, giving them a sparkling appearance.

Unwrap – The action of opening gifts, a common and exciting activity during the holiday morning.

Velvet – A luxurious fabric often used in decorations and attire, symbolizing richness and celebration.

Winter – The season characterized by cold weather and a festive spirit in many parts of the world.

Xmas – An abbreviation commonly used in writing and casual speech.

Yonder – Often used in carols and poetry, referring to something at a distance but within sight, in a poetic sense.

Zephyr – A gentle, mild breeze; evoking the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the season.

Candle – Often lit during Christmas to symbolize light and hope, and used in various decorations and traditions.

Fables – Traditional stories often told during the Christmas season.

Joyful – Describing the happiness and delight associated with Christmas.

Crispy – Often used to describe the texture of food prepared for Christmas feasts.

Firman – A variation of fir, as in a Christmas tree type.

Wishes – Expressions of hope and goodwill, commonly exchanged during Christmas.

Cheers – A toast or expression of good spirits during Christmas celebrations.

Events – Special occasions and gatherings that take place during the Christmas season.

Choirs – Groups of singers performing carols and other festive music during Christmas.

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