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Black and yellow are two colors that often stand out wherever we see them. They are bold and very different from each other. 

When black and yellow are together, they create a look that is hard to miss. You might notice this in nature, on animals, in sports, and even in things we use every day.

The combination doesn’t just look physically appealing. They also have special meanings, sometimes representing a warning sign and other times something important or special.

Each of these items on this list uniquely incorporates both yellow and black, often serving as a visual cue for attention, caution, or natural beauty.

List of Things That Are Yellow And Black

Taxi Cabs – Iconic in many cities, these vehicles are traditionally painted yellow with black checkered bands, easily recognizable for public transport.

Yellowjackets – A type of wasp with a striking yellow and black pattern, known for their aggressive behavior and role in the ecosystem.

Pirate Flag (Jolly Roger) – Some variations feature a black flag with a yellow skull and crossbones, symbolizing danger and rebellion.

Common Seahorse – While varying in color, some of these fascinating marine creatures display a mix of yellow and black hues.

Banana Spider – Also known as the golden silk orb-weaver, this spider is known for its yellow and black coloring and impressive web.

Warning Signs – Cautionary road or safety signs, often in yellow with black lettering, signaling danger or important notices.

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly – A beautiful butterfly with distinctive yellow and black wings, often seen fluttering in gardens and meadows.

Traffic Bollards – Used for traffic control and security, these are often yellow with black stripes, making them highly visible.

Black-Eyed Susan Flowers – Charming wildflowers with bright yellow petals and a bold black center, often found in meadows and gardens.

Barrier Tape – Commonly used in construction or accident scenes, this tape is typically yellow with black text, warning people to keep out or be cautious.

Africanized Bees – Also known as ‘killer bees’, these are notorious for their aggressive behavior and easily identified by their yellow and black coloring.

Striped Sunflower Seeds – Often used in bird feed, these seeds have a distinctive black and yellow pattern, enticing to both birds and nature enthusiasts.

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Caution Tape – Different from barrier tape, this is specifically used to warn of potential hazards, marked by its yellow background and bold black text.

Leopard Slug – A unique garden slug with a black body and distinctive yellow markings, known for its unusual coloring and size.

Yellow Highlighter – A stationery staple, these are typically designed with a bright yellow ink, contrasted by a black cap or body.

American Goldfinch – A small North American bird known for its bright yellow plumage with black wings and markings.

Turnpike Toll Booths – Frequently colored in yellow with black accents for high visibility, guiding drivers at toll points on highways.

Road Marking Machines – These specialized vehicles, used for painting lines on roads, often bear a yellow body with black detailing for visibility.

Bumblebee - things that are yellow and back

Bumblebee – A small, buzzing insect known for its distinct yellow and black stripes, symbolizing industriousness and nature’s harmony.

Spotted Salamander – A fascinating amphibian featuring a black body with vibrant yellow spots, found in moist woodland environments.

‘Wet Floor’ Signs – Common in public spaces, these warning signs are typically yellow with black lettering, alerting to potential slipping hazards.

Black Widow Spiders (Male) – The less notorious male of the species displays a black body with yellow markings, contrasting with the female’s red markings.

Garden Spider – Known for their orb-shaped webs, these spiders feature a striking pattern of yellow markings on a black body.

Racing Checkered Flags (Reversed) – A variation of the traditional checkered flag, with black squares on a yellow background, symbolizing the end of a race.

Safety Vests – Essential in construction and high-visibility jobs, these vests are often yellow with black trim, ensuring worker visibility.

Golden Oriole Bird – A beautiful bird with a predominantly black body and striking yellow markings, known for its melodious song.

Hazardous Waste Containers – Often painted yellow with black symbols, these containers are designed for safely storing dangerous materials.

Yellow Tiger Beetle – A fast-moving beetle with a glossy black body and yellow stripes, known for its predatory behavior.

Smiley Face Emoji – A universal symbol of happiness and positivity, often featuring a bright yellow face with a smiling black outline.

School Bus – A common sight in many countries, these buses are painted bright yellow with black lettering for high visibility and safety.

Rain Boots – Durable footwear designed for wet weather, often found in a cheerful yellow with black soles or accents.

Yellow Ladybug – A less common variant of the ladybug, these little insects are captivating with their yellow shells and black spots.

Ripe Banana – A staple fruit known for its bright yellow peel with tiny black seeds or speckles when fully ripe.

‘Do Not Cross’ Police Line Tape – Used by law enforcement, this tape is distinct in its yellow color with bold black lettering.

American Yellow Warbler – A vibrant small bird, predominantly yellow with black eyes and beak, common in North America.

Hoverfly – A beneficial insect in many gardens, these flies often mimic bees with their yellow and black striped bodies.

Carpenter Bees – Large bees with black bodies and yellow markings, known for their wood-boring habits.

Hazard Sign – Used to warn of potential dangers, these signs often feature a bold black symbol on a bright yellow background.

Measuring Tape – Essential in various trades, many of these tools have a yellow tape with black measurement markings for clarity.

Chuck – A type of safety footwear, often featuring a distinctive yellow upper with 

Banded Sea Krait – A venomous sea snake with a striking pattern of yellow and black bands, found in tropical marine environments.

Yellow and Black Arrow Signs – Used for road guidance and warnings, these signs feature a yellow background with a black arrow for directing traffic.

black soles and accents.

A Type of Flower – The Black-Eyed Susan, a wildflower with bright yellow petals and a distinctive black center.

Radioactive Symbol – The trefoil symbol, recognized worldwide, often features a yellow background with a black radioactive trefoil sign.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail – A stunning butterfly with black and yellow striped wings, often seen fluttering in gardens and meadows.

Lemon Pepper Seasoning – A popular culinary spice blend, often packaged with a yellow label and black text or imagery.

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake – A highly venomous snake found in tropical oceanic waters, notable for its yellow underbelly and black upper body.

Golden Poison Dart Frog – One of the most toxic animals, this small frog has a vibrant yellow coloration with black markings, warning predators of its danger.

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