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“Smash or Pass” is a decision-making game where people express their approval (smash) or disapproval (pass) of an idea, concept, or thing. It’s a quick way to gauge opinions in a group setting.

The rules are straightforward: a topic is brought up, and participants must quickly decide if they’re in favor of it (smash) or against it (pass). 

They signify their choice with a simple “smash” or “pass” without needing to provide an explanation. It’s a rapid way to poll preferences or make lighthearted decisions with friends or in casual discussions.

However, in some contexts, “Smash or Pass” is a game where participants are shown pictures of people, characters, or sometimes objects, and they must quickly decide whether they would be interested in them romantically or sexually (“smash”) or not (“pass”). 

For this article, we’re focusing on the game as a decision making game. 

Funny Smash Or Pass Questions

Smash Or Pass Questions

1. “An avocado toaster?”

The avocado toast has been the star of brunch menus everywhere. It’s simple: do you jump on the bandwagon with the foodies, or is this toast just not your jam?

You’ve got to weigh in on this. Is the green spread on crunchy bread a go-to for a healthy snack, or do you think it’s overrated? Everyone’s got an opinion on this Instagram-famous meal. What’s yours?

2. “Reality TV from the 90s?”

Picture the 90s, the golden era of reality TV. Are you all about the unscripted dramas and the original reality stars, or do you switch the channel?

Think about the shows that started it all. Are you the type to binge-watch old-school reality, or do you think TV has evolved for the better since then? Maybe you love the nostalgia, or perhaps you’re glad we’ve moved on.

3. “Flip phones in the age of smartphones?”

Imagine it’s 2003 and someone hands you a flip phone. Would you be stoked to snap it shut with a flick of your wrist, or are you too attached to your smartphone?

So, it’s a question of old school vs. high tech. Do you miss the simplicity and the satisfaction of that flip, or do you need all the apps and gadgets of modern phones? It’s a toss-up between nostalgia and convenience.

4. “Cargo pants with a dozen pockets?”

Would you rock the utilitarian look, stuffing every pocket with your daily essentials, or do you pass on the bulk and stick with something sleeker?

Cargo pants are handy. But do you appreciate the practicality of having a pocket for everything, or does the baggy look make you cringe? You decide if they’re a fashion yes or a total no-go.

5. “A minivan in a world of SUVs?”

Minivans had their moment, but what about now? Would you be all about the space and sliding doors, or do you think they’re just not cool enough compared to an SUV?

Here’s the thing: minivans are spacious, comfortable, and great for road trips. But do you care about that when there are sleeker rides out there? It’s your call if they’re still the ultimate family vehicle or a relic from another time.

6. “Dial-up internet sounds?”

That screechy modem sound used to be the gateway to the World Wide Web. Does hearing it bring a smile to your face, or would you rather never endure that ear-piercing noise again?

Dial-up sounds are like a time machine to the early days of the internet. Are they music to your ears, a sweet reminder of simpler online days, or just an annoying buzz that you’re happy to leave behind?

7. “Wearing socks with sandals?”

Socks and sandals: a combo that some swear by for comfort. Are you on board with this look, or do you think it’s a fashion faux pas that needs to stay out of sight?

Now, it’s not just about how it looks but how it feels. Are you the type to prioritize comfort over style, happy to rock socks with your sandals, or does the thought make you want to run for the hills?

8. “Using a physical map instead of GPS?”

There’s something about unfolding a map and plotting your route with your finger. Would you enjoy the old-school charm of a paper map, or is GPS the only way you roll?

It’s about more than just finding your way. A physical map can be a real adventure, but can you handle it without the help of a talking phone? Whether you’re a navigator at heart or a tech-savvy traveler, the choice is yours.

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9. “classic arcade games?”

Think about the beeps and boops of a classic arcade. Would you drop a quarter in for old times’ sake, or are you strictly a modern gaming enthusiast?

These aren’t just games; they’re pieces of history. Do you get a kick out of the nostalgia and simplicity, or do you find them too primitive compared to today’s graphics and storylines?

10. “Handwritten letters in the email age?”

The thought of writing a letter by hand might seem quaint with the existence of emails and instant messaging. Would you take the time to pen your thoughts, or is digital the only way you communicate now?

This is about connecting on a personal level. Does the thought of writing a letter make you feel closer to the recipient, or do you see it as an unnecessary hassle in the fast-paced digital world?

11. “Going to a drive-in movie?”

Drive-in movies are a blast from the past, but what if they made a comeback? 

Would you be excited to watch a flick from the comfort of your car, or do you prefer the modern movie theater experience?

Let’s say you’re in your car, snacks in the dash, movie on the big screen under the stars. Is that your idea of a good time, or are you more about the surround sound and big seats at the cinema?

12. “Using a pager in the era of smartphones?”

Imagine if someone handed you a pager today. Would you find it cool in a retro sort of way, or is it just a pointless gadget when you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket?

You clip the pager to your belt and wait for those important calls to come in as beeps. Does that make you feel important, like a 90s doctor, or just irritated that you can’t send a text back?

13. “The mullet haircut?”

The mullet, business in the front and party in the back. Would you dare to bring this hairstyle back into fashion, or do you firmly believe it should stay in the past?

Now, before you decide, imagine yourself walking down the street, mullet blowing in the wind, turning heads. Is this a moment of cool confidence, or are you cringing at the thought?

14. “Listening to music on a portable CD player?”

CD players were once the height of portable music technology. Would you enjoy the ritual of picking a CD and listening to it from start to finish, or does the convenience of streaming win out for you?

It’s not just about music; it’s about the experience. Do you miss the physical aspect of music, holding the CD, looking at the artwork, or is the idea of something skipping just because you’re walking too fast just too frustrating?

15. “Wearing oversized 90s style clothes?”

The 90s are making a comeback, but what about the oversized fashion? Would you embrace the baggy clothes and bold prints, or do you prefer your wardrobe to be a bit more fitted?

Oversized clothes can be super comfy. Are you into the idea of lounging in a giant hoodie, or does the thought of all that extra fabric just seem like a hassle?

16. “Eating candy cigarettes?”

Candy cigarettes were a childhood staple for many. Would you still get a kick out of pretending to smoke a stick of candy, or do you think it’s an outdated and inappropriate novelty?

Of course they’re just candy, but they look like cigarettes. Do you have fond memories of pretending to be a grown-up with them, or does the concept leave a bad taste in your mouth?

17. “Using a typewriter instead of a computer?”

Typewriters have a certain romantic appeal, with their click-clack and the ding at the end of a line. 

Would you enjoy the tactile experience of typing on one, or do you find them impractical compared to your laptop?

Imagine sitting down to write, the ideas flowing as fast as your fingers can move. 

Does the physical act of typing on a typewriter add to the creative process for you, or is the thought of no delete button just too daunting?

18. “Taking a disco nap before going out?”

Before a night on the town, some folks would take a so-called “disco nap” to recharge. Would you indulge in this pre-party ritual, or do you think it’s better to power through without a rest?

Let’s say you have a big night ahead and you decide to hit the pillow for a quick snooze before. Does this seem like a smart way to prep for the evening’s energy, or are you more likely to just call it an early night instead?

19. “Keeping a landline phone at home?”

Do you see any charm in the ring of a landline phone, or have mobiles completely taken over your world of communication?

Even though cell phones are everywhere, there’s a reliability to landlines that some still appreciate. Would you be someone who values this, or do you see it as an unnecessary relic in the age of instant messaging and video calls?

20. “Wearing platform shoes?”

Platform shoes give you height and a statement look. Would you step into them for the style and the added inches, or do they seem too clunky and unstable for your taste?

It’s not just a fashion statement, it’s about how you feel towering above the crowd. Could you walk confidently in them, or would you rather keep your feet firmly on the ground in more comfortable shoes?

21. “Using an encyclopedia instead of Google?”

Fun Smash Or Pass Questions

There was a time when information was searched for in the pages of an encyclopedia. Would you enjoy flipping through volumes of collected knowledge, or is the instant gratification of a quick online search more your speed?

It’s a matter of patience and authenticity. Do you value the depth and reliability of a well-researched article in a physical book, or do you prefer the breadth of information available at your fingertips on the internet?

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22. “Bringing back Saturday morning cartoons?”

Saturday morning cartoons were a weekend ritual for many. Would you revive the tradition of waking up early to catch your favorite shows, or do you like streaming on your own schedule?

This is about nostalgia versus convenience. Is there a part of you that misses the excitement of waiting all week for those special few hours, or do you love the freedom to watch whatever you want, whenever you want?

23. “Collecting stamps or coins?”

Collecting stamps or coins was once a popular hobby. Would you find joy in the hunt for that rare find, or do you not see the point in gathering old postage and currency?

Hobbies like these require dedication and a bit of passion. Could you see yourself getting into the details of each piece’s history and value, or do you prefer activities with more immediate rewards and excitement?

24. “Reading a physical newspaper?”

The rustle of a newspaper as you turn the pages used to be a common sound. Would you go back to reading the daily news in print, or have digital formats completely taken over your reading habits?

There’s something about the tactile experience of a newspaper: the ink on your fingers, the broadsheets spread out on the table. 

Could you see yourself enjoying this traditional mode of news consumption, or do you find digital news more accessible and environmentally friendly?

25. “Carrying a pocket watch?”

Would you appreciate the classic elegance of a pocket watch, or do you find a wristwatch or phone to be more practical for timekeeping?

Pocket watches harken back to a bygone era of style. If you were given one, would it be a statement piece for you, something that adds a bit of vintage flair to your outfit, or would you just see it as an outdated inconvenience?

26. “Playing board games on a rainy day?”

Imagine it’s pouring outside; do you pull out a board game to pass the time, or are you more likely to turn on the TV or swipe open an app?

Board games can be a great way to bond and have some screen-free fun. Would you gather around the table with friends or family for some dice-rolling action, or does the idea bore you compared to the thrill of digital entertainment?

27. “Sending postcards while on vacation?”

In the age of instant photo sharing, would you still send a postcard from your travel destinations, or do you think a quick snap on social media suffices?

Postcards are a way to share your travel experiences with a personal touch. 

Would you take the time to pick out a card, write a message, and find a mailbox, or is that too much hassle when you can share your adventures with a tap on a screen?

28. “Wearing a tie-dye shirt?”

Tie-dye has come and gone and come back again. Would you wear a swirl of colors on your shirt, or do you prefer more subdued clothing?

It’s a statement of creativity and freedom, but is tie-dye something you’d actually don, or do you consider it a fad that’s better left in the past?

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29. “Making mixtapes or playlists?”

The mixtape was once the ultimate personal gift. Would you spend the time to curate a playlist or mixtape for someone, or do you just stream whatever’s convenient?

Creating a mix is a thoughtful way to express yourself or show someone you care. 

Would you relish in the process, carefully selecting each song, or do you see it as a time-consuming task now that playlists are just a few clicks away?

30. “Using a fax machine?”

Fax machines were once at the forefront of office technology. Would you use one today if needed, or do you find them utterly obsolete in the era of email and cloud sharing?

If you had to send a document right now, would you be willing to navigate the buttons and feeds of a fax machine, or does the thought make you grateful for modern technology?

31. “Rollerblading in the park?”

Rollerblading had its moment as a popular pastime. Would you strap on a pair and glide through the park, or do you prefer other forms of exercise and leisure?

There’s a certain freedom in rollerblading, the wind in your hair as you zoom along the path. Would you embrace this activity for fun and fitness, or does it seem too risky or dated for your taste?

32. “Using a film camera instead of digital?”

Film photography requires a certain skill and patience. Would you enjoy the process of shooting with film, waiting to develop the pictures to see how they turned out, or do you prefer the immediacy of digital photography?

It’s about the anticipation and the craft. Do you value the tangibility and surprise of film, or do you rely on the ability to take hundreds of shots and see them instantly on a digital screen?

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