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Sometimes people tell little lies or stretch the truth. When they do, it’s funny to have silly names for them. 

These names are like jokes and are meant to make us laugh. They’re not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

We’ve made a big list of these funny names. Some are about people who tell big, wild stories, and others are about those who just add a little extra to the truth. 

Let’s have fun and see all the creative names we can call our friends when they’re lying. 

Funny Ways To Call Someone A Liar

Truth Twister: They spin the truth like a pretzel.

False Prophet: Predicting things that never quite come true.

Reality Changer: They twist reality like a balloon animal.

Story Spinner: Turns every tale into an adventure.

Fable Fabricator: Designs tall tales like a tailor.

Honesty Houdini: Breaks into the truth with fibs.

Myth Maker: Their stories belong in a fantasy book.

Whopper Weaver: Weaves lies as big as a whale.

Exaggeration Expert: Someone who turns tiny tales into giant stories.

Fibbing Champion: A title for someone who wins at telling untruths.

Pinocchio’s Cousin: Their nose might as well grow with each lie.

Fact Fabricator: A crafty creator of not-so-true stories.

Truth Stretch Technician: They pull the truth until it snaps.

Myth Manufacturer: A factory of falsehoods and fiction.

Make-Believe Maestro: Conducting an orchestra of imaginary tales.

Deception Artist: Their lies are almost like creative masterpieces.

Tall Tale Tailor: They stitch together stories that tower in height.

Fairy Tale Forger: Turning everyday stories into fantastical fables.

Fiction Pharmacist: Dispensing made-up stories like medicine.

Falsehood Farmer: Cultivating a crop of untruths.

Make-Believe Maven: A connoisseur in the art of pretend.

Yarn Spinner: Spinning stories out of thin air.

Bogus Braggart: They boast with baseless claims.

Untruth Undertaker: Burying the truth with each word.

Mendacity Maestro: Conducting a symphony of deceit.

Lying Linguist: Fluent in the language of lies.

Fake News Anchor: Broadcasting their own brand of news.

Deceit Designer: Designing lies with intricate details.

Illusion Illustrator: Drawing up scenarios that never happened.

Bunk Bed Builder: Stacking one lie on top of another.

Fish Tale Teller: Their lies are as big as a fish.

Nonsense Narrator: Telling stories filled with pure silliness.

Gibberish Generator: Generating pure gibberish in place of truth.

Phony Preacher: Preaching stories that are anything but holy.

Dreamland Dweller: Living in a land of dreams and untruths.

Lie-Smith: Forges lies like a blacksmith forges metal.

Boss Liar

Misinformation Minister: Officially in charge of spreading falsehoods.

Fib Fabricator: A pro at crafting little lies.

These playful names can add a humorous touch when pointing out someone’s tendency to bend the truth. Remember, the goal is to keep it light and fun, not to offend.

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